A. Haines

MRS. A. HAINES LIPPINCOTT was born Miriam Lee Early. An 1896 graduate of the Pennington School, above Trenton, she married a widower, Dr. Ahab Haines Lippincott Jr. of Camden NJ sometime after the 1910 Census. 

Miriam Lippincott was quite active in the Woman’s Club of Camden, and was elected to the Board of Directors of that group in March of 1917. Among her fellow club members were Mrs. Lulu S. Read and Mrs. Helen Mather. She was also quite active in Republican politics. Mrs. Lippincott served as president of  the Camden County Women's Republican Club for Civic Betterment in 1931, was New Jersey chairman of the Women's National Committee for Law Enforcement, and was involved with other civic organizations in Camden and South Jersey. She and Mrs. Zula Boyd Casselman, the wife of Dr. Arthur J. Casselman, were founding officers of the Women's Field Army of South Jersey. Both women were quite active with the American Cancer Society. 

Dr. and Mrs. Lippincott lived at 406 Cooper Street by the time the Census was taken in 1920. Dr. Lippincott passed away in 1937. Mrs. Lippincott continued to live at the Cooper Street address as late as 1947. She was a member of Centenary-Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal Church, at 5th and Cooper Streets.

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 7, 1921

Judge Frank T. Lloyd
Alban Eavenson
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Francis Ford Patterson Jr.
Charles H. Ellis
David Baird Sr.
L.A. Hawkes
Frank S. Van Hart
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William S. Darnell
C.W. Tomlinson
James V. Moran
Rev. Thomas J. Whelen
L.D. Johnson
Rev. Charles B. Dubell
Elmer Ellsworth Long

Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott

Mrs. W. Penn Corson
Mrs. Harry Pelouze
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Camden Courier - May 22, 1925

Emma L. Bagley - David Baird Jr. - Albert S. WOodruff- Alfred White

Camden Courier-Post - December 2, 1930

Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott - Camden Women's Club - Linden Street Camden Y.W.C.A.

Camden Courier-Post * October 23, 1931

Mrs. A. H. Lippincott Announces World Court Meeting for
November 9; to Give Roosevelt Tea for G. O. P. Club of County;
Calls Dry Committee Session; Collingswood to Fete Federation Officials; Fortnightly Discusses Business


Miss Esther Everett Lape, member-at-large of the American Foundation's committee on foreign relations, will come from New York to address a meeting for world peace and disarmament to be held in the Centenary-Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal Church, this city, on Monday evening, November 9.

The meeting has been arranged by Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott, South Jersey chairman of the committee, working under Judge Richard Hartshorne, New Jersey chairman. Judge Hartshorne is past commander of the New Jersey American Legion Auxiliary.

The aim of the meeting will be to arouse public opinion in favor of completing adherence of the United States to the World Court.

Miss Lape, who is a former pro­fessor of Swarthmore College, became known to club women of the state when she addressed the annual convention of the New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs in Atlantic City in the Spring on the World Court.

The meeting will be open to both men and women. It is being sponsored by the churches and men's and women's organizations of South Jersey.

Mrs. Lippincott will give a Roosevelt Tea at her home, 406 Cooper Street, on Tuesday, October 27, for the members of the Camden County Women's Republican Club for Civic Betterment, of which she is the president.

Roosevelt has been termed by Mrs. Lippincott as "a great American who always put principle above party." Members attending the tea will read clippings of incidents pertaining to his life.

Mrs. Millard Todd of Collingswood, assistant secretary, and Miss Elizabeth Horner, of this city, vice president, will pour.

Mrs. Lippincott, who is New Jersey chairman of the Women's National Committee for Law Enforcement, has called a meeting of the executive board, county presidents and leading members of the committee, to be held at the Y. W. C. A., Newark, on Monday morning at 10.30 o'clock.             '

Miss Elizabeth Horner, of this city, Camden County chairman, and Mrs. Albert Dell of Woodbury, Gloucester county Chairman, will lead the delegations fro m their respective counties.


Camden Courier-Post
June 8, 1932

Women's National Committee
for Law Enforcement

Camden Courier-Post * June 10, 1932

Louise Hummel Honored At Party in Merion, Pa. 
Fall Bride-Elect Feted by Miss Ann Clark at Shower; Leonard W. Lowther to Entertain With Dinner Dance in Country Club for Daughter and Members of School Set

Miss Ann Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Luther Clark, of 310 Linden Lane, Merion, formerly of this city, is entertaining at a garden party and shower this afternoon in honor of Miss Louise Hummel, daughter of Dr . and Mrs. Ernest G. Hummel, of 414 Cooper Street, this city, whose marriage to W. Lawrence Curry, of Drexel Hill, will take place in the early Fall. 

