FRANK C. CARLE appears to have been born in Bridgeton NJ around 1878 to William and Lizzie Carle. In 1921 he became a member of the Camden Police Department. At the time of the 1930 Census, he made his home at the corner of 339 North Eighth, the corner of North Eighth and Linden Streets. His mother, brother William, and sister Elizabeth lived around the corner, at 728 Linden Street, Elizabeth being the wife of James J. Daly, who owned and operated Daly's Cafe at 800 Linden Street. Another sister, Mrs. Mary Kelley, lived at 333 North Eighth, and two other sisters, Mrs. Rose Martin and Mrs. Clara Bennett, lived in the area. The 1930 census states that Frank Carle was living with his wife Lillian, a nephew, Clarence Barnes, and also rented rooms to two boarders.

Frank C. Carle served as a member of the Camden Police Department until stricken by a paralyzing disease (a stroke, polio or ALS) on October 15, 1940. He applied for his disability pension on November 30, after 19 years and three months on the force. Officer Carle passed away on December 3, 1940. He was buried at Calvary Cemetery in what was then Delaware Township (present day Cherry Hill) NJ. He was survived by his widow, Mrs. Hannah Carle, his mother, brother, and sisters. 

Camden Daily Courier
February 25, 1908

Anson Kelley - Harry Carle
Henry Gogel - Frank Carle
William Carle - James Daly
Charles Bennett - Bertie Stine
Rose Carle -Maud Bennett
Clara Bennett - Willie Carle
Victor Bennett

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 28, 1922

Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - John Brothers
Harry Stowe - Morris Steelman
Raymond Stark - Adrain Bateman
Samuel Bakley - John Schuman
Camillus Appley -
Frank Carle

Camden Evening Courier - December 13, 1930


Lawrence T. Doran - Charles V. Dickinson - Clifford A. Baldwin - Walter Mattison
Howard Smith - George A. Ward - Jeff Kay - Alfred Shires - Harry Kyler
Archie Riess -
Walter Smith - Harry Cattell - Earl Rider - Charles F. Smith
Charles H. Smith -
John Toal - John Taylor - Frank Carle - Oscar Thompson
Highland Worsted Mills
- North Camden - State Street 
Moore Street - Chestnut Street

Camden Courier-Post
October 22, 1937

Anson Kelley
Harry Carle
Frank Carle
William Carle



December 4, 1940