ROLLO RICHARD JONES was born on February 3, 1879 in New Jersey. When the census was taken on June 5, 1900 he was living with his new wife Fannie at 109 North 2nd Street, the home of her father, Samuel S. Elfreth. Samuel S. Elfreth, was the Chief of the Fire Department of the City of Camden until his retirement in 1913. On June 13, 1900, only eight days later, Rollo and Fannie Jones turn up in the same census at 226 Benson Street. Rollo Jones then was working for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a fireman. On December 3, 1904 he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, and reported for duty the following day. He served Ladder Company 1 until January 16, 1909 when he was sent to Engine Company 6. Newly-appointed firefighter Samuel Harring replaced Rollo Jones at Ladder 1.

By 1910, Rollo and Fannie Jones, along with their daughter Catherine and former Chief Elfreth were living at 638 State Street in North Camden. By September of 1918 he was then serving as a captain with Engine Company 4 on Vine Street. The family was still on State Street as late as 1920.

By the time the 1927 Camden City Directory was published, Rollo and Fannie Jones had moved to 547 York Street. In April of 1928 Rollo Jones was promoted to Battalion Chief, replacing George B. Wade, who had retired. He was then living at 536 York Street. Prior to his appointment as battalion chief Rollo Jones had also served as an instructor at the department's fire school. He was serving at Engine Company 9 in East Camden at the time of his promotion. Upon his promotion Chief Jones was sent to Engine Company 3

Fannie Jones appears to have passed away shortly after the 1928 Camden City Directory was compiled. Rollo Jones soon remarried. The 1929 Directory shows that he had remarried. His new wife, the former Mrs. Clemence Lindley Jones, was the widow of Walter Benjamin Gray, who had served with the Camden Fire Department from 192o through 1923, and who had passed away on January 21, 1924.

Last a resident of 547 York Street, Rollo Jones passed away on April 3, 1940 and was buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. Clemence Jones is not listed in the 1943 Camden City Directory.

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 4, 1904
Martin Carrigan
Rollo Jones
Charles Cook
James White
Samuel Sheer
Edward Finley
Joseph Daly
Joseph Ernst
Seth D. Monnell
William K. Buzine
Charles Sturgis
Samuel T. Whitezell
Ephraim T. Davis
J. Oscar Till Jr.
John H. Vickers
Frederick Morse
Harry C. Anderson
William Miller
Engine Company 5



Philadelphia Inquirer
June 18, 1907



Rollo Jones - Henry Green - John Lutts - George KappelCharles H. Ellis - David Baird Jr. 
Captain Ricardo Pericoli -
Italian Royal Navy cruiser R.M. Etruria - Howard Mulford
Ladder  Company 1 - Pearl  Street 

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 16, 1915
Rollo Jones - David Bakley - Anna May Lander - Engine Company 6
Front Street - State Street - Linden Street - Roberts Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 23, 1918

Peter B. Carter - Harry B. Maxwell - Allen Palmer - Louis Neumann - George H. Pursglove
Roy DeHaven - Julius Herbert - Harry W. Stone - Joseph Sparks - Robert Knox - Clarence Pursglove Anthony Paradise - Robert Welsh- Walter Mertz - Horace Cairns - Samuel Whitzell

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 27, 1920


Walter Mertz - Rollo Jones - David Baird Robinson - Winston Pickle - Mrs. Anna Mosley
William E. Curtis - E.F. Crane - B.E. Lane - William Carey - J.W. Young
Larch Street - Vine Street - Engine Company 1 - Engine Company 6

Camden Courier-Post - April 4, 1928


Thomas Nicholas - John H. Lennox - Rollo Jones - William Harring Clarence Madden - George B. Wade - William W. Patterson - George Hunt David Ellis - George Saunders - Eli Hunt - William Van Pfefferle
William H. Toy - Leo Tomkins - Horace T. Molan
Laurence Boulton - George W. Garner - Felix E. Bendzyn - Harry H. Hess Charles Jones - Thomas F. Gibbons - Byron Davis - John S. Anderson
Ladder Company 1 - Engine Company 3
Engine Company 6
- Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 9
 27th Street - Arch Street - Broadway Clinton Street
Federal Street
-  Ferry Avenue
York Street

Trenton Evening Times
January 27, 1929

Rollo R. Jones
Peter B. Carter

Hainesport Fire Company No. 1
America Fire Company No. 4
Clifford R. Powell
George N. Wimer
Charles R. Stout

Camden Morning Post
November 29, 1930

Rollo R. Jones
Preston Russ
York Street
Atlantic Avenue
Pearl Street
North 10th Street
West Jersey Hospital

Camden Courier-Post - June 22, 1933


Smoke issuing from windows of a vacant house at Hyde Park and Kaighn Avenue caused a fire scare in South Camden shortly before noon yesterday. Investigation showed the smoke was caused by a resident of the neighborhood burning rubbish.

Captain Rollo Jones, of the city fire department, said the smoke arose from a rubbish fire in a nearby stove, causing clouds to enter through open windows of the vacant house. A passerby turned in an alarm that brought three pieces of fire apparatus.

Camden Courier-Post - February 9, 1938


Charles Errickson - Rollo Jones - Little Ray Smith

Camden Courier-Post - February 25, 1938


Marlton Volunteer Fire Compnay No. 1
Harold Van Zant - Aubrey G. Dumphrey - Harry B. Dumphrey - George H. Cline
Norman E. Wells - Mrs. Frederick Endicott - I.R. Farrow -
Rollo Jones - William J. Smith
Frank Watchorn - Harry Roff - Walter McClain - David A. Brotherton - Ralph McKinley

Camden Courier-Post * April 8, 1940

Engine Company 3 - George M. Townsend - Stevens Street