Guests include Mrs. Ernest G. Hummel, Mrs. Everett C. Hires, Miss Gertrude Saurman, Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott and Mrs. Augustus Dodge Whitney, of Camden; Mrs. Harvey K. Partridge; Miss Elizabeth Partridge, Miss Margaret Nekervis, Mrs. Walter Hires, Miss Mabel Garrison, Miss Elizabeth Laird and Mrs. Merwin Hummel, of Merchantville; Mrs. Harry Ross, of New Brunswick; Mrs. Kenneth Garrison, of Germantown; Mrs. Norris Saurman, Miss Maurice Artzt, and Miss Alice Mahaffey of Haddonfield; Miss Dorothy Rogers, Miss Alice Parrish, Miss Alice Hillman, Miss Susanne Lippincott and Mrs. Allison Lee, of Moorestown; Mrs. Claude Dengler, Mrs. Harold Carr, Mrs. Carroll O'Brien, Mrs. Edward Boyd, Mrs. Annie Stadden, Mrs. David Clark, Mrs. Samuel L. Clark, Jr., Mrs. Frederick Slack, Mrs. Herbert N. Munger and Miss Margaret Munger, of Philadelphia, and Mrs. Lee Hummel and Miss Marian Ayres, of Salem.

Camden Courier-Post - June 17, 1932
Dr. Mabel Grier Lesher - Camden High School - Dr. Helen A. Shrack - Dr. Jennie Sharp
Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott - Mrs. Arthur J. Casselman - Mrs. Orris W. Saunders
Mrs. Alexander MacAlister - Mrs. William A. Wescott

Camden Courier-Post * June 9, 1933

Mrs. Casselman Head-Elect Of N. J. Medical Auxiliary 
Camden Woman Chosen for 1934-35 Term at Atlantic City Convention; Mrs. Hubbard President for Coming Year

Mrs. Arthur J. Casselman of this city has been chosen president-
elect of the Woman's Auxlliary to the Medical Auxillary to the New Jersey State Medical Society to serve for the 1934-35 term. 

Mrs. Casselman's election took place at the annual meeting held at Chalfonte-Haddon Hall Atlantic yesterday in conjunction with the  convention of the State Medical Society.

The president-elect is active in club work in this city and in the state. Her term of office as president of the Camden Womens Club expired this year. She served as State Chairman of the Department of Public Welfare for the State Federation of Women's Clubs for several months, later resigning, and for the last year has acted as chairmain of public relations for the State as well as for the Camden County Auxiliary. 

Mrs. Harry Hubbard of Plainfield succeeds Mrs. Charles F. Adams of Trenton in the presidency for the coming year. In addition to Mrs. 
Casselman, officers elected were Mrs. Daniel S. Renner of Skillman, 


first vice president; Mrs. George A. Rogers of Newark, second vice-president; Mrs. William Freil of Jersey City, third vice president; Mrs. William H. Guillium of Asbury Park, recording secretary, and Mrs. Edward Clark of Englewood, treasurer. 

The annual meeting yesterday was followed by a luncheon at which the physicians and members of their families were guests. In the evening the auxiliary members attended a dinner-dance given by the Medical Society in honor of its new president, Dr. Frederick J. Quigley of Union City. 

In Mrs. Adams' address she urged the auxillary to assist with the children's health program of the state welfare board and to increase the membership. As a result of her talk, the auxiliary passed resolutions adopting both projects for the coming year. 

"The program of the auxiliary for the coming year is proof that physicians wives are not merely the voice on the telephone," Mrs. Adams said, "but are clever women, wide-awake to the things that are new." 

In closing the retiring president urged co-operation with the State Federation of Women's Clubs. 

Among the Camden County women attending the meeting are Mrs. Casselman, Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott, Mrs. Thomas P. McConaghy, Mrs. Harold Westcott. Mrs. William C. Raughley, Mrs. William A. Wescott and Mrs. E. C. Pechin. 

Camden Courier-Post - October 29, 1935

Mrs. Miriam Lee Early Lippincott, social and civic leader, will hold an afternoon tea at 3 p. m. Thursday in behalf of the Republican candidates at her home, 406 Cooper street.

Among speakers will be Albert E. Burling, candidate for state senator; Edwin G. Scovel, Henry M. Evans and J. Claud Simon, candidates for the Assembly; Mayor Joseph Van Meter, for sheriff; Dr. Leslie H. Ewing, for county clerk, and Joshua C. Haines. candidate for Register of Deeds, and Cecil Rotzell, attorney, and George Walton.

Camden Courier-Post

October 28, 1936

Hotel Walt Whitman
Miriam Lee Early Lippincott
Mrs. Joseph D. Buzby
Mrs. A. Wilbur Nash
Miss Ethel G. Lord
Mrs. Oswald R. Carlander
Mrs. WIlliam H. Heiser
Mrs. E.F. Crane
Mrs. Albert Pancoast
Mrs. Godfrey Speath
Mrs. Elwood Antrim
Mrs Barbara A. Severns
Mrs. H.A. Moran
Mrs. Stanley Ironside
Dr. Helen F. Schrack
Miss Helen Happersett
Miss Mary L. Neer
Miss MIldred G. Brown
Mrs. John F. Gilliams
Mrs. H. Teitleman
Mrs. F. Morse Archer
Mrs. J. Earl Roberts
Mrs. Henry H. Marter

Camden Courier-Post - February 3, 1938

Zontas to Meet Tonight In Hotel Walt Whitman

A meeting of the Camden County Chapter, Zonta International will be held in the Hotel Walt Whitman tonight. Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott, temporary chairman of, the newly organized group, will preside. Dinner will precede.

