JAMES M. O'NEILL worked as a reporter, columnist, and finished his forty year career in journalism as the executive editor of the Camden Courier-Post. He was born in Philadelphia, and graduated from Camden High school in 1924. James M. O'Neill briefly attended Haverford College before taking a position with the Philadelphia Public Ledger in 1925. He soon moved to the Camden Daily Courier, and was kept on when the Courier and the Post-Telegram newspapers merged.

During the 1930s and 1940s his column, "Checked and Double Check" by "Jiminy" gave readers the "inside scoop" on Camden politics and other things. The 1947 Camden City Directory shows him living at 501 Cooper Street in Camden. He served as a member of the Camden Board of Education in 1955 and 1956, but resigned when he moved out of the city. 

On April 3, 1954 a banquet was held at Kenney's restaurant on Market Street in honor of retiring Camden Police Department detective August Pfleiderer. Joseph Mardino chaired the committee which put the banquet together. Other members of the committee include Clifford Carr, Harry Tracy, George Ellis, Nathaniel Jones, James Mulligan, Russell Maurer, Samuel E. Johnson, Edward C. Garrity, Frank H. Ryan, James M. O'Neill, Stephen M. O'Keefe, Edward J. Quinlan and Joseph Webster.

During his time in Camden, he was on a staff that featured many fine columnists, including Ben Courter, Dan McConnell, Charley Humes, and Gordon Mackay. He retired from newspaper work in 1965. 

James M. O'Neill passed away on November 11, 1970.

Camden Courier-Post - October 13, 1931

FROM the U. S. District Court in Trenton comes one about Federal Judge George M. Bourquin, of Butte, Montana, who, as you have read, was brought here to help clear up the congested court calendar. This he has done so effectively that the district attorney's office is hard put to it to keep up with him, while bootleggers are wondering what hit them.

At any rate, several local attorneys relate that Judge Bourquin was ten minutes late the other morning. He walked to the bench and said calmly:

"I find that I am in contempt of this court and fine myself $10." 

So saying he handed a ten-dollar bill to the court clerk, who thought that hizzoner was not in earnest. The attaché was flabbergasted when the jurist insisted upon receiving the customary receipt showing that he had paid the court' s edict.

* * *

Freddie Allen asks if the cow hadn't jumped over the moon, who would ever have thought of vanishing cream?

* * *

THIS IS newspaper stuff that does not crash the news columns.

A local reporter covering police headquarters was being annoyed by two inebriated Philadelphia news hounds the other afternoon. They wouldn't permit him to do his work and coaxed him to take a drink with them. Finally he told them that he knew where they could get a drink.

"The cops knocked off a place, and I know where they put the liquor," he winked. 

He led them to the detention rooms on the third floor and pointed to one of the cells. "That way," he nodded and the two inebriates went into the cell. The headquarters reporter propelled them with his hand and closing the door, locked it.

"There are a couple of beds, fellows. There's your chance to sober up."

And he didn't let them out for four hours.

* *" *

One of the prize lines in the Marx Brothers' new movie, Monkey Business, is when Marx puffs a cigar and asks pointedly of one of his freres, "May I buy back my invitation to you?" .... And those ads in the New York papers from burlesque houses get funnier all the time ... Yesterday's was Lotta Hips from Eaton .... And if you wanted to call the Camden police headquarters yesterday to tell them that you shot a bill collector, but you couldn't get headquarters, it was because the telephone line was out of order! .... Aside to R.W.- Thanks and we'll use it tomorrow. As for getting away with it, we have so far .... And sotto voce to Ed Diehl- We’ll be good fellas until it's too cold to work it any more, ... Then we will spill the beans .... Okay! .... McAmis calls our attention that when you go to the aquarium, no matter how hard you try, you can't make a fish look you square in the eye .... We saw a former prominent real estate speculator in town yesterday.... Wonder if that has any significance? ... And who is the Mt. Holly man who was driving the other day when a muscovie duck crashed into his windshield? ... The driver was so nervous (no wonder) that he had to stop and quiet down awhile, ... And what lawyer pleaded important business one afternoon last week in court to get a hearing postponed until the next day? ... So that he could see the World Series game that afternoon …  Another law­yer said he pushed the clock ahead an hour to get off that much earlier .... And while we’re asking questions, Policeman “Dick” Powers knows a swell story about “honey” .... Ask him to lend you five bucks.

Camden Courier-Post - October 14, 1931

IT MAY be true in more than one South Jersey town, but we have a particular community in mind as we write this.

There is a certain chief of police who for some reason or other chooses to belittle the activities of one of his cops. The chief would make no record of many of that policeman's reports, we are told, and would not tell reporters of anything done by that bluecoat, although the latter is the most active one on the force.

That cop is the only one in that department who will give the reporters an even break, which is all that they ask. The chief doesn't want the newspapers, or the taxpayers for that matter, to know everything that happens in his department. The reporters know almost everything, or think they do, even if one of the chief's pals, when asked the other night if there was anything along the news line, replied, "There's nothin' doin', an' even if there was, I wouldn't give it to yuh."

"Maybe the taxpayers will also know a few things soon. Certainly the town fathers have gotten wise to some extent, so they took the chief to task. Now you should see the police docket, beautifully decorated with stickers between the old entries. The stickers contain accounts of ac­tivities of that cop who is in disfavor with his chief.

* * *

You'll get a laugh from this.

Although we didn't, we wouldn't. Louella Parsons, movie writer, recently noted on this theatrical page that it is curtains for gang pictures, because the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America agreed to cooperate with the parent-teacher associations in ceasing to glorify the racketeer and kindred gentlemen.

And so, says Mrs. Parsons, "Tiffany, which has just started on a picture called 'X Marks the Spot,' stopped production and changed the story into a newspaper yarn."

And there will be those of you who will ask why any change had to be made. Is our face red or is our face red?

OFFICER John V. Wilkie forwards this one to us. He says that his curiosity was aroused by a man who walks along the curb on the east side of Admiral Wilson Boulevard, going south, every morning and some time later, can be seen walking north on the west side.

Wilkie questioned him one morning, asking him if he was a motor vehicle inspector. The man replied he wasn't. Upon further questioning, it developed that every morning he starts at Penn and Linden streets, goes as far as the circle at White Horse Pike and Crescent Boulevard and returns to his starting point.

"I find nickels and dimes," he continued. "Sometimes I find quarters lying in the gutters. The highest I ever found was a $5 bill. But I find something every morning."

It may or it may not please you who work hard and lose that money, to learn that this gentleman has not worked for three years!

* * *

What do you want to bet that Admiral Wilson Boulevard won't be con­gested with pedestrians tomorrow morning? ... A Hightstown reader, R. W., sends us a clipping from a Muskogee, Oklahoma paper, because he is an admirer of “Pepper" Martin, World Series hero .... The item pictures Martin as a Huckleberry Finn of the sandlots, having played ball garbed only in overalls when a kid .... The clipping also declares that Martin played football with a commercial league team .... In fact, he played too good, and a claim of ineligibility was filed against him and sustained .... To get him out of the way, one presumes….If only the A's could have done that….            Although Harry Weir says that he saw Martin in Rochester and the youngster didn't look like big-league material then…..             How things change in a year or so.             Not only did he become big-tent stuff, but he was transformed into the most sensational player any World Series ever saw .... Saturday last was a headache in more than one instance .... Not only did the Mackmen lose, but Notre Dame was held to a scoreless tie by the powerful Northwestern outfit, though that is no disgrace .... Navy, Princeton and Yale took the count, while Atlantic City, … conquerors of the champion Vineland eleven, took it on the chin from Collingswood ... ,It appears that there will be another classic between Collingswood and Camden .... The two are traditional rivals, and you can throw past records to the winds when they meet, whether on gridiron, diamond or court .... But if Vineland beats the Colls, the Class A football race will be in an awful mess .... Which is about what will happen.

Camden Courier-Post - October 16, 1931

State police have just received orders that they cannot have pets of any kind at their barracks. Well, maybe the state cops don't know that every police force has its pets.

* * *

We sure started something by printing that "Casey Run" practical joke. James Thompson, of Penn Street, who had an illusion show on the road, said it is a favorite joke with show people, who knew it as the "Mamie Party."

Thompson's victim was a six-foot ox named Ben who joined the show at Watertown, N. Y., and knew only one sentence in the English language was "When do we eat?" So at Carthage, Thompson and the others decided to get rid of him. But here let Thompson tell it:

"We framed a 'Mamie Party' with a country store 20 miles down the road. That night he buys candy and fruit for a girl we've to introduce him to so he can take her on a party with us. After the show, we all went down to a house. When we get there, we tell him to knock on the door and ask for Mamie, which he does. One of the crowd planted inside opened the door and shouted, 'So you're the guy running around with my wife, eh?' and starts shooting. The goof starts running, and at the corner of the house, two more men start shooting.

"Two days later he shows up, dirty and scared stiff and starts telling us about it. One of the crowd goes uptown and gets a state trooper. We also had an office in which to hold court. The trooper places Ben under arrest for the murder of the woman's husband, and the big lummox starts bawling that he is only a poor country boy and not a show feller. We all went to court with him, and you should have seen that court.

"Finally the judge sentenced him to be hanged at daybreak and Ben fainted. We were scared, thinking he had died of fright, but he soon came to. However, I helped him to 'escape' through the window. When he got outside he hugged me and thanked me for saving his life. He didn't stop for his suitcase or fishing pole, but just took it on the lam and never stopped. We never saw him again."

* * *

THEY tell us it happened, though you can't believe everything you heat· or read-in columns such as this. A local banker called up a local garage proprietor and asked for payment on a note.

"I don't have the money," was the debtor's reply. "Let me have more time."

"Can't do it," was the reply. "We want the money; it's overdue now."

"Yeh, I know," groaned the garage man. "Say, were you ever in the garage business?"

"No," denied the banker.

"Well, you soon will be if you don't give me that time extension."

* * *

Dr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson told the teachers here the other day that the mosquitoes in the Arctic Circle are worse than the Jersey skeeters ... We've heard that before, and the reason probably is that they go hungry so long because there aren't as many people up there ..... Because roadhouses are fewer .... Although J. L. Buck, East Camden naturalist and game hunter, says that the snakes, poisonous insects and dangerous animals in Africa don't bother him as much as Jersey mosquitoes .... there is more danger here from automobiles than from natives or animals in Africa, Buck told us ... Moreover, the natives over there wouldn't think of stealing, the hunter alleges .... Lots of people over here steal without thinking, too, ... The jails are full of them .... But maybe there's nothing worth swiping in Africa ....

Labor is cheap .and gasoline is high there .... Also here .... Because we hear that a South Jersey factory is employing men for 15 cents an hour .... Ten hours a day .... $1.50 a day pay … All is quiet on gangdom's front…. For a couple of weeks, anyway….. Don't get a crush on the girl you're dancing with at the Ambassador Club's masked ball on the 30th in Convention Hall .... She might he a he .... Steve Kirby is reported negotiating with some female impersonators to flirt with South Jersey sheiks .... but not to enter the perfect form contest. ... By the by the new law firm of Orlando and Kisselman has the most sumptuous suit of offices in town..

Camden Courier-Post - October 21, 1931

When a young man is in love, he thinks that nobody in the world is good enough for her except himself.  


HEARD via the radio:

"This fellah Columbus, now, He'd be a sensation in the automobile industry today."


"Because he went a couple thousand miles on a galleon."

* * *

AND this one:

" 'S funny how we carryon traditions in honor of men who are dead and gone."


"Well, Lincoln united the land, so we are staying united; Washington freed the land, and we are staying free, and Columbus was glad to see dry land, and they are keeping it dry!"

** *

Signs of depression In South Jersey:

Maple Shade police department repairing its only fly swatter in preparing for next Summer's flies .... More lawyers getting ambulance chasers ... train fares down ... knickers with new suits ... Certain special officers, who get paid only when they make arrests, pinching more and more motorists ... Motorists coming back for a hearing rather than forfeit cash deposits ... Jail becoming filled with "non supporters" who can't raise the bond imposed on them ... Fewer plans for Halloween… wood fires and empty coal bins .. The price of gin dropping until they almost give it away …. baggy knees.

* * *

OVERHEARD in one of the county libraries recently:

Reader: "Do you have Henry Fielding's 'Tom Jones'?"

Library Employee: "I don't think so but I'll look,"           .

Library Employee (after looking in the file): "Are you sure you have the right name? Are you certain that it isn't ‘Thomas Jones'?"

* * *

What fraternal lodge has had “Check and Double Check" marks printed on its stationery? …Still those New York burlesque show ads are funny .... The latest is the bill for attraction advertising "Henrietta Ham from Virginia" .... What scribe had a cold the other day and after taking pills all day remarked that he felt better? ... To discover that they were rheumatism pills .... There was an awful uproar in political circles in a suburban town last week, because of an error .... One political outfit had a sign painted containing the names of its two local candidates .... The sign also bore the names of two officials of the opposite political faith endorsing the two candidates .... Endorsement had not yet been obtained, we are told, but the sign was ordered in anticipation of approval .... The sign painter was told to deliver the sign and place it face against the clubhouse .... Instead, he put it face out where everybody could read it.

