THEODORE NORMAN "NORM" GUTHRIE was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1915 to Oliver S. Guthrie Jr. and his wife, the former Mary Eva Schock. His father worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a detective, a very busy job given the size and number of railroad yards in the city. The family was listed at 914 South 6th Street in the 1915 City Directory. Directories and Census record from 1916 through 1920 show family at 943 St. John Street. Theodore N. Guthrie was named after his uncle, Theodore F. "Dorrie" Guthrie, who had served with the Camden Fire Department for two years before transferring to the Camden Police Department where he would serve for almost thirty. Theodore N. Guthrie was the third child, coming after Oliver S. "Ollie" Guthrie III and Clara Guthrie. A younger sister, Daughter Edith was born while the family lived on St. John Street. Shortly after the 1920 Census Oliver S. Guthrie Jr. and his family moved to 911 Fern Street in North Camden. Two more sister were born, Grace in 1921 and Betty in 1925. 

Sadly, on 1926 illness began to plague Oliver S. Guthrie Jr. He died on October 29, 1926 at the age of 51 and was buried at New Camden Cemetery. The family stayed at 911 Fern Street until shortly after the 1928 City Directory was compiled. By 1929 Mrs. Guthrie had moved the family to 840 Fern Street. Mrs. Guthrie and family were still there in 1946. Theodore Norman Guthrie appears in the 1930 Census as "Norman Guthrie", and he was known in his family as Norm, possibly to differentiate him from his uncle.

On November 16, 1940 Theodore N. Guthrie was one of the first 17 men who were drafted into the United States Army in 1940 when the draft was re-instituted in anticipation of America's entry into World War II. He served until 1945, then returned to Camden and was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. Tragically, he was struck by a car while waiting for a bus in Gloucester and died from his injuries on March 16, 1946. Theodore N. Guthrie was buried two days later at New Camden Cemetery.

Camden Courier-Post
October 30, 1926

Oliver S. Guthrie
Oliver & Mary Eva Guthrie
St. John's Episcopal Church
Hoyle-Butcher Post 148, V.F.W.
Fern Street



Camden Courier-Post
March 10, 1934

John McTaggart
South 6th Street
Sixth Ward Republican Club
William Mills
Monte Bessor
Frank S. Van Hart
David Baird Sr.
Charles A. Wolverton
Albert S. Woodruff
Elizabeth C. Verga
Michael Durkin
Theodore Guthrie
George Chambers
Joseph Leonard
Howard B. Dyer
John Breslin
Mary Hartung
Marie Doyle




Camden Courier-Post
April 22, 1939



Fern Street






Camden Courier-Post *  November 26, 1940
Harry Boody - Liberty Street
Cecil Graves - South 2nd Street
Joseph Ward - Federal Street
John M. Bowers - North 22nd Street
Arthur F. Ballinghoff - Cramer Street
George F. Borland - Howell Street
Vito Zannoni - Point Street
Leonard Buffetta - Point Street
William F. Fournier - Bailey Street
Joseph W. Migala - Mechanic Street
Luca D'Oria - Haddon Avenue
James E. Wright - Washington Street
William DiBello - Henry Street
John S. Zawila - South 9th Street
Edward J. Haab - South 6th Street
Theodore N. Guthrie - Fern Street
Bernardo S. Doganiero - Division Street

Jesse Massi - South 5th Street
Joseph H. O'Hara - Lois Avenue
John Mohllen - York Street
Harvey Goodwin - Federal Street
Robert Stockdale - North 9th Street
Charles A. Williams - State Street
Herman Foster - South 2nd Street




William E. Hughes
William J. Maurer
Robert B. Black
Harry Proposki
Benjamin E. Morris
Joseph F. Marini
William D. Spence
William C. Randoph
John F. Gorman
Joseph E. McCann
Richard V. Buck
Paul Cipolone
Arthur F. Ballinghoff
Cramer Street
Edward Quinn
John S. Zawila
South 9th Street
Otto Muller
Charles Seltzer

Camden Courier-Post * February 20, 1946

S.S. Kresge
Camden Foundry
North Front Street
Elm Street
Charles H. Errickson
Walter A. Mertz
William Reed
Thomas McParland
Howell Needham
Theodore N. Guthrie
Engine Company 8
Edward Sheehan
David Visor
John N. Tobin
Mair H. Auerbach
Dr. A.J. Kilberg
Dr. Folkman

Camden Courier-Post * March 9, 1946

George Leafey - Theodore F. "Dorrie" Guthrie - Fern Street - Engine Company 6
Oliver S. "Oliie" Guthrie III - Auburn Street - Mary Barr - Michael Verlingieri - North 37th Street

Camden Courier-Post
March 16, 1946

George Leafey
Theodore F. "Dorrie" Guthrie
Fern Street
Engine Company 6
Oliver S. "Oliie" Guthrie III





Camden Courier-Post
March 18, 1946


Camden Courier-Post
March 18, 1946

George Leafey
John Cunningham
Arthur Dilks
Theodore F. "Dorrie" Guthrie
Fern Street
Engine Company 6
Mathews-Purnell Post 518, V.F.W.
159th Infantry Regiment
Oliver S. "Oliie" Guthrie III