ROBERT STEER was born in New Jersey in September of 1858 to Martin and Eliza Steer. He was a lifelong resident of North Camden. The family was living in Camden's North Ward as early as the spring of 1860. The census of 1870 shows Martin and Eliza Steer and their four sons, Alexander, Robert, Harry, and Samuel. Another brother, Howard, was born after the Census was taken.

The 1878-1879 Camden City Directory shows Robert Steer and his parents living at 916 Howard Street, where they remained through 1881. Robert Steer was living at 56 North Street by the summer of 1882, and stayed at that address into 1885. The 1887-1888 and 1888-1889 City Directories show Robert Steer living at 803 North 2nd Street.

Robert Steer married Carrie Paine in 1889. On July 1, 1890 Robert Steer was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He was then living at 57 York Street, where he remained through 1897. He first served as a hoseman with Engine Company 2. When fire fighter Charles Berry of Engine Company 4 at 330 Vine Street passed away in 1893, Robert Steer was transferred to that unit.

In 1894 Engine Company 4's personnel were as follows: Foreman Amidee S. Middleton, Engineer Francis Turner; Driver Walter Browning; Stoker Robert Steer; Hosemen, Howard Currie, William Patterson, James Elberson. 

The 1899 City Directory and the 1900 Census show Robert Steer living at 806 Howard Street with his wife, son William H., daughter Carrie, brother Howard, mother-in-law Rebecca and sister-in-law Della. By 1906 the family had moved to 816 Howard Street, where they remained into 1910. By the time the 1914 Camden City Directory was compiled, Robert Steer had moved to 810 Howard Street.

Robert Steer passed away on January 20, 1915.

Camden Post - March 23, 1893

First Ward Republican Club - John L. Westcott - Robert Smith - George Barrett - Rev. A.G. Lawson
North Baptist Church - Engine Company 4 - Jesse Conley - James Dunn - Joseph Love
Samuel Elfreth - Amedee Middleton - Frank Turner - Edward Hartman - Walter Browning
Robert Steer - William Bogia - Charles Jefferson Kay - George Martin

Philadelphia Inquirer * June 20, 1895

Cedar Street

Philadelphia Inquirer * March 11, 1900

May 6, 1904 at the Camden Storage Fire
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Engineer Bob Steer tends Engine 4 while supplying water

Engine 4
with a full head of steam

About 1910

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Camden Daily Courier
September 23, 1914

Robert Brice
William W. Patterson
James Elberson
Robert Steer
Ephraim T. Hires
Joseph Logue
Howard L. Currie
Joseph T. Daley
James F. Walton
Matthew Tenniswood
James Neeley
Adrian Bateman
Engine Company 4

Philadelphia Inquirer * January 21, 1915

Camden Post-Telegram
January 25, 1915

Robert Steer
William W. Patterson

James Elberson
Robert Brice
Ephraim T. Hires
Joseph Logue
Howard L. Currie
Joseph T. Daley
Howard Street
Rev. J.L. Surtees
Rev. Isaac Bagley
State Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Engine Company 4
John A. Stockton
Peter B. Carter
Walter Browning
Daniel Grimes
Charles Watkin
Joseph Logue
Engine Company 5
Robert Steer Jr.
Carrie Steer

Camden Evening Courier - January 29, 1915

Robert Brice - Robert Steer