Supporters of the two officials gasped in amazement .... Later, some one went out in all the rain and cut out the names of the two "endors­ing" officials .... What two Philly de­tectives come to Camden nearly every day and park themselves in front of a bar to "get away from it all”? .... What Philly police inspector called Director Schofield up and down, and got away with It? ... We know a fellow who can cat more than Charley Humes, and he's almost skinny! .... That joke about Columbus left out the fact that he'd be a remarkable man if he were living today? ... Because he'd be almost 500 years old.

Camden Courier-Post - October 21, 1931

Recommended to puzzle experts:

"The Mystery of the Rogues' Gallery."

We have unsuccessfully tried to solve it, as have the Camden cops, for believe you us, while the mystery does not actually shed blood, it is making some of the cops sweat blood. In anticipation of what, they do not know..

A number of the local constabulary have been receiving orders to report to Tom Stanger, Rogues' Gallery photographer, to be fingerprinted and mugged. There has been no explanation whatever.

Now it is scarcely possible that the cops' pictures will adorn the gallery with those of lawbreakers, however appropriate it might be in some cases. So the cops are all agog. They whisper that there's an investigation, and they wonder who's conducting it, why and along what lines. They wonder if somebody is blowing the lid off a shakedown scandal.

They wonder if some officer owes a bad bill. So they're trying to remember if anything happened during the last two weeks of August and the first fortnight of September, for the cops who were vacationing then are the ones being called for photographing and fingerprinting.

Look for the birdie.

* * *

AL JOLSON, than whom there is no better comedian on the stage, has a new bagful of jokes in "The Wonder Bar." Some of them can be printed and some can't, not even in a column. One of the former we'll present here with apologies to Jolson. Some of the others we'll tell you in the smoking car or at the sewing circle.

Jolson says that his father, some 72 years old, called on a physician recently, The doctor told him to go to Atlantic City and take frequent salt baths, preferably right in the ocean. But the elder Jolson, being modest and retiring, decided he would get himself a bucketful of water at the beach and then return to his suite to bathe himself.

So he went to the beach and scooped up a pailful of water. A fresh cop saw him, bawled him out and then said:

"That'll cost you fifty cents!"

Mr. Jolson, Sr., paid the money and returned home. About four hours la­ter he thought it was time for another salt bath. So with bucket in hand he went back to the beach. The same cop was there.

This time it was low tide. Survey­ing the ebbing water in unconcealed surprise, the elder Jolson turned to the cop and said:

"Migawd! The money you make!"

* * *

And believe it or don't, there is our friend who called up his dentist in Camden, and complaining of a severe toothache, asked the dentist if he could go to the office right away.

"You cannot," returned the dentist. "I'm just about to go out to the country club."

"I didn't know you played golf," said our friend in mild sur­prise.

"I don't," admitted the gentleman with the big pull. "I go out there to get a drink."

* * *

IT HAPPENED not so many blue moons ago. A chap applied at a local restaurant for a job. Strange to say, there was an opening, and he was put on. But many hours had not passed before the owner became suspicious of his new hired hand. The fellow was a tough-looking, ten minute egg, and the proprietor began to fear that something would happen. So he called a detective.

 "Say, bo, the owner wants you to scram," the detective warned him. "So blow!"

"Oh yeah?" sneers the wise boy.

"I ain't done nothin'. Dis guy hired me and I got me money comin' to me. I ain't done a thing.

As a matter of fact, the detective could not arrest the man, as he had done nothing to warrant a pinch. However, the sleuth took a brodie, saying:

"No, maybe I can't arrest you, but I can take you over to headquarters and compare fingerprints."

The tough guy wilted- and scrammed.

The detective says he later learned that the hired help was a well-known racket man who undoubtedly had taken the job to "case" the restaurant for a holdup in the future.

One of the town’s better cafes was without beer for about a week, according to mournful patrons .... And one of the big inn owners thinks that beer will be legalized in about another year .... Then the beer will be better, as they can age it .... No brewery will take the chance of keeping beer on hand to age .... Not. with cops, federal agents and hijackers knowing all about it .... What suburban fireman went for sauerkraut the other day and did not return for six hours? ... And when he did come back, had a badly swollen jaw? ... That cartoon in a New York newspaper was side splitting  .... It depicted a modern dance hall with a lot of collegiates dancing, necking or wrestling .... And one bird saying, "I'm looking for the girl I'm dancing with" .... Aside to Judge Pancoast Many thanx .... Uncle Dan says that he hangs around the bakery shop because they still have some dough there .... To which we add that even that dough is no good because most of it has a hole in the middle of it. .

Camden Courier-Post - October 22, 1931

A JUDGE in the Middle West says that formerly the majority of di­vorces were sought by women, but nowadays, there are more men than women asking legal severance of the matrimonial bonds. He wants to know the answer.

Alimony and depression.

* * *

In fact, that distinguished member of our Chancery Court bench, Vice Chancellor Leaming, once remarked that if there were no alimony, then would the number of divorce suits decrease. For not only do many women sue for alimony, but men seek to get a divorce first to prevent their wives from divorcing them and obtaining high alimony orders.

* * *

A WELL known Mt. Holly woman recently was seen standing at her new automobile, a very worried look upon her face. Investigation revealed that she had taken the machine out and parked it. When she returned, there was a big puddle under it.

Investigation proved that it was not oil, but water. Whereupon she began to get anxious about the radiator. New car owners are that way; when the car gets old, it has to be minus a wheel before anybody cares. But the radiator proved to be okay, and it was finally learned that her husband had bought a cake of ice and placed it in the car. It melted, as ice unfortunately does.

We'd like to report to you what the Mrs. said to the Mr., but as a matter of fact, we don't know, ourselves.

* * *

We saw a card the other day which advises you and us not to worry. Not even if we don't have our health. So if we are ill, we don't have to worry. We'll either get better or won't get better. Even if we don't get better, we should not worry. We'll either die or we won't. Even if we die, we must not worry. We'l1 either go to Heaven or to Hades. And even if we don't go to Heaven, don't worry, because if we go to Hades, we'll be so busy shaking hands with our friends that we won't have time to worry.

* * *

THEN they're telling the one about the man whose wife fell down a staircase and fractured her jaw. She couldn't utter a sound, but motioned for him to call the doctor. He did, and when the physician answered the phone, the husband said:

"Say, Doc, if you're around this way in the next two or three weeks, stop in, will you? My wife broke her jaw."

* * *

That Laurel Springs councilman's wife ought to see the card he is carrying around ... Wonder if Bill Gotshalk, our genial assistant prosecutor, liked that Shakespeare play the other night? . Dan Boone says we ought to be a little more careful with our use of the term "torch song" ... And another redskin bites the dust ... What police chiefs in this area get the dope on robberies and keep it to themselves so that not even their men know what happened? ... Can you guess what dog owners that new Collingswood anti-barking ordinance was formulated against? . They're thinking of getting up an ordinance like that in Haddonfield ... They're only thinking about it, however, for the commissioners have too many relatives who are dog breeders ... That car that rushes around one of the outer suburbs early in the morning is taking juice for breakfasts ... They ought to start that racket at night when the shakers are clattering ... That new road be­tween Westmont and West Haddonfield is the latest speedway…

Uncle Dan says: I hang around the bakery because they still have some dough there.

Camden Courier-Post - October 22, 1931

Vicki Baum, author of "Grand Hotel," and Samson Raphaelson, author of "The Jazz Singer," are collaborating on the libretto for Oscar Strauss' new operetta, which will be produced in New York late in the season.

* * *

E. Ray Goetz's forthcoming musical, "Star Dust," will have a cast of 125, but no chorus. The book is by Herbert Fields and Goetz, while the music and lyrics are by Cole Porter. Peggy Wood, Irene Franklin, Pearl Osgood and Joseph Allen are reported engaged for the production.

* * *

A new dramatic offering by Arthur Wilmurt, author of the current "Guest Room," is in its last stages of creation. It is "Love Comes Fast" and may be done by Carol Sax. The latter has begun active work upon "Como Murphy."             .

* * *

On Saturday night, the revivals at Erlanger's theatre in New York will reach their 200th performance. The Gilbert-Sullivan troupe has given 168 performances, while the newer company, which is expected to continue all season, will have given 32 performances. Outlook for the Gilbert-Sullivan revivals in Philadelphia, is equally optimistic.

* * *

Sigmund Romberg- if you don't know who and what he is, I hereby wash my hands of you- will direct the orchestra for the premiere performance of the new Schwab and Mandel play, "East Wind," in New York, next Tuesday .... The book is by Oscar Hammerstein 2d and Frank Mandel.... Barry Macollum and Maurice Greet will soon present Dodson Mitchell' s melodrama, "Times Square" .... Maurice Schwartz's next will be "Bloody Laughter" .... "Bush Parade," the Nan Bagby Stephens play, is expected to arrive in New York next week via Brooklyn .... Additions to the cast of the forthcoming Miller and Lyles musical, "Sugar Hill," include Andrew Copeland, who was George Walker's understudy in the bygone days of Williams and Walker .... Bernard Levy has everything set for the staging of "Playthings of Broadway" .... Al Regalia's "Gun Moll" is set for production by Blumenthal and Hirsch .... James W. Elliott will present "Hot Money" on Broadway Nov. 5 .... “Listen, Genius" a comedy by James Ramsey Ullman and Arnold L. Scheuer, Jr., will be placed into rehearsal next week by Albert Bannister .... "Hell on Earth," a new play by Mark Linder, will be tried out by Chamberlin Brown next month .... Arthur Richman’s "Giants in Our Midst" will be shown by Bela Blau as his first this season.

Camden Courier-Post - October 23, 1931

WHETHER it is true or not, it sounds like a swiftie on a local scribe. He was out motoring with his wife recently and had his foot down hard on the gas. A state trooper materialized out of nowhere, and stopped him. The newspaperman argued and argued, and finally the cop said:

"Well, I'll let you out of it this time, but I oughta tell your wife that you're out with a chicken!"

The scribe's wife started to laugh and her husband said:

"Why this is my wife."

"Yeh," snapped the trooper loud enough for the wife to hear. "That's what you said the last two times, too. How she has changed!"

* * *

They credit it to B. A. Rolfe, and it's been going the rounds. We mean that one about the tattooed lady in the circus who was discharged because the manager was convinced that the public wants talking pictures nowadays.

* * *

BILL GAFFNEY says we can quote him on this one, just so we don't use his name:

He relates that when a present high police official was only a sergeant. a pickpocket was taken to police headquarters to be "booked" and lodged In the jail pending a hearing. The sergeant booked him and declared to the world at large:

"Nobody can tell me that these pickpockets can take your dough without your knowing it. A man ought to know when someone is going into his pockets. I'd like to see anybody trying to pick my pockets."

The prisoner was led back to the jail. Before he entered the cell he turned around to the jailor, took a watch out of his pocket and, handing it to the jailor, laughed.

"Say, will youse give the sergeant back his watch?"

* * *

They must take their politics seriously up in Maple Shade. The other night a cat visited a political rally in the town hall and became so frightened that she scampered out and climbed into the tallest tree in the neighborhood. Once there she was afraid to descend. Several members of the police and fire departments equipped themselves with a 60­foot ladder and tried to coax the feline to come down, but it was not until 1 a. m. the next day that the cat was convinced the rally was over.

Now they tell us that whenever there's a political affair there, the police and firemen are busy keeping the cat in leash.

* * *

OFFICER John V. Wilkie, known as the notebook cop, laid his blackjack and handcuffs on a shelf in his traffic booth at Baird and Admiral Wilson boulevards the other day. He forgot about it, and later began to wonder what had happened to them.

He searched the booth but could not find the "yools." So he went to Mt. Ephraim, to his home, to a chapel and several other places where he had been, but could not find them.

The following day an automobile broke down on the boulevard. The driver went to the booth and asked Wilkie if he could use the telephone to call a garage. He did not know the number, so he asked for the telephone book

Wilkie reached up on the shelf over his head, grabbed the book and took it down. The handcuffs and blackjack came down with it, the cuffs hitting him in the head and cutting it open.

* * *

What police department chains and padlocks its hand traffic signals to a telegraph pole overnight .... Must. be a lot of honest people there .... What beer baron's apartment is ablaze with lights from sunset to sunrise every night? . , . Why? ... The world's heaviest reporter was assigned to cover the arrival of the Akron at Lakehurst, but he didn't go .... Now they say that he was barred by naval air station officials who said that the Akron and Los Angeles were both there, and there wasn't any room for another blimp .... The road surface on the Camden, bridge is getting rougher and rougher.

Camden Courier-Post - October 26, 1931

A news story from Paris says that the Identity of the Man In the Iron Mask has finally been solved.

So let's get to work and solve the Identities of a lot of men in black masks in this country.

* * *

HAVE you heard the one about the band leader who came to Camden and broke his whistle?

Everybody wondered why the band didn't play very much. That’s the reason.

The leader forgot his own whistle, and borrowed one from a newspaperman. Everything went well for a while. The bandsman gave his signals to the drummer in good style. Then the drums did double duty the rest of the evening.

