ROBERT PAUL OLESIEWICZ served the City of Camden as a firefighter for over 39 years, reporting for duty on January 1, 1951 and retiring as a Captain on March 1, 1890. Born in Camden on August 10, 1919 to Zygmunt Olesiewicz and his wife, the former Sophie Peplowski, Robert P. Olesiewicz grew up in Camden's then predominantly Polish Whitman Park neighborhood. His father had come to America from Poland in 1913. The family was living with Zygmunt Olesiewicz's brother Joseph at 1008 Mechanic Street when the census was taken in January of 1920. The 1924 and 1929 Camden City Directories shows the family at 1418 South 10th Street, a short walk from St. Joseph's Catholic Church. His parents would still be in this home as late as October of 1970.

Robert Olesiewicz had married Anna Marie Whittaker and was working as an electrician when he was inducted into the United States Army on February 26, 1942. Returning to Camden after completing his service, the 1947 Camden City Directory shows him living with his wife Anna at 321 Mount Vernon Street. He was appointed to the camden Fire Department on December 20, 1950 and , as stated above, reported for duty on January 1, 1951. Robert Olesiewicz was promoted to Captain on February 1, 1966. 

By 1970 he and his family had moved to 1194 Morton Street. Sadly, Robert P. Olesiewicz's wife Anna passed away on June 5, 1973. Tragedy struck again on August 27, 1982 when daughter Anna Marie Olesiewicz was murdered by Richard Biegenwald, who was tried and sentenced to death for the crime. He was permitted to die in prison by the New Jersey State Supreme Court.

Robert P. Olesiewicz retired from the Camden Fire Department on March 1, 1980. He passed away on March 18, 1983.


Camden Courier-Post * February 17, 1938

Mentors Bow by 55-51; Catholic High Beats Limited Seniors, 35 to 27

The Camden Y.M.C.A. varsity quintet took the measure of the South Jersey Coaches by 55 to 51 last night in a free-scoring tussle at the "Y" court.

Fields and fouls were plentiful during the tussle with the Y.M.C.A. outfit racking up a total of 20 baskets from scrimmage and 15 of 23 foul attempts. Bill Ackerman and Al Scott led the attack for the winners with 11 counters apiece, while Art Blaker, Camden High mentor, was the big gun on the offense for the Coaches with five fields and seven fouls for 17 counters.

The preliminary tussle brought together the Camden Catholic High quintet and the Y.M.C.A. Limited Seniors with the scholastic outfit gaining the decision by 35 to 27. Bob Olesiewicz, star center, led the attack for Catholic with seven fields and two fouls for 16 counters, while Eddie Biehler starred for the Limited Seniors with four and one for nine points. Catholic led all the way and was out in front by 16 to 10 at the 

Camden Courier-Post * February 25, 1938

Woodrow Wilson High School - Camden Catholic High School
Camden High School - Bob Olesiewicz - Ray Dixon - Dave Lewin
Ray Patton - Bob Boyd - Fred Ackerman - Arthur Blaker

Camden Courier-Post * June 7, 1939

Al Delikat - Robert P. Olesiewicz

Camden Courier-Post - December 9, 1949
Joseph T. Hackett - Owen Gale
August L. Johnson - Harry Sterling
Albert A. Stinger - Jesthroe Hunt
Harold H. Pike - Roy R. Moffa
Allen F. Hess - Franklin Whylings
William L. Gosnell - David W. Humphries
William G. WInstanley - Joshua Robinson
Henry S. Keubler - Adolph S. Zubrzycki
Ralph H. Palmer - Alexander P. Matis
Earl G. Robinson - Anthony J. DiMaggio
Earl A, Smith Sr. - Philip J. MacDonald
Robert P. Olesiewicz - Eugene E. Demers
Chester J. Gedrich - John F. Chudzinski
Samuel D. Siniscalki - Santo Dimaggio
Ludwig Polniak - George P. Baxter
Ralph F. Schaeffer - Joseph J. McTaggart
Louis J. Monahan - John DiMaggio 
William N. Stone - Casper J. Martelli - H. Raymond Dixon


Camden Courier-Post - February 16, 1952
Woman Gas Victim Saved by Camden Rescue Squad

The hour-long effort of a fire department rescue squad Friday night saved a woman who tried to kill herself by gas.

Police said Mrs. Florence Marshall, 46, of 330 North Tenth Street, locked herself in the bathroom and turned on a gas jet. They added she was despondent because her daughter, Eva, 22, was planning to marry and leave

A son, William, 19, broke down the bathroom door and dragged the mother from the room. Patrolmen John Voll and Harrison Wilkinson were called and 
summoned the rescue squad headed by Captains Godfrey Patterson and George Boone.

It took the squad an hour to revive Mrs. Marshall by artificial respiration. She was taken to Cooper hospital and later to police headquarters, where she was released for a hearing Monday on a charge of attempted suicide.

Other members of Rescue Squad 1 are George Baxter, William Watkin, John Mogck, Edward Brendllnger, Arthur Ballinghoff, Christopher Moll, Edwin Decker, Carl Wirtz, Robert Olesiewicz, John Kolessar and Raymond Banford.


