WILLIAM WALTON was born in Philadelphia on June 11, 1887. His parents Franklin M. Walton and Mary G. Walton, brought him and his brother Harry F. Walton to Camden when they were quite young. The family was living at 520 Bailey Street in North Camden by 1892. A sister, Irene, was born in 1894. 

Franklin Walton had been one of the organizers of the Pyne Poynt Athletic Association, and following in his father's footsteps, Harry F. Walton helped organize and was the first president of the Pyne Poynt Social Club, which had its headquarters at 939 North 5th Street. He later became custodian of the building and was serving as the groups treasurer when he died. He also served as financial secretary of the Pyne Poynt Athletic Association, which shared the building. Harry F. Walton served as a Camden County Freeholder from Camden's Tenth Ward from 1925 to 1928. 

William Walton served with the Camden Fire Department from February 1, 1913, replacing veteran firefighter Peter S. Gray, who had retired on pension. Walton served with Ladder Company 1 until December of 1917, when he resigned and enlisted in the United States Army. When he returned from the war he returned briefly to the Fire Department. By January of 1920 he had taken a job as a fireman at the Victor Talking Machine plant. He later took a position with the city highway department. 

Despondent over the recent death of his mother and his own poor health,  Harry F. Walton shot himself at his Bailey Street home on December 27, 1939. William Walton was then living at 633 Pearl Street. By 1942 he had moved to Westmont and worked as a machinist for the SKF Corporation. He later moved to Philadelphia, where he of lung cancer on February 19, 1949.

William Walton's sister Irene married James Bruce in the 1940s. They were still residing at 520 Bailey Street as late as 1953.

Camden Post-Telegram
December 23, 1915

Joseph Maxwell
Katherine Maxwell
Rev. Rudolph Brestell
St. Paul's Episcopal Chuch
Harry Green
William Walton

Engine Company 1

Engine Company 4

Rollo Jones
Joseph T. Daley


Philadelphia Inquirer - December 6, 1917

Daniel W. Leach - William Walton - Howard L. Currie - Horace Cairns
Henry J. Gerke - Andrew Miller

Camden Post-Telegram
December 12, 1917


Philadelphia Inquirer
August 31, 1919

Howard Currie - William Judge - William Walton
William Rose  - John Plum - George Saunders
James Howell - Earl Vansant - Charles Gladney 

Camden Daily Courier
April 11, 1924

Camden Courier-Post - February 25, 1938
27th Annual Get-Together Will Hear Gordon Mackay Tell of Oldtime Sports

When members, of the Pyne Poynt Social Club gather in the club's headquarters, southwest corner of Fifth and Erie streets, tomorrow night it will be to mark the twenty-seventh, annual get-together which will be observed with a banquet. 

Harry F. Walton, first president of the organization, which was formed in the latter part of January, 1911, will be toastmaster. He served as head of the club in 1911 and 1912. 

Gordon Mackay, member of the news staff of the Courier-Post newspapers' and an authority on sports, will be the speaker. Mackay will give highlights on sporting activities with which he has become so familiar in his 40 years of newspaper, work. Frank H. Ryan, managing editor of the Courier-Post, will be a guest. 

"Many of the memberrs of the club have gone far afield from Camden, said Walton, "but on the occasion of the annual dinner they all try to get back home' and rekindle the friendships' made when they were kids up here in North Camden." 

Served As Freeholder:, 

Walton, elected to the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Camden county as an independent Republican from the Tenth ward, served on the board in 1923 and, 1924. Born in Philadelphia, his parents brought him to Camden at an early age and he has lived in North Camden ever since. He has taken an active interest in civic affairs of the community. 

"We believe that this year will be the best banquet that we have ever had," he said. 

Present officers of the club are: Ed H. Winters, president; A. S. Kahnweiler, vice president; Hamilton J. Batten, recording secretary; Frank Kelley, financial secretary; Walton, treasurer; Alfred J. Rose, Jr., house chairman, and George Ash, trustee-at-large.

Kelley heads the banquet committee with the following members: Ash, Batten, Walton, Richard Barry, Kahnweiler, E. Caskey, Jacob Dreher and Nick Adezio. Rose is chairman of the entertainment committee, with Robert Johnson, William X. Huber, Jr. and Ellery Caskey as other members. 

Club's Wide Membership 

Other members of the club are Herman Brandt, Victor J. Paxson, Herbert Schaeffer, William N. Cann, Harry G. McKinney, Louis Schwaiger, David E. Barry, Thomas Kerr, Ren Plum, Ronald K. Lawrinson, William Brandt, William Walton, George A. E. Rheinbold. 

Charles Seybold, Fred Schwaiger, J. Allen Brown, George Greene; J. Russell Taylor, Harry Edginton, Samuel Payne, Trester W. Vissell, George H. Schwaiger; George W. Muschlet; Arthur Messler; R. Thornton Greene, William C. Pommerer, Charles Glendenning, William E. Smith, Walter T. Adams, John T. Beal, Otto E. Braun, John Deardon, James Selby, William T. Steele, William Begg and Alfred Huber.

Also Samuel Burrows, William J. Denham, Thomas R. Peacock, Frank H. Haines, Clarence Rudolph, Albert R. Heap, Herbert C. Battle, William Oberst, Fred Stahl; John Begg, Charles Stahl, Charles E. Packer, Paul E. Mount, City Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann Jr., Raymond Rickley, Ralph T. Githens, Howard Hurlock, Martin Steer, Harry Kerr, William Reimer, Curtis O. Sangtinette and Einar Odergaard. John LaRue, Jr., is president of the junior club of the Pyne Poynt Social. 

Camden Courier-Post
December 30, 1939


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Camden Courier-Post
February 21, 1949