Afterward, when the borrowed whistle was being returned, the leader said: "That was a lousy whistle. Three tunes and I blew the side of it out."

The whistle owner thinks the band chief should take up the tuba.

* * *

Recently, when the Anti-Saloon League got wise to what the Legislature was going to do for the beer and wine situation, preachers throughout South Jersey were deluged with pleas to intercede. “Protest any action on the wine and beer bill" was the substance of the letters .

 A clergyman about seven miles from Camden, whose waste basket is littered every week with unopened Anti-Saloon League propaganda, got mad. He went to the telephone and wired the president of the Senate.

“For heaven’s sake” wired he. "Pass this wine and beer bill and put an end to this deluge of paper from the Anti-Saloon League."

* * *

ONE of the uncertain lads has written the etiquette editor asking if it is proper for a discarded fiancé to be an usher at his former girl friend's wedding. This is a puzzler but it isn't as bad as a situation brought to our attention recently.

The young man in question had been engaged to a damsel. Something happened and the alliance was broken off. Then, some time after, the girl invited her former suitor to the wedding- but not in the usual way. She asked him to bring his saxophone and get up a little orchestra for dancing after the ceremony. The punch of the story is that the fellow did it. Perhaps there was joy in those toots- Who knows?       

* * *

What newspaperman was playing polo the other night and was thrown for a goal? .... They say that George Zeller will be appointed head of the Bordentown prison farm .... Steve McKiernan, buddy of the escaped prisoner who blew out his brains rather than be captured alive was not implicated in that Trenton jailbreak be­cause he's been in “The Hole" .... That being penitentiary vernacular for solitary imprisonment .... Because he tried a getaway several weeks ago… Or so a little birdie would have us believe .... What Haddon Avenue traffic light does not work? ... And we wonder if the police have found out yet who stole the stool from one of the police traffic booths?

Camden Courier-Post - October 27, 1931

When the trial of Harry J. Green and James A. Toland was postponed for the fourth time yesterday, Prosecutor Baldwin declared that the two men were trying to avoid their day in court. Whereas to us it appeared that yesterday was their day in court.

* * *

FIRE CHIEF Harry F. Breder, of Egg Harbor, had an unusual experience yesterday. A fire broke out in his house, and he sounded an alarm for his volunteer company to come to his aid.

But when the fire laddies got to the fire house, it was locked. They couldn't get out the apparatus until someone found the keys. By the time they got to the fire chief's home he had extinguished the blaze himself.

We wonder what Chief Breder thinks of his fire company now?

* * *

It is quite possible that after election, there will be more voting precincts added in Camden and various municipalities in this county. The law provides that just so many votes, 600, we believe, shall be in one district. If there are enough over that, then a new district is made. At pres­ent, there are some 69 precincts with more than 600 eligible voters in Camden city and county.

But what we started out to say is that each member of each local election board gets $25 for his election day's work in counting ballots, etc. This is regardless of the size of the precinct. Thus, for instance, an election officer in Tavistock receives $25 for counting 25 votes. As there are four such officers, it costs $4 to handle and count a vote there.

On the other hand, an election officer in, say, the first precinct in Pennsauken gets only $25 a day. There are 134.5 registered voters in that district, so that its officers have more than 110 times as much work to do for the same money.

* * *

YOU'VE probably had a drink there yourself. We mean at that public fountain in Independence Square, Philadelphia. The fountain gives off chilled water from ice tanks below the pavement. The fountain was originally placed in Fairmount Park as part of the Centennial Ex­position in 1876 by the Sons of Temperance who still take care of it.

Which is of some interest, as the temperance fountain is but a few feet from the Liberty Hall.

* * *

Judge Pancoast calls to our attention to the fact that on the road from Hammonton to Tuckahoe is a sign post, on one hand of which is the legend "Three Miles to Dorothy" and on the other "Five Miles to Pancoast" .... The judge's daughter is Dorothy Pancoast .... Speaking of fire departments, as we were a few paragraphs ago, there is a certain gentleman living in the suburbs who, when there was a fire alarm for the volunteer firefighters, would turn over and keep on sleeping .... But he has since been named traffic director or something while there is a fire going on… Maybe the appointment was his reward ... And now Einstein says there may be a fifth dimension ... When most folks would like to have a meal with two dimensions .... Square .... A fan writes in to say that he reads this pillar with much disgust .... So that there is still some hope, as he reads it, anyway .... By the by, we once more reiterate that whoever the shoe fits should wear it .... Which is why we often leave out names .... That is the reason why two chiefs of police in South Jersey are sore on us .... We said there is a chief who not only holds out robberies from reporters, but doesn't even tell his own men about it .... The two who are angry now are the one whom we meant and another who thinks we meant him .... How do you like the City Hall tower in its new lighting effects!

Camden Courier-Post - October 28, 1931

The reason the wolf keeps away from the door is because the front step is congested with writ servers.

            * * *

A most gullible soul is Justice-of-the Peace ------, oh well, we won't reveal his name in consideration for his feelings. Suffice it to say that he is a squire somewhere in Camden County.         

About two months ago, more or less, a resident of Lawnside was haled before him on a charge of violating the motor vehicle traffic code. The jaypee fined the· motorist $2. The driver admitted that he did not have that sum but that if he were not jailed, he would pay when­ever he worked and got the money.

"Okay, I'll trust you," nodded the gentle-hearted squire.

A month passed, but no fine was paid. Then one day the motorist strolled into the squire's office.

"Squire," quoth he, "I have not been able to get that money, but I think I will be able to soon. However, I've had my car down in a garage and the bill is $2. I haven't got the $2 and can't get the car unless I pay. You haven't…, you couldn’t…"

"Sure thing" smiled the squire without hesitation. "Here's two bucks,"

"I'll pay you back sure," the motorist promised.

The squire began to wonder if his trust in mankind in general and. in a Lawnside gentleman in particular had been misplaced. He was shy $4, of which $2 was from his own pocket and the other $2 also likely to come from his pocket if the fine were not paid and the records straightened out.

One day his heart leaped as the motorist drove up to his office, descended from tile car and entered. The driver shook his head mournfully, and the Squire’s heart fell.

"I have not been able to get that $2 yet." the driver said ruefully. "so 1 thought I had better come and see If I can't work it out."

After a moment's thought, the squire nodded agreement, feeling that if, he could get his cellar whitewashed, the accounts would be squared. The motorist descended into the cellar, looked over his prospective task and then said to the squire:

"I don't think it will take long to do that. I can get the materials down the road for about $1, if you will give it to me."

This the squire readily did and the motorist departed. He must have declared a moratorium on debt and work, for he has never returned.

* * *

Workers and business men in the vicinity of Broadway and Federal Street can now sympathize with those whose offices or establishments are near Fourth and Market Streets, for both have to put up with a good deal of noise. At Fourth and Market the rap-rap-rap of rivet guns is almost deafening, but is, of course, necessary. 

About the other, though, we aren't so sure. We refer to the unearthly shrieks emanating from the traffic signal at Broadway and Federal. A siren has been attached to the signal, perhaps as an experiment, perhaps as a permanent adornment. It blows every time the light is changed to and from amber. When the light is red, it will blow as it is changed to amber and the again when going to green.

, The idea is okay, warning motorists of the changing lights. But it also warns everyone else within the radius of a block Nowadays the employees in the nearby municipal buildings hear the siren and stretch, yawn and rub their eyes, like you and we do when the alarm clock rings.

Too, the purpose of the amber light is voided, as the noise is such that the cops on duty there make the change so quickly as they can, because aspirins cost dough.

* * *

Corporal Joe Camp, of the state police barracks at Haddon Heights, is now a daddy .... Daddy-Long-Legs, in fact .... Some of the Philadelphia banks have asked firms having deposits there to pay their employees in cash instead of by check .... Thus doing away with a lot of work at the banks, thereby curtailing expenses. But that plan may not be so good, inasmuch as a man who is paid by check generally cashes it at a bank and is more likely to deposit some of it there than the man who gets cash from his employer and doesn't have to go to the bank ... The skids are being prepared for what police official in South Jersey? .... Wonder who the prosecutor referred to when he said "unsavory persons" congregating at a county Inn? ... Does he mean some of those who congregate almost nightly in a suburban apartment house? ... And there are some pretty tough characters who gather regularly on a couple of the best-lighted street corners in the city… Only they can't close up corners. Nor can they always lock up the loungers, because lots of times you'll find a cop lounging too.

Camden Courier-Post - October 29, 1931

Leon Mickelman calls our attention to this week's Lucky Strike advertisement in which Loretta Young, movie star, en­dorses that brand. The ad says she has been smoking Lucky Strikes for four years... She started young as she is only 18 years old.

*' * *

ANOTHER friend (it's lucky for us that we have some left or there'd be no column some days) tells us that a moving van on its way to New York passed through a certain South Jersey town the other day. As it drew opposite a church, it caught fire.

The driver jumped off the truck and ran to the firehouse to sound the alarm. With a great ado, the firemen arrived at the scene and then help­lessly stood by, watching the truck burn. Finally, when the truck had been almost totally destroyed, a wo­man asked one of the firemen:

"What's the matter with the booster tank? It has 100 gallons of water in it. Where is it?"

"Oh," said the fireman. "We forgot we had it!"

* * *

In the Laurel-Hardy film, replete with .wise cracks, is one that doubles you up. Coming-

Professor: "What is a comet!"

Student: "A star with a tail on it."

Professor: "Correct. Now one of you name one!"

Another Student: "Sure, Rin-tin-tin !"

* * *

"WHEN nothing of note happens around here, we resort to the wires for material. So we come up with this one:

Up in Peabody, Mass., a number of couples who parked and sparked were robbed by bandits recently. Many of the victims did not report the thefts for obvious reasons. Others did.

Finally, Chief of Police Edward F. Pierce offered to supply police rifles and plenty of ammunition to anyone who wished to park in lonely sections of Peabody at night but were afraid to do so because of the holdup men.

Yesterday, there were 22 applications for rifles.

Two of them were from girls!

* * *

If some South Jersey police official would make a similar offer and some women applied for rifles maybe a lot of husbands would toe the mark.

* * *

Someone opened all the fireplugs on Westfield Avenue the other night to clear them of rust, we suppose... East Camden looked like Johnstown ... And the auto drivers cussed as their cars skidded around .. What bachelors' club was recently closed by a South Jersey mayor? And what new nightclub has just opened? The dry's feel quite elated because three of the biggest breweries in the state are now under padlock … And what beer drop raided in New Jersey recently was connected by a pipeline to a big brewery which the federal agents cannot touch because it is protected by a. federal court injunction? Some news stands in Camden are again displaying magazine whose front covers are adorned with women who are not adorned with clothing .. What well-known local bachelor really ran out of gas late at night recently?. And when he said, "We'll have to get out and walk because I've run out of gas," his companion slapped him down .. Got enough?

Camden Courier-Post - October 30, 1931

It's about time that all news­paper editors get together and adopt a resolution not to print anything about Capt. Frank Hawks except when he does not hop off to break a speed record.

* * *

DOWN in Haddon Heights, the Male Chorus is going to entertain the Schuylkill Falls Chorus at a Halloween party. The chorus has stipu­lated that no one come masked. Maybe they're afraid a crooner would sneak in on them!


Fred Allen says he went into a. restaurant one day, and upon being handed a. menu card, said he wouldn't want much to eat "before the race." He ordered a fruit cup, and when he had finished that said:

"We'll do away with the soup, and get right down to the meal. Let's have a small steak, because it won't be long before the race begins."

The waiter raised his eyebrows but did as he was told. When Allen finished the steak, he was again handed the menu. He smiled wryly.

"I guess I won't have desert, waiter. There isn't time before the race."

"May I ask," the waiter inquired, "what is this race you're talking about?"

“Sure,” agreed Allen, rising, from the table and reaching for his hat. “The race is starting right now between you and me for the door."


AND then a contributor tells of a South Jersey couple's recent elopement. The prospective bridegroom, fearful of the quick temper of his future father-in-law, gave the One Girl a rope ladder so that. she could get out of the house without disturbing anyone.           

That night he waited under the window, and down came one end of the ladder. A couple of suitcases followed, and then the One Girl descended.

"Dear;” the swain whispered, "hadn't we better hide this ladder so that it won't attract attention?"

"Don't bother," replied the gal, "father told me he'd pull it back so that even it you change your mind, I can't come back!"


They tell us that the depression has hit the high school and prep school football stars .... Because colleges are cutting down on scholarships .... Until he went on a, diet, the whole year around is Halloween for our fellow columnist, Charley Humes.... One of the contributors, Harry Beck, says that's because Charley was always a-goblin .... Figure that one out ... When he isn't writing politics, Lou Gale makes pretty good bowler .... Which he proved to (Funnies) Fitz the other night .... That newspaperman who was tossed by a horse the other night while playing polo, is a former cavalryman .... Since then he's played another game and this time didn't fall ... He says he scored two goals, one of which the horse kicked in .... What prominent official was at a Republican rally the other night and spoke in behalf of Mr. Baird? .... And a couple of days later appeared at a Democratic rally and spoke for Mr. Moore? ... A hundred percent American as it were .... If only we could write lots of things we hear along the political front .... But we can speak of that prohibitionist candidate's sign, which reads: "If You Want Prohibition, Vote for Soandso" .... And under it, someone scribbled: "What's It Like?"

