Antoinetta and Vincenzo "James" Nasuti
standing proudly at staircase
that their son Rocco Nasuti
handcrafted for them at
25 North 25th Street.

VINCENZO "JAMES" NASUTI was born in Italy on February 4, 1884 in Lanciana, Itly. He came to America aboard the S.S. Lazio, sailing out of Naples and arriving in New York on April 20, 1909 with his brother in 1910. They came from Mozzagrona, Italy and later 
sent for their wives and children. Vincenzo went by "James" as it sounded more American. The Lazio, formerly the British-owned Princess, sailed a regularl route from Genoa to Naples to New York and back again. Renamed the Palermo in 1913, she was torpedoed and sunk in December of 1916.

Vincenzo and his wife, the former Antoinetta Breghella, first settled in Pennsylvania, where there first six children were born. The family moved to New Jersey around 1921. 

When it was time to register for the draft in June of 1917, Vincenzo Nasuti and his family were living in Camp Hill, in Cumberland County PA. He was working as a truck driver and employed by the United States government at that time. The family moved to New Jersey at some point not long after the 

birth of their daughter Bambina "Beatrice" Nasuti on September 23, 1919. She was their sixth child. 

The nine Children of Vincenzo and Antoinette Nasuti were:

Mary Nasuti 1910-1924
Ralph Nasutialph  1913-1948 married Naomi Cain 
Laurina "Lillian" Nasuti 1914-2005 married Daniel Branco
Annina "Anna" Nasuti first married Nicholas Mannino, 
then was remarried to Emory Mathis 
Angela "Dorothy" Nasuti married Luonardo Andruzza
Bambina "Beatrice" Nasuti 1913-1999 never wed
Donato "Daniel" Nasuti 1921-1999 married Yolanda Fala
Nicola Natalina "Natalie" or "Nana" Nasuti married John Fesq
Rocco John Nasuti   1925-1968 married Lillian Baker

Bu July of 1921 the family had moved to New Jersey. The seventh Nasuti child, Donato "Daniel" Nasuti, was born in New Jersey on  July 23rd of that year. The next two children, Natalie and Rocco were both born in New Jersey. The family, however, does not appear in the 1924 or 1927 Camden City Directories. The Nasutis first moved to Sewell Street, a bit east of Federal Street on Marlton Avenue. Antoinette Nasuti's brother, Joe Breghella was in Camden by 1919. Single and boarding on Howell Street in January of 1920, Joe Breghella, who had come to America in 1907, soon married and with his wife Frances by 1924 had moved to 420 North 27th Street, where they operated a small grocery store through at least 1930, before moving to West Collingswood. 

Vincenzo "James" Nasuti and family do appear in the 1929 City Directory and the 1930 United States Census at 791 East State Street. Vincenzo Nasuti had found employment with the Pennsylvania Railroad, which operated the Pavonia railroad switching yard and repair shops in East Camden. 791 East State Street was a farmhouse that was located near the gatehouse where the railroad tracks crossed State Street.... this was long before the bridge, or "hump" as it's called locally, was built over the tracks. Vincenzo Nasuti's job was to raise and lower the gate for the trains passing through. While living here, he farmed some of the land on State Street, growing tomatoes, peppers, and corn.

The Nasutis eventually relocated to 25 North 25th Street in East Camden. When they first moved to North 25th Street they did not feel welcome, since they were Italian. One of the neighbors considered a petition against them moving in. Vincenzo built a wagon to bring the produce he was still growing on State Street back home to his family and neighbors. He eventually won the friendship and respect of the neighborhood.

Vincenzo Nasuti's draft card from 1942 shows the North 25th Street address. A photograph below from the 1960s shows Antoinette at her kitchen table on North 25th Street.

The Nasuti family was still living at 25 North 25th Street as late as 1970, Beatrice Nasuti being listed in the New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories at that address from 1956 through that year. By 1977 she had left North 25th Street and Camden.

Vincenzo "James" Nasuti's World War I Draft Card

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Aerial View of East Camden published July of 1926
"Bridge Boulevard Estates"

     This aerial view of East Camden was part of a July 1926 ad by the Suburban Home Realty Company, located at 325 Market Street in Camden, run by Edward S. Miller
     Marlton Avenue and East State Street run vertically on the right side of this photo. When this phot is viewed at full size, the Nasuti's home at 791 East State Street can be clearly seen in the upper right, just before State Street angles left towards North Camden.     

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1930 Census - The Vincenzo Nasuti Family

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Vincenzo Nasuti's Draft Card - 1942

Antoinetta and Vincenzo "James" Nasuti
in their backyard
25 North 25th Street.

Antoinetta Nasuti
in the backyard
25 North 25th Street.

children and grandchildren
in the kitchen
25 North 25th Street

Antoinette Nasuti
seated at the table

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