WALTER BENJAMIN GRAY was born June 25, 1893 in Worcester County, Maryland to Stephen Edward Gray and his wife, the former Sallie Virginia Mason. There were three younger brothers, Edward Lee Gray, Maurice William Gray, and Clarence Wesley Gray. He grew up in Worcester County, residing there through 1910. The 1900 Census shows the family, the consisting of Mr. & Mrs. Gray and sons Walter and Edward, living in Pocomoke, Maryland, Stephen Gray was then working in a shipyard. The 1910 Census shows the family in Colston, Maryland.

Walter B. Gray married Clemence Ruth Lindley, of 534 Cedar Street in North Camden,  around 1914. The 1915 and 1916 Camden City Directories shows Walter and Clemence Gray living with her parents at 534 Cedar Street. He was then working as a machinist. Son Edward Gray was born in 1916. The 1917 City Directory shows Walter Gray working as a clerk and living at 842 Grant Street. 

When Walter B. Gray registered for the draft on June 5, 1917 he was living with his wife and son Edward at 814 Grant Street in North Camden. Walter B. Gray was then working as a pressman for the Victor Talking Machine Company.

The 1918 City Directory shows that the Walter Gray family was still at 842 Grant Street. Walter Gray was then working as a railroad brakeman. His brother Edward had come to Camden, was living at the Grant Street address and was also working as working as a brakeman.  By January of 1920 Walter Gray's brother Morris had also come to Camden and was living at the Grant Street address. Walter Gary had returned to work at the Victor Machine Company, while his brothers worked for the railroad, Edward as a brakeman, Morris as a switchman. 

By the time the 1921 City Directory was compiled, Walter and Clemence Gray had moved to 547 York Street. He had also been appointed to the Camden Fire Department shortly after the 1920 Census enumeration. Walter Gray is listed as being with the department in the 1921, 1922, and 1923 City Directories. Sadly, Walter B. Gray died on January 21, 1924. He was survived by his wife Clemence, son Edward, his brothers, and his parents.A few years later Clemence Gray married again. Her new husband was Rollo Jones, who was promoted to Battaion Chief in April of 1928. Rollo Jones passed away in Camden in 1940. It is unknown as of this writing what became of his wife. 

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