Camden Courier-Post - March, 1932

THE FIREMEN of that· particular town are plenty bothered about it all. We refer to that incident the other, day when a field fire threatened several homes, A woman telephoned, not the firemen, but the police department of the adjacent town. The police then called the cops of the town in which the fire was burning, but merely said that "there's some trouble over there". An officer was sent to investigate, and then he called the firemen.

So that just 12 minutes elapsed from the time the woman called until the firemen arrived, because of the roundabout way of giving the alarm and the crossed reports of what was wrong. Therefore, the woman soundly upbraided the fire­men for being so tardy.

The firemen feel that this was unjust, particularly when they learned, they allege, that the fire was started by the son of the woman who called the cops.

* * *

There was quite some speculation in our own fair city, where the cops are now on their toes. A truck driver left his vehicle almost in the center of the street while he went into a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. A cop gave him a ticket, and rightly so, because the truck hindered traffic.

However, while the cop was handing out tickets, he might have given one to the driver of that beer truck which was parked in front of a nearby fireplug and facing in the wrong direction. But he didn't.

                        * * *

If O. O. McIntyre can do it, what's to stop us? We mean mentioning the name of a town or city, and then writing the first thing that pops into our mind in association with the burg's name.

For instance, whenever the town of Hopewell is mentioned, we'll always think of the Lindbergh kidnapping. If the city of Trenton is mentioned, the first associated word that comes to us is "speakeasies." Atlantic City reminds us of sunburn and Mickey Duffy murdered, and so on. Let's go:

Camden, beer; Collingswood, Sun­day Blue Laws; Clementon, open Sunday; Maple Shade, whoopee parlors; Lakewood, gambling; Marlton, harvest home fetes; Blenheim, Mary McClyment and the bouncing bullet; Bellmawr, roadhouse paradise; Magnolia, the former beer garden grove; Somerdale, apple cider; Laurel Springs, watercress; Mt. Holly, Ellis H. Parker; Lindenwold, cinder jabs; Kirkwood, old Lakeside Park; Pine Hill, weekend parties; go slow, state police barracks; Juliustown, a real country general store; Medford, the Vaughns and the Klines; Wrightstown, soldiers; Bordentown, a dry spot; Roebling, bootleggers; Moorestown, aristocracy and tough on speeders; Jobstown, Sinclair stables;

Pitman, where South Jersey's second best checker played lives; Masonville, plenty of Masons; Pine Valley, where a golf club is a borough: Rancocas, the rum barge scandal; Chatsworth, Emilio Carranza killed in plane crash; Atsion, Rider murder case: Lakehurst, dirigibles; Hainesport, liquor parties; Pennsauken, political battles; Gravel Switch, snake hunting; Ong's Hat, one-house town; 

Millville, grown-up mosquitoes; Vineland, poultry and the Lilliendahl case; Ship Bottom, rough surf; Beach Haven, clam treading; Tabernacle, cranberries; Haddonfield, tree cutting; Merchantville, chicken dinners and scrapple breakfasts; Long Branch, Stanford White;. Rumson, millionaire's homes; Atlantic Highlands, rum ships; Pemberton, one­man regime; Riverton, investigations; Palmyra, beer drop; Fortescue, fishing; Turnersville, the former fining mill; Chews Landing, Woods' murder; Barnegat, light­house; Mt. Ephraim, where if they fire a cop there would be no police force; Williamstown, smoked ham; Haddon township, Jack the Hugger; Cape May, swell beach; Pennsgrove, man-sized fires; New Brunswick, Hall-Mills; Blackwood, bungalow parties;

Elizabeth, federal agent murdered in brewery raid; New York, swell floor show at the Hollywood, plenty of bright lights and whole reams of paragraphs; Ashland, where firemen were late for a blaze because somebody stole the gas out of the fire engine; Glendale, Walt Whitman's former home; Toms River, Hattie Evans' trial; Bridgeton, rum scandal; Ocean City, tent city; Woodbury, Rose Sarlo case; Pedricktown, enough explosives to blow South Jersey off the map; Gloucester, saloons and old race track.

And now watch a lot of Chambers of Commerce burn up.

Camden Courier-Post * June 1, 1932

Dan De Buys
Camden Kiwanis Club
Fred L. Holman
Nick Altrock

Camden Courier-Post * June 6, 1932




William Linton Dowdy
Herb Phillips
Joe Camp
Clayton Apgar
Francis McKinney
"Doc" Gribben



Camden Courier-Post * June 8, 1932


Camden Courier-Post * June 15, 1932


Camden Courier-Post
June 16, 1932

Hotel Walt Whitman - Max Reihmann
John Gilliam - Camden Lions Club
Dr. Thomas Lewis - I.D. Gindhart - Harold Leach

Camden Courier-Post - February 2, 1933

Twenty-seven of the 142 so-called "soft drink" establishments which were granted a Camden license for 1933, were raided by federal agents during the past year. . . So who was the mayor who said some months ago that Camden was beerless? . . . By the bye, speaking of federal agents I reminds us of this inside stuff . . . Despite "hedging" statements from Washington, the personnel investigator Prohibition Administrator Amos W. W. Woodcock has recommended that Agent Ira Harris be dismissed from the service . . . He is under suspension, as you know, accused of taking a confiscated cash register from the federal warehouse without permission from superiors. . . The depression goes up everybody's alley. . . A prominent South Jersey man was visited by a bill collector the other day. . . Seated among costly furnishings in his lavishly equipped office, the executive of the company told the collector he had lost a million iron men in the last year . . . And couldn't attend to the bill at this time . . . The bill, incidentally, amounted to something in excess of $100 . . . For cigars . . .  Chief of Police Walter Miller, of Riverton, has been looking forlornly gloomy for a week, and everyone wondered why . . . Well, the cat's out of the bag . . . Somebody stole his prized Persian. cat. . . And as far as he's concerned, we'll bet, the police business can go to the dogs until he finds the culprit and recovers his pet. . . And Sid Kaplan is back on the job after an operation . . .. He was divorced from his adenoids and tonsils . . . Which is the first time to our knowledge anyone ever took something away from a lawyer and made him pay for it . .. If you want to forget your troubles for a couple of hours, amble over to the Chestnut and watch Paul Muni perform in "Counsellor-at-Law" . . . If you prefer the flickers, there's "Farewell to Arms" at the Stanley in Camden or "Rasputin" at the Aldine . . . Either one is a sure bet. . . And here is an odd and tragic situation . . . A deserving man of our acquaintance who has been unable to get work for these many months tells us that he cannot get any help from the relief outfit because he has an equity in his home . . . He owns a house. and yet can't eat . . . But he'll be losing the home soon, perhaps, and then he won't be numbered among the taxpayers anymore . . . And it is the taxpayer who keeps a town on its feet, even if it does stagger into the ropes. . . We have been wondering whether the home owner is not just as deserving, if not more so, of temporary relief as those who rent or have no homes at all . . . After all, someone has said somewhere that the small home owner is the backbone of the nation . . . Now that the Sunday baseball boom is well on its way towards realization in Pennsylvania, isn't it high time that somebody of consequence started a similar campaign in earnest over here in New Jersey. . . Not only for sports, but for Sunday movies . . . "Of Thee I Sing," the musical satire on American politics which is to come to Philadelphia Monday, was playing in Washington the other night. . . Vice President-elect Garner was with some friends in a box . . . He took huge enjoyment out of the role of the forgotten vice-president . . . When one actor depicting a political nabob, asked, "What was the name of that fellow we nominated for vice president?" Speaker Garner threw back his head and roared with laughter . . . Incidentally, Victor Moore, the comedian who portrays the role of vice president in the show, formerly lived in Hammonton.

Camden Courier-Post - June 1, 1933

The strongest kind of onions to the bridge cop who almost caused an auto accident at Eighth and Federal streets Monday afternoon because of his own reckless driving… He dashed out of Eighth Street and started across Federal… Another car almost hit him…. The cop stopped in the middle of the street and bawled out the other driver, bullying him and threatening to arrest him for not stopping on what really is a through street… When the cop had no jurisdiction there anyway.  

Allen Hughes says this really happened in a local apartment house…. A young feller had to attend a social function, so he donned his tux but just couldn't manage the tie…. So he summoned up his nerve, went to the next-door apartment and knocked on the door… A man an­swered and the partyite asked him to tie the tie. , . ,"Sure, but you'll have to lie down," agreed the neighbor... This was done and a swell bow was tied… "But why," asked the young man, "why did you ask me to lie down so that you could tie it?" , ,.' , "Because," smiled the accommodating neighbor, "that is the only way I can do it. You see, I'm an undertaker!"

What doctor in Camden County is being investigated by narcotic agents?.... That White Horse pike cop who went to another town on the Black Horse pike to direct traffic during a fire wasn't so helpful after all….. In a few minutes, he had Sunday shore traffic In a hopeless snarl….

One of the staff tried to call Ollie Stetser up at Gloucester 201….Someone answered the telephone and it wasn't Ollie… Finally it devel­oped that the number was Gloucester 101… Whereupon the staff worker called back the operator and yelled, "I want 201, but you gave me 101"…. "Well," the operator ex­cused herself, "201 was busy"…. “How nice…. Do you have any 1000s or 7000s?... What subur­ban school changed speakers at a school function because of bank troubles?

We drove up to Yonkers, N. Y. over the weekend, and that North Jersey shore traffic makes the White Horse pike look like a deserted town… Recently the mayor up there asked the townsfolk to buy municipal bonds, because the city was in rocky financial straits and needed money to operate , .. The bondholders, he promised, would be paid six percent interest, or more than twice as much as the banks paid , , , So the, people bought municipal bonds, drawing their money out of the banks…Within a week $3,000,000 was with­drawn from one of the town's largest banks…. and the bank closed its doors…..    '

Then we took a ride along the Palisades, and on the west side of the Hudson, viewed some estates… Untermeyer's estate looks bigger than Holland and Greece put together …. and the estate of Billie Burke, Flo Ziegfeld's widow, has a big "For Sale" sign on it… and believe it or not, we brought some rocks all the way back for our now famous rock garden.

Camden Courier-Post - June 3, 1933

Quite a few Cramer Hill readers were amused at an odd little incident on River Avenue the other day ... It appears that an absent-minded driver of a milk wagon was riding, not his wagon, but on a bicycle ... His thoughts were probably in Timbuctoo or the South Pole; at least he wasn't thinking of what he was doing, .. For as he started up a hill, on which a number of persons were waiting for a bus, he said some­thing aloud and immediately began to pedal more industriously ... What he said was "Giddap!" ... 

A Gloucester reader wants us to toss orchids to the Knights of Columbus council down here ... For giving some luxuries and necessities, including soap, cigarettes, candy, cigars, smoking pipes and tobacco to the Gloucester men in the Roosevelt Reforestation Army at Camp :pix ... there was enough for the 53 Gloucester "soldiers" and some Camden boys who bunk with them... Well, any outfit that will do that deserves mere than mere orchids ...           

J. C. Kircher of this city, who is motion picture operator on the SS. Virginia plying between Philadelphia and San Francisco, writes to tell us that Francis Lederer, stage star, was on the 1ast westbound trip...  Lederer is going to make movies out at Hollywod … Kircher thinks Lederer is '''just a regular He-man" ... Believe it or not, city scrip must be becoming scarce ... George D. Rothermel, the attorney, declared he had $1400 in cash the other night and wanted to exchange it for scrip … After four days' efforts, he was able to exchange only $1000…..    

Charity not only begins at home, it sometimes stays there… That, at least, is the impression received from this story which filtered in from a fashionable suburb ... where one of the larger families hit by hard times didn't want to go on the relief committee's list of recipients ... so the head of the family took his last cash to buy an old car ... He went to the shore daily and returned with a load of fish … He retailed the fish and what he had left over each day he gave to the relief outfit to distribute among the poor ... The day came when he couldn't make any profit on his fish business, and some of the more fortunate fami­lies had run up huge bills on him, so that about $3OO in all was owed to him ... The family was up against it, so it applied to the relief committee for help, ... The mother went to the committee for flour, and met with the lofty rebuff, "It's very funny that you have to ask for something when you've given so much, away!"

And they shoot rapids…

Dave Loeb says someone handed him this card, entitled "Alcohol-A Remover" ... It goes like this: "Alcohol will remove grass stains from summer clthes. It will also remove summer clothes, also spring and winter clothes, not only from the man who drinks it, but also from his wife and children. It will also remove household furniture from the house and eatables from the pantry; the smile from the face of his wife, and the happiness from the home. As a remover, alcohol has few equals" ... How about the sheriff?.

Camden Courier-Post - June 6, 1933

Jack Dempsey who always likes his practical joke, found the tables turned against him the other day. It is related by Paul Harrison .... Leaving an umbrella in his New York office, he put on it a tag reading:

 "Hands off. Property of an ex-champion heavyweight boxer" .... The next day it was gone, with a sassy note in its place: "Umbrella borrowed by an ex-champion long-distance runner"

Oh, Judge Pancoast; the buses are wildcatting on Broadway again, imperiling the lives of their passengers . .... You broke it up the last time; won’t you take a hand again?

