WILLIAM HERTLINE was born in New Jersey around 1871 to John and Annie Hertline. The family name appears to originally have been spelled "Hertlein". The Hertline family, which included older brother Harry, was living at 123 Arch Street when the census was taken in 1880. John Hertline kept a restaurant, while Harry, then 18, worked as a baker. Harry Hertlein later went to work for the City of Camden's water and sewer departments, and had a long and distinguished career in that capacity.

William Hertlein is listed in the 1890 Camden City Directory as living at 231 Royden Street, the working as a driver for the Knickerbocker Ice Company. The 1894 Camden City Directory shows him living at 584 Carman Street, working as a machinist for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

William Hertline became a member of the Camden Fire Department in March of 1895. He was assigned to Engine Company 2, which was quartered at Fire Headquarters at the northwest corner of North 5th and Arch Streets. In 1894 the personnel were as follows: Foreman Harry C. Grosscup; Engineer, William Morris; Driver, John P. Long; Stoker,  Albert Jones; Hosemen, George Wade, William Hertline, and David Andrews. He appears to have left briefly but returned to the Fire Department in March of 1895.

When the Town of Stockton merged with Camden in 1899, the volunteer fire companies of Stockton remained active for several months brief time. On June 25, 1899 the Stockton companies rendered assistance to the Camden Fire Department when the Moro Phillips Chemical Company factory at North Twelfth Street at Linden Street was struck by fire, resulting in $60,000 worth of damage and injury to three Camden firefighters, Joseph Maxwell, David Andrews, and William Hertline.

In the early 1900s William Hertline married a young widow, Lydia Tenner Schwartz, who was the daughter of former Camden Fire Department member and former Camden policeman Christian Tenner. Three of Lydia's uncles were also Camden firefighters at one time or another, James McCracken, G. Rudolph Tenner, and George Adam Tenner. Her aunt, Amelia Tenner Green, was married to Camden Fire Department member Joseph Green.

The 1910 Census shows William and Lydia Hertline, Lydia's daughter Helen Schwartz, father-in-law Christian Tenner and brother-in-law Benjamin Tenner living at ,530 South 8th Street. This arrangement was still in effect as late as 1927. By 1929 he had moved to 542 Newton Avenue.

William Hertline left the Camden Fire Department on March 5, 1913 after being suspended for disobeying an order from the Chief of the Department, Samuel S. Elfreth. He worked as a watchman for a time. By the early 1920s, probably through the offices of his brother Harry, William Hertline went to work for the City of Camden flushing out water and sewer lines. The 1930 Census shows William and Lydia Hertline, their sons Benjamin, 15, and William, 11; and father-in-law Christian Tenner all living at 542 Newton Avenue. William and Lydia were both still living at the Newton Avenue address when the 1940 Camden City Directory was compiled. By 1947 they had moved to 546 Newton Avenue.

William Hertline passed away at some point after 1946. He is not listed in the 1955 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 28, 1895

 Samuel Curriden - William Hertline - Engine Company 2

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 26, 1899

Joseph Maxwell - William Hertline - David Andrews - Harry Grosscup
Samuel S. Elfreth
Engine Company 2 - Walter Edwards - Crawford Miller - Moro Phillips

Camden Post-Telegram
December 3, 1904

John Ware - Samuel Peoples
Rollo Jones - Charles Cook
James White - Harry C. Anderson
Ephraim Davis - Samuel Sheer
Edward Finley - Martin Carrigan
Joseph T. Daley - Joseph Ernst
William K. Buzine -
Seth Monell
Charles Sturgis - Samuel W. Whitzell
J. Oscar Till Jr. -
William Miller
John H. Vickers - Fred Morse
Dr. Wlliam H. Iszard
William Hertline
Samuel S. Elfreth


Philadelphia Inquirer - March 5, 1913

William Hertline - John Lennox - Sylvester McGrath

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William Hertline - John Lennox - Sylvester McGrath - Fred Morse