PAUL GILMORE HUBER was born on September 28, 1891 in Hamilton County, Ohio to Edward and Josephine Huber.

By the time the 1900 Federal Census was enumerated, the Huber family had moved of Camden, New Jersey. Edward Huber then worked as a stationary engineer. The family, which included uncle Charles F. Huber, then lived at 734 Carman Street. When the 1906 City Directory was compiled, the Hubers had moved to 25 Morse Street in East Camden. Edward Huber was still working as an engineer, and Paul is listed in the directory with the occupation of Foreman.

Not long after the 1906 Directory was published Edward Huber opened up a small motion picture theater under the name of E.O. Huber & Son at 2403 Federal Street. This theater is evidenced in the 1910-1911 City Directory and in the 1910 Federal Census. Paul worked in the theater as a projectionist. Their main competition was the Empire Theater at 2508 Federal Street. The Huber's theater had closed by the time the 1914-1915 City Directory was compiled, Edward working as a salesman, Paul as a clerk. Father and son would soon open a new theater, at 2409 Federal Street, known as Huber's Family Theater.

When Paul G. Huber registered for the draft on June 5, 1917, he had married and was the father of a son, Paul F. Huber. He and his family were living with his parents at 25 Morse Street, and he was in the movie theater business. Both Edward and Paul G. Huber are listed in the 1918-1919 Directory as being in the movie theater business. However, by January of 1920, when the Census was again enumerated, the theater had closed. Edward Huber had returned to work as a stationary engineer. Paul G. Huber had embarked on a new career, as a commercial photographer.

The 1930 Census shows that Paul G. Huber had moved to Grant Avenue in the Erlton section Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill), New Jersey. His wife Katherine had bore two more children, Marvin Huber, aged 10, and Elvira Katherine "Honey" Huber, aged 8 at the time of the Census.

Sometime during the 1930s Paul G. Huber and family moved back to East Camden, where they took up residence at 200 North 36th Street, where they are listed in the 1940 Camden City Directory. This would be the family home for many years. Paul G. Huber took sons Paul F. Huber and Marvin Huber into the photography business. Daughter Honey Huber married Charles Adams, who sadly was killed in action during World War II. She subsequently remarried.

Paul G. Huber passed away in April of 1986 in Miami, Florida.

Paul G. Huber and his Stutz Bearcat

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Grandpop Paul G. Huber’s Car. From left to right the five visible people are: Aunt Jamey, my Aunt Catherine (Honey) Huber, my dad Paul F Huber, my Grandmom Catherine Huber, my Uncle Marvin Huber. Read the door of the car. Grandpop was Official Photographer of Camden Real Estate Board.  I don’t know how “Official” that was but Grandpop Huber was never shy.

Paul G. Huber
July  2010

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