WILLIAM J. HURLOCK was born in Wilmington, Delaware around 1879. Little is known of his early days. Although no records seem to support this, his obituary states that by the early 1890s he had moved to Stockton, which was annexed by Camden in 1899, adding what in present times the areas known as Cramer Hill and East Camden

William J. Hurlock married Alice Adelia Bogart on December 20, 1904, who was 12 years his senior. A native of upstate New York, she was a divorcee, and was working at the State Hospital in Binghamton when the Census had been taken in 1900. A son, William Rexford "Rex" Hurlock, was born on October 29, 1905. The family then lived at 2002 Cooper street. William Hurlock was at the time working as a clerk. He became very active with a fraternal organization, Court Pride of Stockton Lodge No. 5, Foresters of America, which was still active in East Camden as late as 1984. 

By the time the 1907 Camden City Directory was compiled, William J. Hurlock and family had moved to 2717 Cramer Street. His family maintained a presence at that address as late as 1970. Beginning in 1922 his neighbor at 123 North 28th Street was fellow Camden policeman John W. Golden. William J. Hurlock and John W. Golden would remain neighbors for the rest of their lives. The Hurlock family stayed at the Cramer Street address as late as 1970, the Goldens were still there as late as 1982.

William J. Hurlock was appointed to the Camden Police Department on April 12, 1912. AFter serving as acting sergeant on a number of occasions, around 1923 he was promoted to Detective, and in the early 1920s often partnered with Louis C. Schlam. William J. Hurlock retired in 1933. 

A widower late in life, William J. Hurlock's wife Alice died on June 27, 1941 after an illness of an year and one-half. William J. Hurlock's last days were spent living with his son, William R. "Rex" Hurlock, a switchboard operator with the Camden Police Department, his daughter-in-law and his grandsons at 2717 Cramer Street.

Camden Post-Telegram * October 14, 1912

O. Glen Stackhouse -
John Painter - Frank B. Frost
Jeff Kay - William T. Boyle
Elisha Gravenor
- Grace Presbyterian Church - Bertha Skillen - Bessie Skillen
Albert Ludlow - Joseph Wittick

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John Brothers - William C. Horner - Arthur Colsey - Anson Kelley
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"Indian Bill" May - Eugene McCafferty - William Hurlock
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Dr. William S. Jones - John T. Cleary - Charles A. Wolverton
Thomas Gallagher's Saloon

Camden Courier-Post
May 7, 1923

William J. Hurlock
Raymond Stark




Camden Courier-Post
August 24, 1923

William J. Hurlock
Raymond Stark
Louis C. Schlam
George Carpenter
Gustav A. Koerner
Frank Carle
John Stanton
George Hill
Joseph Lohrman
Frank Nidle
Leo Helvins
Fritz Heger
North 30th Street
Pleasant Street







Camden Courier-Post
June 30, 1941

William J. Hurlock
William R. "Rex" Hurlock


Camden Courier-Post
January 13, 1927

Merritt Hall
Philip Schatz
Ray Street
Arch Street
William J. Hurlock
Russell Ashenfelter
William G. Rogers
George Beutler


Camden Courier-Post * March 29, 1930

Lads, 11 and 10, Charged by East Camden Woman
With Taking Purse and $725 Diamond

Charged with the theft of a $725 diamond ring, two small boys were ordered held for Juvenile Court by Police Judge Pancoast yesterday. One of the boys, William McGinnis, 11, of 2639 Carman Street, had been released from the county detention home last Thursday on probation by Judge Shay. He had been one of six boys held in connection with a series of nine robberies in East Camden.

The other boy is John Auletto, 10, of 2824 Howell Street.

Mrs. Catherine Tydeman testified the pair had come to her apartment at Twenty-eighth Street and Westfield Avenue Thursday afternoon and told her she was wanted on the phone. Returning, she saw the two boys leaving her apartment, and a short time later she discovered that her pocketbook containing a $725 diamond ring was missing. District Detective William Hurlock arrested the pair at the Garfield School. He said he found the ring in their possession.

Parents of the McGinnis boy pleaded for him before Judge Shay last Thursday and said he was "backward" because of a fractured skull he had suffered in an accident. 

Camden Courier-Post
November 22, 1951

Cramer Street
William J. Hurlock
William R. "Rex" Hurlock
Foresters of America