ROCCO FANELLI was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1894 to John and Catherine Fanelli. The family, which then included younger brothers Pietro and Matteo, lived in Philadelphia when the Census was taken in 1900. The Fanelli family moved to Camden at some point after the compilation of the 1914 Camden City Directory.

By June of 1917 the Fanellis were living at 320 Mount Vernon Street in South Camden. Rocco Fanelle registered for the draft on June 5, 1917. He was then working as a stock man at the Victor Talking Machine Company factory. Called to service, Rocco Fanelli was serving in the United States Army in the latter half of 1918. The 1920 Census shows him living with his widowed mother and brother Matteo (Matthew) Fanelli at 320 Mount Vernon Street. Rocco Fanelli had already been appointed to the Camden Fire Department when the Census was enumerated on January 20, 1920.

Rocco Fanelli married his wife Katherine around 1921. The 1924 Camden City Directory shows the family, which by then included a daughter, Rita Fanelli, at 917 South 4th Street. By 1927 a son, John Fanelli, had been born. The City Directory for that year shows the family at 323 Spruce Street. The Fanellis stayed at that address through at least 1931.

By the end of 1939 Rocco Fanelli and family had moved to 1302 Van Hook Street. He had also been promoted to the rank of Captain. Rocco Fanelli and his wife are listed in the 1943 Camden City Directory at the Van Hook Street address. He was still serving as a Captain with the Camden Fire Department. By 1947 Rocco Fanelli had left the Camden Fire Department. He had moved to 420 Wyoming Avenue in Audubon, New Jersey and was working as a foreman. The Fanelli family lived at this address as late as the fall of 1970. A resident of Audubon till his last days, Rocco Fanelli passed away in March of 1974.

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