All of the newspaper reporters who unsuccessfully tried for days and weeks to get an interview with Libby Holman during her stay at the Pennsylvania Hospital several weeks ago, will burn up over a story told by W. W. Reynolds, principal of Haddonfield High School. ... The newshounds used all sorts of ruses that didn't work .... But Reynolds went to the hospital to see another patient and gave an attendant his name .... The attendant mistook him for Libby's brother-in-law, and before the Haddonfield educator quite realized what it was all about, he had been quickly ushered to Libby's room …. Nobody thought of using that one! ....

. In ye olden times the expression "generation" was easily defined .... Children and their parents were of different generations .... But now, it appears there is still another distinction .... Those in their twenties may consider themselves as more sophisticated, but they nevertheless are regarded with some faint scorn by those still in their teens ... Joe Forestal gives us an example, saying that his 19-year-old son helped a pal to get rid of a "date." and was told by his 21-year-old sister that "that wasn't nice" .... Whereupon the youngster said in all seriousness, "Aw, you wouldn’t understand. You belong to another generation!" ....

Peggy Hopkins Joyce is just a novice in the matrimonial game after all …. For Lieutenant William T. Comeford, once an appointee to the U. S. Shipping Board and now a naval reserve officer, has written a book and wants a publisher to put it out for him .... It is entitled "My First Fourteen Wives"…. And he had that many, too .... So there is some truth to that crack about one in each port after all, eh? .... One of the younger local attorneys is getting in news photographers' hair .... He recently tried to prevent a picture-snatcher from getting a photo of a client, and again the other day, he warned a couple of "subjects" that the shutter was about to click .... Next he threatened to throw a camera through a window .... Hisssss …

A school of fish was seen following a boat from Longport to Cape May Sunday .. , . Every time the two boatmen threw over a line, the fish stole the bait and stuck a fin to their noses, ... In the boat were Nick Marterella and Jack Losch, who didn't get a bite all day.

The Lintonia and the new Linton restaurants will soon tangle in the courts over the right to use their respective names .... at the New Jersey Bar Association's closing session Saturday, it was unanimously voted to petition the Supreme Court to change its previous ruling which prevented law students from taking bar examinations after a certain number of failures .... The movement for this reform first broke into print via this column ever so many blue moons ago.

Camden Courier-Post - June 8, 1933

It really happened in a riverfront town a few days ago... A justice of the peace had a difficult time of it in trying to collect rent from a tenant for the owner of a house .... Finally, after some litigation, the family was evicted for not paying the rental .... The squire went to the house to personally attend to putting the family out on the street

Then he went home to luncheon … He found his mother very elated … It appears that she has several. properties in town .... She told him she had just rented a house which had been vacant for some time .... Sure, you, guessed it .... Her new tenants were the non-paying persons her son had just evicted from the other house ....

While we're in the riverfront neighborhood, we might as well let those hush-hushers realize that we know something about that very mysterious accident .... in which a physician's wife was shot in the forehead, and is now in a hospital. ... The police were like clams, because they were ordered by town officials not to allow any news of the shooting leak out to the public ....

Jack (Funnies Fitz) Fitzgerald's thoughts are ,anything but funny these days .... He has been confined to his home for a week now by his old hoodoo .... Rheumatism, … You don't have to believe it, but a sucker walked into the state police barracks at Mt. Ephraim the other night .... And complained that he had lost some money on "the wheel" at a carnival. ... He wanted to know what could be done about it .... When asked how much he had dropped, he swore his losings amounted to $70 … the troopers had a word for it, but we can't print it here .... ,

The nickname of "Buck" has some significance for Patrolman Robert E. Smires, of Mt. Holly, now ... For someone either played a dirty trick on him or honestly believed there was a fire in the new municipal building there .... At any rate, Buck started the small heater in police headquarters the other morning so that he could get some hot water for a showerbath ... Someone either knew what Buck was doing, or saw the smoke and feared there was a fire, although the building is fireproof .... At any rate, a general fire alarm was turned in .... Fire companies responded with alacrity, rushed into the building and looked in vain for the fire .... Finally, they went to the shower room and there before the mirthful gaze of curious firefighters, Buck was found gratefully basking under a warm shower .... He was, as the French might put it, au natural! .... Buck assured them there was no occasion for a firemen's parade; he has taken baths quite regularly, he protested .... And the hundreds of people awakened and drawn to the scene by the bells and siren, went home, more or less disappointed .... And now, every time Buck looks at some known jokester, there is a gleam in his eye ....

Just for laughter's sake get an eyeful of "Warrior's Husband," the film version of the stage hit ..... In what Black Horse pike town will there be a relief administration scandal soon? ... A damage suit which promised to be sensational, with torrid love letters and the such, was neatly disposed of without any fanfare in court this week..

Camden Courier-Post - June 10, 1933

BEFORE we forget all about it and are chided later on we must record an interesting little item from the suburbs .... Where the town paper's editor is a young fellow who was married recently .... He boasted, as young fellers are want to vaunt, that he would never become henpecked .... That is the expression he used; we are merely repeating .... He would do his work, and the missus would do hers .... No dish-drying for his ... Perhaps not, but the other day he was detected washing the windows at his home .... and is now taking a merciless beating ... But what interest us most of all is the fact that after he was found out, he was warned that the discovery might find its way into this column ... Whereupon he bet $10 that we would never know about it .... So this little note may cost him ten iron men. .. 

The suburbs also give up this item, which would never cause any orchid-tossing.... A school whose troubles have occupied considerable attention in the news columns lately refused to give certain newspaper a list of the commencement class' names .... Because of the publicity which was showered on those difficulties ... This is noted here just in case the graduates wonder why their names wasn't in the papers ... For that matter, the town's other school, which also figured in the news and is controlled by the same board of education, would not give the names of its graduates to newspapers until after the commencement was through .... 

And a little rueful note about our own experience this week .... Just because we casually mentioned last Monday that we'd like to be able to buy a 'new' car, we've been prey to eight thousand automobile salesmen during the residue of the week .... Salesmen to the left of us; salesmen to the right of us; salesmen all around us. We can't keep them out of our hair. We've become a fugitive, slipping in and out the rear door and trying, vainly, to evade the horde .... They all want to how easy it is to pay for a brand new car .... We wish they could show us how to get the do-re-mi with a little fa-sol-la-ti thrown in-- 

Aside to Police Chief George Ormsby, of Williamstown: Thanks for your co-operation with reporters in that murder-suicide the other day ... We're chuckling gleefully over the recent appointment of a friend of ours to a public job ... Some months ago, he tried to convince us that a new political organization was headed by men who, like himself, were positively not out for personal gain but were strictly civic-minded leaders.... When we claimed there ain't no such critter, we were chastised as a cynic .... Not that we are- in fact we're mighty glad to see him get the job and will even help him to retain it if necessary- but we're laughing just the same .... 
Miss Dorothy Hann, who represented Camden in the last national beauty pageant and won the title of "Miss America," says she wants to correct any false impression by stating that she is not making any appearances on the stage at this time .... Incidentally, maybe YOU don't know it, but the term township is used by surveyors for a plot of ground covering 36 square miles .... Some plot, but we have townships larger than that .... but, enough of this, so let's go down to the shore and listen to what our little niece calls the "lumps" in the ocean. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 17, 1933

Walter E. Edge of Atlantic City, former U. S. senator and former ambassador to France. is going to build a large home in Haddonfield ... Incidentally. the city made one economy move that is costing dough-de-oh­dough ... We refere to that day three months ago when nearly all the offices in the city hall were deprived of paper towels ... For now the municipal employes are using other paper and three times as much of it as they formerly used of towels ... So that the city has to spend more than it saves ... 

This week we heard one of the most ironical paragraphs of the year...Or any year for that matter. In a certain municipality (you guess) a man works for the relief committee doing odd jobs here and there .. He gets a salary of $6 a week (believe it or not, Mr. Ripley) ... So a couple days ago he asked his boss, who was the relief director, for some relief for himself, as he was hungry and didn't get enough money to buy meals regularly, let alone buy clothing .. So what do you think happened? .. Sure ... He was turned down ...

That pest (the one who used to claim he was Commander John D. Pennington's bodyguard) now says he has been selected as deputy U. S. marshal for this district to fill the vacancy caused by Paul McLaughlin's resignation ... By the bye, what former federal employee runs a whisper-low in Philadelphia and did so even when he worked for the government? .. It is, however, a respectable, or as respectable as speaks can be.

Why, every time it rains, is the rondpoint at the airport flooded? 

There's the reader who asks us to warn that suburban cop ... Who has been cheating for three years with a "Wrong Number, Sir" gal .. To his children, however, he is an idol. .. That South Jersey feller who shot his woman companion and then killed himself recently ... Both were buried in the same grave ... By his wife ... Because the dead woman's relatives couldn't be found and the widow wanted her to have a Christian burial ... So orchids to her ... And, incidentally. the reports that he had filed divorce papers were erroneous ... The wife had filed suit ... Assemblyman Frank M. Travaline Jr., who forgot to duck up in the senate chambers not so long ago, is going to be married July 1. .. And on that same day a certain radio station attache and a Parkside girl are planning to surprise all their friends by getting married in New York .... Ooooh, the big tattle-tale ... But if you only knew who told us about it. ... He attended Camden High School ... The bride-to-be attended Camden Catholic High .... 

That young local attorney accused of tipping off some prisoners that a news cameraman was going to photograph them and who also is alleged to have threatened to break the camera denies it all ... He says it was a cop who did all that. .. So that's that. . 

Camden Courier-Post - June 20, 1933

What justice of the peace in the Black Horse pike sector is giving away rodents? ... That is to say, he put a mouse on some fellow's eye a few days ago .... And the gentleman who is now wearing that shanty is a cop .... Speaking of cops, there's the Beach Arlington feller who blows his whistle for the pure enjoyment of it.... And stops every motorist who dares go over 25 miles per hour on the island road .... And when he drives his little coupe around a corner onto the main highway, we wish he'd look to see if any traffic is coming ... Because we nearly knocked him off the road .... 

While we're on the subject of sea shore resorts, you'll probably read of a lot of rescues in the surf this Summer .... Because the life guards at Wildwood are femmes .... J. C. Kircher, who is motion picture machine operator on a New York-San Francisco boat, is on his way home from his first trip via the Canal ... Earl Foy, of 1016 South Sixth Street, denies that he is an informer (better known as stool pigeon) for the Camden police .... It was recently published in newspapers that he secured evidence against several Camden saloons.... Foy is a bus driver and also a boxer ... And will fight at Atlantic City a fortnight hence .... He doesn't want his 
friends, he tells us, to have a wrong impression of him .... 

Who gave some of those Khaki Shirts permission to carry clubs on the streets? 

Bob Jones, the referee, had Mr. and Mrs. John T. Daniel, Jr., of Norphlet, Ark., as his guests last week .... Daniel was a former gridiron star at Washington College ... Aside to Charley Humes: Thanks for the favor, but you really ought to hop on Ellis Parker; he said you'd never be able to squeeze through that hole which Harry Burns cut in the jail Sunday to escape .... Ellis is no perfect 36 himself .... Nor even a good 46 .... Hey, Fitz, time hasn't improved that bum joke you pulled on us Saturday ...

If you sometimes wonder what newspapermen do on their time off, we can tell you that they go fishing ..... At least ten of them went Sunday .... And had a huge haul. ... Eighteen fish .... including 13 baby sharks and a sea spider .... Herb Phillips caught seven of them, so you can imagine how many some of the others got. ... Al Hughes and Bill Gaffney are telling everybody about the big ones that got away .... The truth is, they didn't even have a bite . ... . Dick "Swordfish" Cornish, who had plenty of new tackle, caught two fish and told everybody that they were gunwhales ... But it is to Waldo McAmis that the others owe what little success they had .... He attracted the fish to the boat by feeding them .... And the pot for the biggest fish was won by someone who wasn't even a scribe .... Squire Charlie Jackson, of Runnemede, won the pot and caught the longest fish .... But you ought to hear the other boys' stories about the fish they caught .... 

That Philly newspaper must have had a red face yesterday .... in its "bulldog" edition, it said the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox played at the latter's ballpark before the 
largest crowd of the season .... which, the paper related, "numbered 54 million fans" .... Vas you dere Stharlie? ... 

Charlie Laib, former head of the city traffic squad, but now retired on pension, gets his greatest kick now in riding around in a motorcycle sidecar with the cops. Here is a new' wrinkle in police routine ... The day houseman at a suburban headquarters now has a new job in his 
department. He and one of the officers spend most of the morning typing numerous copies of a menu to be used by a restaurant down the street .... The cop stops in on his way to the station and picks up the original copy and then takes all the typed ones back in time for lunch at the restaurant .... And they use the municipal typewriter and ribbon too. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 22, 1933

With some 32 ships to be built, perhaps the Delaware River front wlll resound with the staccato pounding of air hammers and riveting machines once more ... The New York Shipbuilding Company ought to land at least one vessel ... And the Cramps yard over on the other side of the river is in new hands and undergoing renovations in preparation for ship building ... Moreover, to add to the local industrial boom we've heard reported that one of 
the larger Camden manufacturing plants has leased or sold one of its buildings to a nationally known food products firm which has not previously operated here..... 

