WILLIAM C. WOODFALL was born in Pennsylvania to Thomas and Rebecca Woodfall in December of 1848. The Woodfall family was living in Philadelphia when the Census was taken in 1860.

On February 16, 1864 William C. Woodfall enlisted as a Private in Company K, 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery Regiment. This unit received a great number of recruits, William Woodfall being among them, early in 1864 and was temporarily divided into two regiments, both attached to the Ninth Corps, which participated in the Wilderness campaign, fighting at Spottsylvania and Cold Harbor. The original regiment joined the Army of the Potomac at Cold Harbor on June 4, when it was divided into three battalions and attached to the 18th Corps. The 2nd battalion shared in the charge at Petersburg on June 18, by which the ground was gained that became the front line of the army. The provisional regiment was sent to Petersburg and was active at the explosion of the mine, where it lost heavily. Its ranks were by this time reduced to 400 men. The regiment was reunited on August 26, 1864. In a charge on September 20, the 1st and 2nd battalions lost 200 men, after which they were stationed with the remainder of the regiment near Fort Harrison until December. In January, 1865, a large number of the men re-enlisted and the regiment joined in last charges upon the enemy's works, afterward entering the city with the army. For the remainder of the year the regiment was occupied in detachments in preserving peace and order in the southern part of Virginia. Returning to City Point, Virginia it was there mustered out on January 29, 1866. Private Woodfall was among those who mustered out of Company K on January 29, 1866 at City Point.

At some point during the 1860s, Thomas Woodfall brought his family to New Jersey. The 1870 Census shows the Woodfall family in Newton Township, which was annexed to Camden in 1871. Thomas Woodfall supported his family as a painter, William Woodfall worked as a teamster. At the time of the Census, besides William there were four younger children, Mary, Ellen, Teresa, and Frank. 

On April 8, 1876 William Woodfall was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as an extra man with Engine Company 1, filling the position of George S. Hunt. William Woodfall resigned from the Fire Department on  July 1, 1877. He was replaced by William Jeffreys.

When the 1880 Census was taken William Woodfall was working as a teamster and living with his parents at 925 South 5th Street. He lived at that address through the beginning of 1884. From 1885 to 1887 William Woodfall's address was 1001 South 5th Street. The 1888-1889 Camden City Directory shows that he was living at 736 Ferry Avenue, and worked in Gloucester City. The 1890 Veterans Census has William Woodfall living at 684 Ferry Avenue. The 1900 Census lists William Woodfall, then a widower, and his widowed mother living at 684 Ferry Avenue. He was still working as a teamster. William Woodfall died on February 10, 1910 and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery. 

William Woodfall's nephew, Franklin C. Woodfall Jr., was working as a member of the New York Shipbuilding Corporation's shipyard Fire Department in September of 1923 when he was killed while in the line of duty on September 26th.

Trenton Evening Times - September 26,1923