MAIR AUERBACH was born Meyer Auerbach around 1901 to Charles H. and Sarah Auerbach. The Auerbach family was one of the first Jewish families to settle and go into business on Kaighn Avenue. The Charles Auerbach family lived, by 1910, at at 283 Walnut Street in Camden. They had move to 428 Carteret Street by January of 1920. His father worked as a laborer for Camden County, and later as a janitor at the Camden county courthouse. Maier Auerbach was the only son, he had eight sisters. 

Mair Auerbach attended Camden's public schools. His early education was at the Liberty School. He was a 1920 graduate of Camden High School, where his nickname was "Squirt". He followed the Academic course, and participated in class baseball. He had, while in high school, adopted the spelling Maior. He later shortened the spelling to Mair, which was the name under which he graduated from the South Jersey Law School. In his high school yearbook, where his picture was not included, it was written:

"Time was, when this lad was imbued with a burning passion to be a real Latin scholar. The first perceptible move in this direction was noticed when Meyer became "Maior".

By the time of the 1930 census, he was finishing law school, a member of the 1930 class of the South Jersey Law School. He was associated with the Travelers Insurance Company, and worked for Jacob L. Furer after graduation. In October of 1931 he established a law office in the S.S. Kresge building at 23 Broadway. This building was gutted by fire on February 19, 1946

By 1947 Mair Auerbach was living with his sister Yetta in a second floor apartment at 1530 Bradley Avenue in the Parkside section of Camden. The City directory lists his occupation as lawyer.

Mair Auerbach was married to Ruth Pincus and adopted her two children, Marcia and Linda. He also introduced youngest sister Flora to her future husband, East Camden merchant Tanfield Kotlikoff, who with his brothers  Harold and Albert (Mitch) operated the famous Kotlikoff's store on Federal Street at 25th Street for many years.

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Camden Courier-Post

October 23, 1931

Camden Courier-Post * May 18, 1934

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