A member of the Camden Elks best known as "Van" was sitting in the clubhouse the other evening when he dropped his new straw hat on the floor .... Along came Howard Ledyard, who tips the scales at something like 200 pounds ... He was about to pick up the hat for Van, but the latter jokingly said, "Don't bother; step on it" " .. We hate to tell the rest ... Howard took him at his word ... And stepped on it .. Civil war ... 

Some of the Black Horse pike boys went fishing at Reed Beach a few days ago ... Trooper Eric Hossack dressed like a fashion plate, fell overboard ... Joe Toterella and Squire Schragler of Ashland, lay on the bottom of the boat during the entire trip, interested in nothiing but dying ... But Doc Warren Pinner, of Runnemede, had all the fun , .. He felt a tug on his line, and often, during his half-hour battle to pull his haul aboard, he jubilantly told his comrades he had hooked a drumfish ... He finally managed to pull his catch, out of water ... It was the boat's anchor ... And now he intends to stick to pill chasing .... Golf .... 

Up at the Burlington county jail in Mt. Holly, a big police dog is let loose in the prison yard every night to give warning if anything unusual happens ..... But last Saturday night, instead of being loose in the yard, he was kept indoors .... That was the night Eddie (Jimmy Valentine) Adamski escaped ..... That joke about street corners formerly occupied by saloons and replaced by banks, now being occupied once more by bars, is not really a joke out in the Whitman Park section.... For a building occupied formerly by a branch bank is now a saloon ...... Fid Gordon, the well known comic fiddler, heads the Walt Whitman Theatre's vaudeville bill tomorrow and Saturday, thanks to Manager Joe Klein, who knows his stuff ... 

What artillery officer burned up plenty last Saturday when, upon arriving at his battery's destination for a weekend camp, he found his dress trousers floating around in his trunk .... Somebody had put the ice-packed coils atop his suitcase ... Although he was chased off the mound by a five-run rally Tuesday night, that young pitcher, Tully, of the Roosevelt team in the Camden Minor League seems headed for the big tent some day ..... He has some stuff on the ball ... Why do they call it Commencement Day, when it's the last day of school for the graduate? ... Maybe they mean he commences to look for work ...... The service boys are ribbing a certain Q, M. sergeant who was heard boasting (at 3 a. m.) that he was the best 
fighter in 19 states, and later saw him walking around with a 25' pound cake of ice on his head, believe it or not ... But at that, he wasn't as bad off as the officer who recently started out on an overnight trip via horseback and came back via truck .... The captain must be feeling his age ..... Speaking of horses, that young woman they call "Jerry" who dropped plenty of weight in the last several months, dropped plenty more weight last Saturday .... In fact, she dropped all 114 of her pounds on the ground when she tried to tilt a jug while riding a frisky horse.. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 26, 1933

Deputy U. S. Marshal George Winner told Don Basenfelder who in turn relayed to us the fact that there is an amusing sign in front of the Camden Stanley Theatre advertising the current photoplay .... In large letters one reads' "Hell Below" .... In smaller type on the wooden frame is the theatre's legend: "Always Comfortable and Cool" ... Which reminds Harry Beck to remind us there is a sandwich man who walks up and down Federal Street carrying a sign ... And it still advertises "Lenten Specials” .... Thanx to George Nolan, we can also report that Broadway sign which proclaims: "Shoes Shined Inside" ....

Our pride as a columnist has suffered quite a bit of deflation ... It appears that during the week before last, Jimmy (Courier-Post) Leemon married the former Charlotte Simmington at a quiet ceremony and we didn't know anything about it .... But to add to our embarrassment, Jimmy and the missus honeymooned that weekend on Eighteenth Street in Beach Arlington ... And we still didn't know anything about it .... Although we spent the same weekend directly across the street .... They are residing, if you haven't, already sent cards, at 8 Ridgeway Avenue, Oaklyn, Manor ... We know a woman down that way whose hair is strangely no longer red, but black ...

Arch Hall, who is church editor when he isn't school editor, and who is spending the Summer at Hammonton, tells us that while thumbing his way to work one morning, he saw a well-known Camden man leaving a stay-up-late rendezvous on the pike ..... And not alone, either .... 

Aside to Assemblyman Frank M. Travaline: Apologies for not attending your farewell-to-single- bliss party Saturday afternoon .... But we'll be sure to go, to the next one ... Ike Kelley is managing the Shelter Haven Hotel's marine grill at Stone Harbor ....             ,

The Gloucester cops aren't kicking their heels in unmitigated joy at the announcement that they will have two weeks' vacation with pay this Summer .... Because for the next three months, they will have one day off each week without pay .... They have been getting a day off with what it takes ... And Frank Keebler; the Gloucester cop, is plenty hot. ... Somehow, when he tried to telephone his own police headquarters the other night, the operator gave him the Camden headquarters.

.... And when he told the desk sergeant his name, that worthy retorted, "Keebler? I never heard of you!"... It was some time, with tempers sore tried, before the calls were straightened out .... 

Instead of going on one of the piers, Bill Gaffney sat on the Boardwalk last Sunday .... And enjoyed the ravages the heavy mist was causing to panama, hats, linen suits' and women's hair waves: ... In Pennsylvania, beer and wine drinkers who imbibe beverages upon which the state tax has not been paid are liable to prosecution ... "When Primo Carnera, appeared before a referee in bankruptcy yesterday he admitted he could not read English, and he was asked if he knew what a petition in bankruptcy was… "Sure, broke," replied the giant… 'Is that all you know about the nature of such a petition?" .... "Yea, no money?" grinned the fighter .... When the referee persisted, Primo elaborated, "No money at all" ....

Out in Haddonfield, the defeated organization is holding powwows as usual, just as if there hadn't been an election.... That publicity about unemployed looking after the parks is causing eyebrows to lift out in Haddonfield, for Mountwell and the vicinity is covered with picnic papers and garbage.

Camden Courier-Post - June 28, 1933

(Boy, Can I Take It!)

A $5,000,000 insurance policy, ... A prominent Philadelphia executive, ... a drowning .... Refusal for the public to see the body …. And none claiming the policy fund .... Although it's been a few years since, the exec "died" …. Ketch on? …

A Camden attorney… the state bar ethics committee investigations .... disbarment rumors .... Prominent North Jersey attorney hired to defend .... Recommendations soon. ... allez'oops ...T

The prosecutor's office ... affidavit ... charges ... A woman politician …. buying votes ….case not moved .... insufficient evidence... Maybe woman not guilty probably not .... charges anyhow, should be a story ....

Two Chicago sporting men .... visit town ... looking over Pennsauken sites…. racetrack rumored .... Horse ... And if they'll amend the law ... Dogs…Business better .... Plenty taxes ….

Big Shot politicians…. former intimates .... arguments … both want leadership .... open break soon .... Plenty dirt ... This one shouldn't be hard to get. ...

"Vince" Martino's Sportland at Wildwood .... Where the original entertainment has startled, even the waves ...


The cafe in town that, catered to ·more than,. a hundred persons last Sunday ... :The Blonde in the Fifth ward who is down now (but who was once "the toast of the town” .... A recent gangland shooting (with a Camden man a central figure) which never reached the public prints .... until now .... The new racket boss named Langie [Abner “Longy” Zwillman- PMC] .... who has the boys around Newark puttin' it on the line .... And his threatened invasion of South Jersey ... The Movie Queen who is his Gal ... She's platinum .... hair and jewels ... The former King of Philadelphia's underworld who is broke… And could use a couple of Grand just now ... The Annie Oakley's at the recent opening of a 'new spot. …. who wouldn't come back when they learned the brew cost 15 cents for six ounces .... Francis and Mike makin' eyes... A man who signs his name W. Edge recently purchased a piece of ground in Haddonfield ... And right away all of us smart (?) fellas thought Walter Edge was about to 'edge' into Camden county politics .... Have you heard the latest on "I Cover the Waterfront" .... Get your baby to tell you .. "Vas you dere Vic Scharle" has fallen' down on a promise .... five leaves off his orchard.: .. Joe Wells has a new job now .... He’s gonna cut the grass for all his new neighbors in Pennsauken ... But there goes Fitz out on another story .... Probably going to stand up on the 'Camden bridge watching for the crossing of Washington.

Camden Courier-Post - June 29, 1933

(Boy, Can I Take It!)

Several Camden High School alumni have asked what little help we can give .... To correct what is either an error or a. very mystifying circumstance .... We refer to the transfer of Miss Ruth M. Keller from the senior high school .... Where she has taught Latin for some 20 years .... She is a Fellow of the University of Chicago, and is now working for her doctor's degree at Penn .... She is a comparative philologist and specializes in the ancient languages .... Latin and its dialects .. She studied not only in this country, but abroad . . .. . At the American schools in Athens and Rome .... And is an expert at Sanskrit. ... With all of this training, experience. and culture, it appears that she is well qualified for a post she has held for two decades .... But yet the powers that be have transferred her to teach 7B in one of the grade schools! .... Where all of this adeptness, at the language's will be wasted on spelling, geography, and practically everything but the ancient languages." ... So now her many, many former students are being appealed to by her friends to inquire into the whys and wherefores ,of such an amazing tactic…And to bring 'pressure to right it.             .

Which brings to mind the case of the Collingswood teacher, a veteran and one of the most reliable in the system…. Who has just been eased out…. She was suspended and they kept it under cover .... They. fooled the newspapers with two or three stories .... And finally said that /the teacher in question had been reinstated .... The teacher, who was sporting, refused to kick, in public, about the treatment she got .... And now it develops she wasn't reinstated at all, but was given no contract to return in the Fall ...

Carlton "Cy" Harris' friends are endeavoring to figure out whether his injury his embarrassment is the more painful. ... Cy, who is superintendent of city parks or has some such job as that, was overseeing the work of clearing around trees in public, property, ... And decided to demonstrate ·to his workmen how to do the job with, the least personal peril. .... Therefore, he illustrated his safety-first device by going into action .... And. nearly tearing off his thumb between a tree and a chain, ..

Eddie Adamski, the escaped Mt. Holly jailbird, is hiding in the wilds near Tamaqua, Pa., according to the state troopers up there .... They expect to lay their hands on him any day .... And make him talk .... That well-known artillery communications officer who started out on a 3.2 reconnaissance ride: is still hearing things because his reel cart (that's no pun, either) took the armory door with it. ... As long as we brought up the subject of the service boys, what North Camden executive officer came home last Sunday night from a carpenters' outing?...At least it must have been that, because he was all plastered .... And didn't even see his wife's guests .... But even so, he wasn't as. bad off as the two-stripe officer who goes out on horse rides Sundays and can't show up at work on Monday ...... . Tabloid tale .... Joe Lucas, mayor of Gibbsboro, taking a bath .... Two women entering his home to ask for beer licenses .... Joe finishing his bath .... Donning a bathrobe ... And stalking out, unaware of the ladies' presence .... Subdued mirth, giggles and red face .... Epilogue ... "They got the licenses., .. And Joe is wondering how we found out about his one embarrassing moment..

Camden Courier-Post - February 5, 1938

The way some of the members of the Camden County Republican Committee are behaving these days, the Democrats can stay home on their own meeting nights .... The Republicans are doing their work for them .... Now some 70 of the Republican committeemen have signed a petition to give Baird a job that won't pay him anything.... It's about time they're giving him something .... They took the U. S. Senatorship away from him .... Moore took the governorship away from him .... Woodruff took the state committeeship away from him .... The New Deal took the city commission away from him .... The New Deal took the freeholders away from him:.:. Somebody always is taking something away from Baird ....

It isn't a question of Baird's ability to fill the bridge job .... The only one to even mention that as an issue was Fred von Nieda .... He's a city commissioner, you know .... It's a matter of principle .... At least, that is what Florence Baker, state com­mitteewoman, says .... Mrs. Baker is telling Senator, Clee and others at Trenton that they owe it to Baird to support him for the job because he has always helped Clee ...Let's, in all fairness to Baird, look at the record .... In the primary, during an address at the First Ward Republican Club, Dave Baird stated he was for Cliff Powell against Clee .... Mrs. Baker did not come out against Clee .... She didn't come out against Powell. Instead, she said she was neutral. In the general election, Mrs. Baker said she was for Clee. Baird never said he was for Clee. (If he had, Clee's majority of 35,000 would have gone to Moore) ....

So we don't think that Mrs. Baker is very convincing when she tells Clee that Baird helped Clee .... She said that the Camden county legislative delegation helped Clee's program against Hoffman. Was Baird a Democrat last year? Sheehan, Roye and Lodge were .... Burling was a Republican, and helped Clee, but he is not for Baird. Perhaps it was because Baird "helped" Clee's program against Hoffman opposition, that Hoffman slipped in Baird's appointment without the knowledge of Burling or the state or county committee members .... Mrs. Baker stated at a banquet that she has copies of the Courier-Post in 1931 in which Baird was praised for his bridge work .... If anyone cares to look at our files, we will show what Mrs. Baker said about Baird in the neighborhood of 1931. ... Or what we said about Baird at other times .... Also what Mr. van Nieda and Frank Travaline said.

