TIMOTHY MIDDLETON was born in Camden on January 21, 1817, in a farmhouse that stood on 6th Street north of Kaighn Avenue. His father, Amos Middleton, was active in city politics. 

After marrying in 1840, he moved out of the city, and engaged in farming. After his return, he soon involved himself in politics as a Democrat, and was elected city marshal in 1861.

Timothy Middleton was elected mayor in 1863 of Paul C. Budd, and served for one year. During his tenure as mayor the first concerted movement among the storekeepers of Camden to close their stores on holidays occurred, for the July 4th holiday. and the building of the Camden Woolen Mill started in September of 1863.

Defeated in his effort for reelection by Paul C. Budd, Timothy Middleton returned to private life, passing away on April 15, 1867. His son, Timothy J. Middleton, went on to a long and distinguished career as a lawyer. Another son, Melbourne F. Middleton was a prominent physician in Camden for many years, and his grandson, Melbourne F. Middleton Jr., was also very active in civic and political affairs.   

The History of Camden County New Jersey
George Reeser Prowell - 1886

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Richard F. Smith - Timothy F. Middleton - Marmaduke Taylor - Alfred Hugg - Joseph F. H. Reed