Camden Courier-Post * August 19, 1957

Firemen Here Get Advanced First Aid Course

More than 40 members of the Camden Fire Department have completed the Red Cross course in advanced first aid according to announcement today by Howard F. Keller, Collingswood, chairman of the Camden County Chapter's first aid committee. 

Instruction sessions were under the direction of Fire Chief William V. Pfefferle, Drillmaster Anthony Dzinski, a member of the local chapter first aid group, assisted by Nicholas E. George, were instructors. Dzinski is a member of the Red Cross faculty at the National Aquatic School held in this area each year for instruction in advance safety techniques. Dick Harris, director of Red Cross safety services, supervised.

All members of the graduating class are personnel of several units housed at fire department headquarters here. These include the Headquarters Company, Engine Company 2, Rescue Squad 1 and Truck Company 1. These groups include: 

Rescue Squad: Captains Arthur Batten, Philip A. Stinger and Albert Weller; Edward Brendlinger, Harrison MacNeir, Robert Olesiewicz and James W. Smith.

Headquarters Company: Raymond Banford, John K. Voll and John W. Yates.

Truck Company 1: Captains Daniel Jiannetto, Robert E. Dukes and Otto V. Kaiser; William Watkin, Chester Gedrich, George Baxter, John Mogck, George C. Hennessy, Charles Devlin, Ambrose W. Faust, Joseph McTaggart, Howard R. Taggart, William G. Winstanley and Elmer Johnson Jr.

Engine Company 2: Captains James R. Asher, Thomas Winstanley; Carl Wirtz, James McGrory, Edwin V. Decker, James Stewart, Francis X. McTaggart, Anthony T. Orme, Mario D. Fattore, James O. Jones, Francis P. Stibi, William Hopkins, Robert E. Briggs, John Guiliano, Casper Martelli, Harold H. Pike, John J. Vane, William Stibi, John DiMaggio and Harry Kleinfelder.

Camden Courier-Post
February 1, 1966

Keith Kauffman
Robert P. Olesiewicz
Ladder Company 1
Morton Street
George C. Kurtyan
Hayes Avenue
Robert B. Shaw
Morse Street
Richard C. Francesconi
Rand Street
Nelson I. Savidge
Howell Street
Thomas Prosinski
Kenwood Avenue
Michael C. LaFrance
Kenneth Penn
Norris Street
Edward V. Michalak

Camden Fire Department - FIRE WATCH MAGAZINE, SPRING 1977



Fr. Howard G. Brickner #5           

 26 Years

Fr. Harvey J. Fisher #186

 26 Years

Capt. James W. Smith 

26 Years

Dep. Chf. Anthony C. Saponare       

 35 Years 

Fr. Andrew H. Foreman #183

26 Years

Fr. William J. Stibi #120 

26 Years

 Batt. Chf. Robert E. Dukes   

 30 Years 

Fr. Henry S. Keubler #34 

26 Years

Fr. William M. Stone #29

26 Years

Insp. Fr. George C. Hennessy #21  

 30 Years 

Fr. Joseph J. Lesniewski #50

26 Years

Capt. William G. Winstanley

26 Years

Dep. Chf. Daniel F. Jiannetto 

30 Years 

Fr. Phillip MacDonald #7(1

26 Years

Fr. Adolph S. Zubrzycki #62

26 Years

Dep. Chf. Theodore L. Prima

30 Years 

Fr. Joseph J. McTaggart #26

26 Years

Batt. Chf. John J. Giuliano

21 Years

Fr. Eugene F. Alston #7 

 29 Years 

Batt. Chf. John J. Mogck

26 Years

Insp. Fr. Alfred D. Nigro #76

21 Years

Batt. Chf. Biaggio P. Ardire 

 29 Years 

Capt. John E. Moore 

26 Years

Fr. Leon Puszczykowski #100

21 Years

Fr. William R. Harring #69     

 29 Years  Capt. Robert P. Olesiewicz 26 Years

Fr. John L. Sterner #73 

21 Years

Fr. William E. Hinch #151       

 29 Years  Capt. Anthony T. Orme 26 Years

Fr. Francis P. Stibi #143 

21 Years

 Capt. Herbert J. Schott 

 28 Years  Fr. Ralph H. Palmer #46 26 Years Fr. Carl R. Szalkowski #95 21 Years

Batt. Chf. Charles A. Bates

 26 Years

Members as listed above, have anniversary dates which fall during the first quarter


Camden Courier-Post * September 29, 1989

Gwendolyn Faison - Robert P. Olesiewicz - Anthony Orme - John J. Mogck
James McMaster -
Kenneth Penn - John DiMaggio - William N. Stone
Philip MacDonald - Frank McGuckin - Robert Allen Sr. - Charles Arline
Patricia Darden - Carlos Soto - Carlos Peraza - LAEDA - Mi Casita
Patrick Keating - Melvin "Randy" Primas

February 28, 1990
John DiMaggio - Robert Olesiewicz - Anthony Orme - Philip MacDonald
William N. Stone -
John Mogck