Harvey Flitcraft


HARVEY FLITCRAFT born in 1862 to George and Joanna Flitcraft in Pilesgrove Township, Salem County NJ. George Flitcraft was a farm worker, and by the time of the 1880 census Harvey and older brother Wilmer were both working on the farm as well. The two brothers left the farm, and by 1887 Wilmer Flitcraft had established his grocery business at  at 501 South 3rd Street, the corner of South 3rd Street and Berkeley Street. Harvey Flitcraft was working for his brother. The 1888-1889 and 1890-1891 Directories show that Harvey Flitcraft had established his own grocery store at the southwest corner of West Street and Clinton Street, and that he lived there as well. 

Harvey Flitcraft was one of the pioneer movie theater owners in Camden NJ.   From 1905 until his death in 1913. Harvey Flitcraft operated at various times three different theaters in Camden at different locations on Broadway, known as the Casino, the Royal, and Fairyland. He owned a home in the latter part of his life at 558 Washington Street, but was residing at 942 Newton Avenue at the time of his death.

Harvey Flitcraft was survived by his wife Elizabeth, a daughter, and a son, Emmor W.H. Flitcraft, of Haddonfield NJ, and his brother Wilmer, who had moved back to Pilesgrove by 1920. He was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden. Elizabeth Flitcraft passed away in 1935.

Philadelphia Inquirer * February 11, 1890


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February 5, 1913

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