But enough ado about nothing .... All we've done is talked about Baird when it had been our plan instead to talk about politics.

* * *

The political ax is hanging over the head of a Mt. Ephraim official on the charge he is assuming too much authority ..... The political ax hanging over the heads of the Delaware township cops is about to be enmeshed in litigation .... One of the policeman is a member of the P.B.A. which will carry his fight into court in a case that will be a precedent for the other township cops, too .... Herb Taylor will be county engineer if it goes to a Republican .... It may be a Democrat however, and newest among the candidates, on that side of the ledger is former City Commissioner Carroll P. Sherwood .... There may be only one assistant county solicitor instead of two in which case it will probably go to Carleton Rowand, city school board member .... 

By the way, don't, be surprised if under the new contract between the city and county on maintenance of the City Hall, the city takes full control of the building with consent of the county ... Which will be tough on some of the county jobholders ...* * *.

Assemblyman Allen now denies he wants all us newspaper fellers to go to the guillotine ... He says he meant lawyers ... Charlie Humes wants to be guillotined ... Standing up ... Incidentally, Charlie is defending his last-place position in the ping-pong league tonight… Firefighter Lennox went to church the other day… And found the roof braced up. When will the borough of Merchantville fix up that dangerous hole in Browning road at the railroad tracks north of Maple Avenue? ... Or is that in the township?

Whenever the state police want Detective Wojtkowiak at the prosecutor's office, ·they ask for "Sergeant Watchyourcoatandhat" … The Mt. Ephraim commissioners are going to buy a police car for their chief ... He's also in for a pay rise ... Bellmawr's chief of police won't get the salary increase he wants, but he will get an additional allowance for the use of his car ... Runnemede's two new cops will also get pay increases …

The other day an alarm was sent to every police department in the county and also to the Philadelphia cops that a car had been stolen in Audubon ... The culprit is glad no cops saw him ... He was none other than a police official who wanted to borrow a storekeeper's car but took the wrong one by mistake ... His face is almost as red as Vince (deP) Costello's ... At the K. of C. roller skating exhibition the other night, Luke McKenna did a few fancy turns ... Vince recalled he, too, had been pretty good at one time, so he essayed to show his friends ... His intentions were better than his legs, and a couple of well-­wishers followed him around the floor with a stretcher.

This all happened quietly The Runnemede police received a complaint from two storekeepers ... It appears that a group of high school students from another town had stopped off at Runnemede to purchase some cakes ... Several other articles disappeared from the stores ... A few days later the dean of the high school went to Runnemede paid one shopkeeper $10 and the other $2.60 ... Representing the goods they said were taken ...

Aside to that clairvoyant weakly editor who reported yesterday that Joe Van Meter is going to be the Republican nominee for sheriff: A sheriff cannot succeed himself in New Jersey ... Silvio Fittipaldi, former Haddon Heights High star, is a veterinarian and doing nicely ... A Philadelphia college professor who lives in Pennsauken uses his spare time writing a book ... Home by 4.30 p.m. from work, he retires at 8 p.m., rises at 3.30 a.m., writes for four hours, breakfasts and goes to work ... The Playcrafters are busy rehearsing "Post Road" for Feb. 18 and 19 ... A warrant is in the mails for a suburban doctor ... Illegal operation ... Fred Homer. Merchantville song-bird, had an audition in New York recently before the Metropolitan Opera Audition Committee ... What Collingswood shopkeeper's missus is having trouble getting a costume for a minstrel show? ... They're still looking for better buses on Route 14 ...

Carlton Rowand told this one at a dinner the other night… The foreman on a western WPA job wired Farley for more materials to finish the job ... "We need 2000 shovels in a hurry," the foreman wired ..."We ran out of shovels," replied Farley. "Let the men lean on each other."

Camden Courier-Post - February 12, 1938

IT takes no crystal gazer to know that former U. S. Senator W. Warren Barbour hopes to get the Republican senatorial nomination without opposition.. .So far no opposition has bloomed, but efforts are being made to get Robert Johnson, New Brunswick manufacturer who backed Glee, into the primary battle ...Unless the feeling against John Milton subsides, the Democrats will be hard put to find a suitable candidate for the job, unless they figure anybody can beat Barbour...

Put down a little bet that both new members of the county election board will be suburbanites. ..In fact, from adjoining municipalities. ..You might also safely say that when the Democrats name the new county solicitor (Vincent Gallaher), the coalition Republicans will name Cooper Brown, of Collingswood, as assistant solicitor... In spite of his visits to Jersey City, Prosecutor Samuel P. Orlando stands an excellent chance of not being reappointed. His successor, at this time, appears to be E. George Aaron, also a Democrat, but a Brunner Democrat .. .The Pennsauken Republican Women's Club will on next Tuesday have a speaker whose topic will be, "How to Be Happy and Contented Though a Republican". ..A lot of the boys in these here parts ought to go there and listen...
Former Mayor Victor King probably will be a candidate for City Commission in 1939.. Likewise for Morris Clyman, member of the Board of Assessors.. .Matt Van Istendal is being boomed as the new Republican leader of Collingswood as well as candidate for Assembly.. .So is Ed Marker of Haddon township (for Assembly).. .Both are good candidates ...

Henry Aitken, No. 1 coal wagon chaser, tried to get Commissioner von Nieda on the bridge commission until Hoffman slipped Baird in...Has the Baird boom gone boom?...That suburban handbill publisher printed that the next time Surrogate Hanna runs for public office it'll be city commissioner instead of a county post because he is weak in the suburbs... The last time Frank Hanna ran, it was for State committee, and he ran ahead of his running mate in every county municipality.

Which reminds us that another editor (?) of a weakly newspaper published the forecast last week that Sheriff Joe Van Meter would be the next candidate for sheriff. ..Yesterday the same public misinformer declared he knew all along that a sheriff cannot succeed himself and that what he meant to say was that Joe would run for Congress, the "sheriff" being a typographical error ...The best you can say for those two editors (?) is that they are very apt in printing inaccurate stories of things that do not happen...

Incidentally, those weakly newspapers which frenziedly change sides in political scraps after the winners have been announced just for the purpose of getting revenue, are worried about a court decision made recently at Elyria, Ohio...Six sales of foreclosed property were set aside by Judges D. A. Cook and Guy B. Findley because they were advertised in "weekly give-away" publications ...Said the judges: "A search of the authorities disclosed no case in which a hand-out and give-away sheet has been deemed a newspaper of general circulation."

* * *

DOWN at the Lakeland farm the help cut down the hay in January and didn't put it in the barn until Feb. 2...It should have been harvested last Fall... That anti-saloon fight in the Eleventh ward is about to break out anew... After ousting the saloonkeeper at Thirty-fourth and Westfield, they are circulating petitions to prevent him from transferring his license to any other spot on Westfield avenue.. .The Victor Scharles (he is the amiable registrar at the county election board offices) are getting ready to pass around the cigars...

When the faithful and loyal threw that birthday party to Harold Hoffman in New York the other night, Paul Wendel happened to be in the same hotel...They didn't meet...The "numbers raid" in Merchantville is another attribute to Chief Bill Linderman and his on-the-toes police department.. The irony of it, however, can't pass notice...The pinch was made within a few blocks of Justice Lloyd, who before his recent retirement caustically criticized numbers and other gambling racket elsewhere...

By the bye, there was no end of excitement in Merchantville the other evening when constables, after considerable ado, levied on the furniture in one of the fashionable suburb's show places... When will somebody renew the lights on the minute hand on the west face of the City Hall tower clock?.. .Mrs. Madeline Salvatore, former county committeewoman from the Fifth ward, is a grandmother again...Her daughter, Jeanne (wife of Dr. Anthony Di Marino, of Paulsboro, and former secretary to Lou Hoffman at the city tax office) gave birth to a girl, Tonia, at the West Jersey the other day.

* * * * * *

A REAL ESTATE friend of ours called at a house to collect rent from the tenant, and tells us of a new low.. .The tenant complained something like this: "I'm out of work, I've sent my wife and two children back to the wife's family, and if things don't break right for me pretty soon I guess I'll have to get rid of my car".. .Speaking of cars, Charlie Powell (retail stamp window at the post office) who has one of the first cars made, got through the auto inspection...

Sgt. Dewey Parker and Special Officer Joseph Siddone are animal lovers...But only up to a certain point...They found a rabbit lying dazed near the Audubon High School this week and solicitously put it in the rear seat...When Brer Cottontail regained consciousness, he bit and scratched Siddone so badly that the cop later had to go to a doctor... That bunny must be laying for an innocent fox somewhere (he escaped from the car after overpowering the two officers)...

The publicity man for a certain cement trust should be a little more careful about mailing notations on letters he writes for other folks... The letter he wrote for Stan Bleakly had the notation: "Stanley: Please send this off if O.K.".. .Stanley thought it was okay and sent it off ...But forgot to erase the note, Larry... 

The new edition of the Who's Who in America Jewry" lists eight residents of Camden among the 10,140 Jewish notables in Camden, to wit: Bernard Bertman, A. M. Ellis, Dr. Hyman Goldstein, I. B. Levine, Herman Natal, Rabbi N. H. J. Riff, Leon H. Rose and Samuel Shane.

Camden Courier-Post - February 19, 1938

David Baird Jr. - Harry Ecky - William Lehman - Samuel P. Orlando - Albert S. Woodruff
Emma Hyland - Marie V. Kelley Verdiglione - Sol Polkowitz - William "Dutch" Kinsler
Charley Humes - Chinny Weber - Beatrice DiGiuseppe - Pasquale Ianuzzi - Pine Street
Mrs. Kathryn Sheeran - Walter Fallon - John Branin - B.R. McLaughlin

Camden Courier-Post * February 26, 1938

THE Guy named Joe dropped around this afternoon (Friday) to tell us the latest about Farmer Baird's campaign to reward one of his most faithful followers by taking his job away from him ... The Guy named Joe is the fellow who supplies columnists with most of the "inside stuff" by which they fondly hope to amaze readers (if any). ... At various times he is a county jobholder, a judge, a senator, a waiter, a county officer, a bus driver and a fellow newspaperman .... He gives tips to other columnists, too, like Charlie Humes, and Funnies Fitz, and some weakly editors (?), but he assures us that he saves the best for us .... 

So the GUY named Joe tells us this with every confidence that knows whereof he speaks .... This time ... "Mr. A, a friend of mine, just met Otto Braun: You know Otto Braun. He used to be City Clerk until the New Deal. Well, Otto was a faithful supporter of Dave Baird. You remember Dave, of course. Well, Dave is going to reward Otto's years of service to the Baird machine, question mark, by giving Otto a job. That's one thing you can say for Dave; he believes in helping those who help him. So He's going' to give Otto Braun the registrar's job held down by Harry Ecky., That's some reward, if you know from what side to look at it. Of course, Harry has been a faithful Baird supporter, too. Just as long as Braun has. So maybe we're wrong about Dave. Maybe. 

"You might ask me where I got hold of this. Well, Otto told it to our friend Mr. A. Otto also told Mr. A. that he has the support of Mrs. Florence Baker. You know her, too. She'll get her reward for fidelity to Baird, too. Probably when Mrs. Mary Tegge gets her reward. 

"But Mr. A. hustled right off to Harry Ecky, and Harry called Mrs. Baker to see if it were true. And Mrs. Baker indignantly insisted she is for Harry Ecky. 

"So there you are. Maybe Mr. A. is wrong. Maybe Otto Braun won't get Harry Ecky's job. Maybe Bill Lehman will. And again, Maybe." 

* * * 

THE Guy named Joe also tells us on the best of authority that all these reports, which apparently are parent to the wish, about Sheriff Joe Van Meter going to run against Congressman Charlie Wolverton are all wet .... Van Meter positively will NOT run against Wolverton, who is going to be a candidate to succeed himself .... But Joe WILL be a candidate for the combined job of county clerk and register of 
deeds in 1940.

Farmer Baird is trying to make something of Freeholder Bart's contention that it costs $1.65 to produce a dozen eggs at the county farms .... Will Farmer Baird tell us, as a noted breeder of stock, how much it costs the county to by milk for the county institutions?' ... And why? . 

* * *

UNDER election laws, the naming of members to county election boards is quite simple .... In each county, the state committee members and county chairman for each party recommends a name to the state chairman .... The state chairman APPOINTS the county board members and sends their names to the governor merely for commissioning .... The governor has no choice but to issue commissions to the state chairman's appointees, provided the names of those appointees are in the governor's hands before March 1 .... Former Governor Hoffman (Boy, doesn't that sound good!) once ignored State Chairman Jeffers' appointments and made his own on the plea that he didn't receive the names before the deadline .... 

Governor Moore has this year's appointments this week from State Chairman Clayton Freeman ... But don't be surprised if Governor Moore refuses to recognize Freeman' as the appointing authority and instead, interferes with Republican factionalism on behalf of Hoffman, .. By the bye, the Guy Named Joe tells us that Freeman absolutely gave George Walton's (Haddonfield) name to Governor Moore as the successor to Bill King ... And when the Democratic list of appointees is given to Moore, the successor to Charles Clark on the county election board will be John Trainor of Haddon township ... 