Camden Courier-Post - February 5, 1938

41st Anniversary Will Be Observed by Broadcast in Afternoon
4th Annual Child Welfare Institute Being Planned for April

The desire to carry on toward the goal envisioned by founders of the Parent-Teacher Association will be emphasized throughout the country in honor of the 41st anniversary of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers.

A Founders Day broadcast will be heard on the Parent-Teacher Radio Forum next Wednesday from 4.30-5 p. m. over the NBC blue network. 

Mrs. Percy Powell, Mrs. Fred M. Raymond and Miss Mary England are in charge of the program.

One of the vital topics to be considered that day is "What needs to be 
done for children today?"

The celebration of Founders Day started by Mrs. David O. Mears in 1910, thirteen years after the organization of the National Congress of Mothers, and the "birthday gifts" from local units are used for the extension of this service to childhood so that it may be carried to every girl and every boy in the country. 


Mrs. Herbert Schoellkopf, county Americanization chairman, urges every parent-teacher member to display the American flag on three important birthdays being celebrated this month, namely: Lincoln's Birthday, February 12; Founder's Day, February 17, and Washington's Birthday, February 22.

Word has been received of the cancellation of the "Homemakers Forum" on station WOR. The series of talks on the adolescent which were to have been given on this program, are available in mimeographed form from the office of the home demonstration agent, Miss Mary M. Leaming, room 208, courthouse, Camden. In requesting this information, the name of the particular talk desired and the definite number of copies needed should be specked.

Parent-Teacher members are looking forward to the fourth annual Child Welfare Institute to be held in April. Plans for this institute are being formulated by Albert M. Bean, superintendent of Camden county schools, who is general chairman. The theme this year will be "Guidance" being divided in four classes pertaining to career, character, community and health.


Collins Tract—An International Relations-Founders' Day program is presented at the meeting on Monday night. Richard R. Wood, of Moorestown, executive secretary of he Friends' Peace Conference, spoke on "Current Events with an International Slant." Mrs. H. Curtis Paschall announced that there are now 4 children receiving a hot lunch at noon. Mrs. W. W. Wright, parent-education chairman, and Mrs. Louis B. Joyce, character-education chairman, attended the meeting at the Court House, conducted for leaders of study groups.

Delair—The meeting was held Wednesday afternoon in the school auditorium. After the meeting Mrs. Leroy Hollinshed, chairman of Founders Day, had charge of the program. Mrs. Paul Denlinger, Camden County Founders Day chairman, spoke. Miss Mable Rook, president, sang solos accompanied by Miss Elizabeth Johnston. 

Merchantville— Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott will present a dramatization of "Peace" at the Founders' Day celebration and international relations program, which will be combined for the regular meeting to be held Tuesday, at 8 o'clock. At the executive committee meeting, Tuesday, a contribution to the Camden County High School Music Festival was approved.

Pennsauken No. 5—Following a luncheon at the home of Mrs. Albert B. Scheflen, material was compiled for the Publicity Record Book by Mrs. Clark Hewitt, publicity chairman, and Mrs. Scheflen. The executive committee will meet Monday night at the home of Mrs. Clark Hewitt, 7653 Rudderow avenue. Founders' Day will be observed at the regular meeting on next Thursday night in the school.

Theodore Roosevelt—A card party will be held at the home of Mrs. Verrill Beverage, Oak Terrace, tonight to raise funds for the youth dance.

Camden Courier-Post - February 15, 1938

Thursday Meet Slated By Burlington G. O. P.

Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott, of Camden, will speak on "World Peace," at a meeting of the Burlington County Women's Republican Club, to be held Thursday afternoon in the firehouse at Bridgeboro. Mrs. Lippincott, well-known peace advocate and club woman, will be the principal speaker.

A covered dish luncheon will precede the meeting and Mrs. Pearl M. Bridegum, of Hainesport, who is president of the club and vice chairman of the New Jersey State Republican Committee, will preside..

Camden Courier-Post
 February 19, 1938

Harry Roye - Loyal D. Odhner
Charles B. Crabiel
James W. Burnison
Thomas N. McCarter
Mrs. Rocco Palese
John F. Gilliams
Oliver C. Boileau
Arthur Colsey
Charles Errickson
Rev. James S. Pemberton
Dan McConnell
Leon H. Rose
Laura Moore - Russell E. Nickerson
Elber Reim - Elmer C. Pratt
Mrs. Miriam Lee Early Lippincott
Samuel Brest
Neil F. Deighan
William Atkinson
Roy Lanning - Albert M. Bean
Dr. Leon N. Neulen
George W. Guyer

Trenton Evening Times
August 31, 1947

Dr. A. Haines Lippincott 
Women's Club of Camden
Miriam Lee Early Lippincott

Trenton Evening Times September 7, 1947

Dr. J. Lynn Mahaffey
Miriam Lee Early Lippincott