Hurley Sr.


ALBERT C. HURLEY was born January 7, 1890, in Camden. After attending Catholic schools in Camden and graduating from St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia, he worked at the New York Shipbuilding Corporation in Camden for five years.

In February of 1923 he opened a new car dealership at 2182 Federal Street in East Camden, where he sold the cars mad by the Velie Motots Corporation of Moline IL. 

The Velie Motors Corporation became a leader in quality, not size. Today the Velie is remembered only by automobile buffs, but in its day it was prized for its combination of quality and low price. In 1922 the U.S. Navy Dept. in New York tested 76 foreign and domestic cars. Its goal was to select the best features of automobiles motors for the adaptation to aircraft. Only eight passed the test. Duesenberg, Fiat, Packard, Brewster, Hispano-Suiza, Isotta-Fraschini and the Velie. For the first six years the Velies were advertised in the John Deere catalogue.

Velies were made from 1908 to 1928. Willard Velie died on Oct.24, 1928. His son closed the Velie factory in Nov. he said "that he could not run the Velie plant and the aircraft plant, at the same time".


South Jersey, A History 1624-1924

ALBERT CHARLES HURLEY—The automobile business has proven a successful venture for Mr. Hurley, whose Camden headquarters for his county agency are accounted among the best equipped of any in this part of the State; and its proprietor's up-to-date policies and methods have won for him a large patronage that is in quest of present-day procedure in his line of business. Camden's interests in all business and civic activities are first in Mr. Hurley's consideration, and he has the esteem of his fellow-citizens for his sound business principles and enterprise and his loyalty to the affairs of his native city. He is the son of John F. Hurley, who is a salesman, and who has served as Democratic committeeman, and of Clara L. Hurley, both of whom, reside in Collingswood.

Albert Charles Hurley was born January 7, 1890, in Camden, where he attended the parochial schools, afterwards graduating at St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia. Mr. Hurley was employed by the New York Shipbuilding Corporation as assistant cashier until February, 1923, when he established his present business at No. 2182 Federal Street, in Camden, having the county agency for the Velie automobile. It was while he was still with the New York concern that he first gave attention to the automobile enterprise; and as the business prospects expanded, he decided to give his entire attention thereto.

He is a member of the Manufacturers' Association of Trenton, and of the Camden Association of Trenton. He is a communicant of SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, in Camden.

Albert C. Hurley married, February 11, 1912, Daisie May Quicksall, daughter of Joseph Quicksall, who was born in 1844, and of Linda Quicksall; and they are the parents of Albert C., Jr., who was born June 27, 1915.