Burlington county Republicans are puzzled, and plenty disgusted, with Cliff Powell's pro-Hague attitude ... If Cliff thinks that Hague and Hoffman will help him in his 1940 drive for Governor, he's all wet, and his own county is going to tell him so ... Hoffman has told everybody who will listen that he himself intends to run for Governor again in 1940 ... And South Jersey Democrats are excited about the reports that Damon and Pythias are no longer the best of friends ... 

We mean that Johnny Malone is sore because Frank Hague went South and left Johnny holding the bag during all the election probe fuss ... Malone is a pretty smart politician, having learned a great deal as Second Boss Man of Jersey City, and if he definitely breaks with Hague, he'll find plenty of support in this end of the State .. We also hear that House Speaker Pascoe won't run against Senate President Loizeaux for the Union county senatorial Republican nomination, after all ... He will be given a congressional vacancy (that doesn't exist yet but will when another judgeship is handed out) and will run for the next full term of Congressman ... Newark papers may copy.  ..... 

BILL GOTSHALK, former assistant prosecutor and Fall Guy for the ridiculous councilmaniac bust, told the folks at a service club luncheon this week that he doesn't see why such columns as Humes' and Fitz' are published … What are you afraid of, Bill? .. Aside to Frank Stetser: Define the word "Communicate" ... The Daly team should and will walk off with first prize in the dart tourney ... 

Prosecutor Howard Eastwood and County Detective Cliff Cain, of Burlington county, are in Florida trying to extradite a man under indictment on illicit liquor charges, but they're probably secretly thanking him ... For being pinched in such a nice place as Florida at such a time of the year ... Mrs. Elvina Carson, of Paulsboro, claims to be one of the youngest grandmothers in the country, .. Her first great-grandchild was born when Mrs. Carson was 53 ... 

Recommended for your diversion: "Happy Landing," the Savar fillum ... "Brother Rat" the Locust stage attraction ... Millard Allen sitting to one side and refusing to speak to his two fellow Camden Assemblymen ... A glass of Camden bock ... Charlie Humes trying to get out of the ping pong league cellar ... Any of the Duseks against any of their opponents. 

Community News - August 25, 1938

Newspaper Editor Will Revamp Former Hollywood Inn for Residence

The property formerly operated as Hollywood Inn, on Moorestown Pike opposite Colwick, was sold at public sale by Pennsauken Township, Monday. It was purchased by James M. and Evelyn O’Neill, of 6718 Collins avenue. O’Neill is city editor of the Camden Evening Courier.

The property was sold for $2,250. The sale was confirmed by township committee Monday night. The place had been seized for taxes. According to Township Solicitor Thomas F. Salter, O’Neill will improve the place and use it as a dwelling. The original part of the brick building is more than 50 years old and probably 100. It had a barroom nearly 50 years ago, operated by a Maple Shade resident. That was after the farm upon which it stood was purchased by L. Horning, a Philadelphia photographer, who endeavored to turn the farm into suburban homesites.

Horning erected several houses, and at the same time opened an excursion park in the woods across the railroad, now part of Iron Rock Country Club. In the park was a “medicinal” spring. This was later purchased by a company that sold its water under the name of Ypsylinti Spring Water..

Camden Courier-Post * February 4, 1939
Frank J. Hartmann Jr.
George Brunner
Mary Kobus
Edward Kelleher
Irving Levinsky
Sidney P. McCord


Albert S. Woodruff - William Lehman - Charles Swing - Farragut Yacht Club - Frank Van Never
Herbert Baxter Sr. - Engine Company 8 - John Peterson - Engine Company 11
E. Heulings Antrim - Elmer Lee Hettrick - Walter J. Beer - York Street
Samuel P. Orlando - Isaac Eason - Patrick Harding - Thomas Madden
John G. "Jack" McDougall - Mac's Bar

Cramer School - William Reed - Grace Cummings Reed - Mickle Street
Public Service Post No. 231, Americn Legion - Dr. Richard Cramer - Federal Street

Camden Courier-Post - July 5, 1941

Feed Bag: Former Judge Joseph Varbalow will soon announce he has purchased the Towers and Broadway Theatres from the Ellis family ... Circuit Court Judge V. Claude Palmer will probably file his decision today in the fraud charges made by the Republican League against the election of Freeholders Ciechanowski and Francesconi ... Since Judge Palmer told the Democratic attorney, Alex Feinberg, that Feinberg must complete his entire case in a half a day "because, frankly, 1 don't see what answer you can make to this testimony," you can draw your own conclusions about what the decision will be ... Incidentally, Judge Palmer will take a plane July 12 for a vacation at Calgary in the Canadian Rockies ... The name of Walter Uliase, Seventh ward Democrat, has been withdrawn from powwows on appointments to the county tax board, .. Senator Al Driscoll was willing to okay Joe Ackroyd, Democrat, as successor on the board to Fred Schorpp, whose term expired a few weeks ago, .. The Republicans are said to have figured that in that way, they could hold Victor King on the board awhile longer, even though his term expired more than a year ago ... Lee Smith, former WPA director; is still a possibility for the tax board job ... The Democrats are holding frequent conferences on who the assistant prosecutor shall be ... Police Judge Gene R, Mariano, a strong contender, has reportedly been dropped with Ben Dzick, Tony Mitchell, Charlie Rudd and the Kraft boys still in the running ... Police court habitues believe that Gene himself announced indirectly that he had been eliminated when he said from the bench, while hearing a case, "Lady, you'll find that even your best friends sometimes stab you in the back. I found that out myself only 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon" ... That was on Thursday ... Mayor George Brunner told the dept that our guess was still I as good his, so that leaves Ben Dzick still with the fence position in the race ... Mariano may be considered for the $5000 State job as sealer of weights and measures ... At the end of each fiscal year an efficiency report on every army officer is made by his immediate superior and sent to the War Department ... Along the way, the report may undergo some changes if other superior officers also have I some information that must be considered ... In Washington, the report is combed thoroughly and if it is believed an officer is not doing a good job, he is given an opportunity to resign or he transferred to another outfit... The theory is that an officer may be incompetent in one capacity but may do a good job somewhere else, ... This is all a prelude to a tip that the brass hats at Washington have recommended transfers for 111 officers of the 114th Infantry.


Miscellany: Neil F. Deighan, the saloonman who led the opposition to a legislative bill which proposed that liquor manufacturers and wholesalers be prevented from selling goods to any retailer who owed them money and that all purchases be made with cash or quick payment credit plan (the bill will die in committee), is having his troubles with some wholesalers ... Suits have been filed against Deighan and the Old Mill Inn, Inc., by Galsworthy, Inc., for $1713.51 plus interest; Joseph A. Reinfeld, Inc., for $1366.43 plus interest, and Majestic Wines and Spirits, Inc., for $1579.80 plus interest ... The suits are in the New Jersey Supreme Court and allegedly represent unpaid balances of liquor bills ... Tom Dickinson, courthouse custodian, is wearing a bright red face these days because the missus sent him to the store the other night for some sandwich meat for their guest……  Because of a similarity of trade names, Tom returned home with a package ... Of razor blades ... The new office of Bishop Eustace may be established at the old Rodger homestead at 721 Cooper street ... Dick Prickett, the popular old Sewell Clubber, is vacationing at New Haven, Connecticut … Dick Cranmer, East Camden tooth filler, has been ordered to active duty with the naval reserves and, may leave July 15 for Labrador ... Orchids for seven-year-old Sally Knorr, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Edward Knorr of Haddon Heights ...  She was so impressed over conversations at home about funds for defense and war relief, that she summoned her chum, Eleanor Chicle, and gathered their toys, which they sold among their playmates ... They turned over to Mrs. Charles Van Fossen, of the Women's Club Committee on Defense and War Relief, the sum of 37 cents ... Jean Deckman, formerly of Camden, recently graduated from Trenton High School and copped a scholarship ... Tony of the Black Horse Farms may retire from the liquor business and devote all his time to his building developments ... Mike, Third Street's Oscar of the Waldorf, has a new bagatelle machine ... Huzzah! ... (About time) ... Vice Chancellor Al Woodruff has left for Chile and some deep sea fishing.

* * *

Ether: PM reports that on Tuesday afternoon, the Brooklyn Dodgers had to win to stay in first place. The Phillies had them tied at 4-4, with two out in the 1ast half of the ninth, Brooklyn at bat. Two Dodgers were on base; and Cookie Lavagetto (batting .317) was at the plate. Fans tuned in to station WOR were tensely listening to Red Barber's dramatic report of the game. 

"Ball one," yelled Red. "Strike one . , . Ball two … Ball three… .. Strike two… Here's the pitch!….”

The clock hand leaped to 5:45 p.m.  and the radios tuned in to WOR suddenly blared out "Captain Midnight ... "

Alas, Cap'n Midnight didn't tell what the pitch was .. The next day's sporting columns informed the WOR listeners that the Phillies won out in the tenth.


Amusements: For that cooling­-off swim: Airport Pool ... For a satisfactory glimpse of moviedom's newest oomph ambassadress, Veronica Lake ... the Stanley Theatre with "I Wanted Wings" …. For circus acts, Clementon Park ... For stage show, the Towers Theatre ... For a quick cooling-off during lunch hour… the lobby of the Savar  ... For Dinah Shore, Sammy Kaye and Benny Goodman, the Steel Pier ... For Sally Rand and Tony Pastor, Hamid's Million Dollar Pier … For nifty music, the Hill Top Inn … for magic, Syd Golden at the Hof Brau.. 

Camden Courier-Post - July 26, 1941

Ed Sackett - Carl Dukes - Bruce Wallace - Edward Garrity - W. George Roundey
Ed Martin - Charlie Humes - Victor Scharle - Mary Scharle - James R. Epperly
Oscar Magnuson - Bill" Pretzels" McCloskey - Bob Erata - Tom Kenney
Walt Leach - John Morgan - Jack Bateman - Syd Golden
Thirteenth Ward Republican Club - Princess Avenue - Mechanic Street

Camden Courier-Post - June 5, 1948

Edward Garrity


Edward Myers


Charlie Humes - Charles L. Running - Eddie Lee - Frank "Hap" Farley - Kenney's


Ralph Githens - Benjamin Dzick - Elizabeth Miller




Camden Board of Education - 1955
Around the Table:

Victor Levinson
James O'Neill
May A. Jones
John J. Horn
Samuel T. French Jr.
Joseph C. Ragone
Alfred R. Pierce
Harry R. Janice
J. Maxwell Griffin
Eugene E. Wales
John Odorisio
Dr. Leon Neulen

Veterans Boxing Association Ring 6
11th Annual Banquet - April 20, 1959

1931 127lbs
Dick Graminga, Charles Humes 
and Tony Georgette-Managers
Eddie Prince, Lew Sparks
and Jack Blackburn-Trainers

Joseph Grochowski
Al Bunker
Ed Kaszycki
Andy Friday
John Skiba
John Dombrowski
Walter Szalanski
Nick Pawlak
Wm. O'Brien
Bill Neil
Wm. Schultz
Tom Scarduzio
Peter Paull
Barney Tracey
Dave Hainsworth
Walter Zimolong
Edward Shapiro
Thomas McLaughlin
John Opfer

Joey Powell's Well-Wishers 
Sergeant Ray Smith

Vallie Francesconi
Tom Ryan
Leon Lucas
Jesse Urban
Bobbie Zimmerman
Joe (Kid) Murphy
Pee Wee Wilson
Jackie Gleason
Joe Vitarelli
Al Daley
Frankie Youker
Joe McEvoy
Frank Valenti
Jim McFadden
Charles Bauer
George Ballantine
James O'Neill
Dorothy Dougherty
Agnes McHenry
Vicky Dangler
Francis Souders
Loretta and Reds
Roger Cotton
Leon McCarthy
Kenneth Geitz
Joe Daubman
Norman Jacobson
Nick Colofrancisco
Chris Rago
Charles Myers
Ray Cohand
Paul Harduk
Charles Wells
Carl Stolinski
Walter Wilson
Steve Straub
Charley Kmiec
Jimmy Tyler
Joe Dorfy
William Vogel
John Campbell

Steve O'Keefe
Sam Laird
Ed Rickter
Don Cragin
John Odorisio
Michael Przywara
Walter Paleszewski
Watson Burdalski
Stanley Snajkowski
Frank Drabik
John P. Kawczak
Frank Kulesa
Steve Kirby
James R. Asher
Polack Tony
Stephen Yakopczyna
Helen and Chick
Don Wilson
James Monaghan
George Carr
Bill Jentsch
John Greenan
Charles Galasso
Don's Barber Shop
Joe Shaw
Ben Gutowski
Tom Bristow
Joseph Stelmach
Leon Hood
George Saunders
Mike Borman
Anthony Cirelli
Bob Hardy
Frank Hardy
Benny DePalma
Frank Padulla
Mike Yack
Stanley Powell
George Kroecker
A Friend
The Fox

Tom Fish

Camden Courier-Post * November 12, 1970

Camden Courier-Post
November 12, 1970