LOUIS DiRENZO was born Luigi DiRenzo in Landisville, New Jersey on October 15, 1901 to Rose and Giuseppi (Joseph) DiRenzo. His father had come to America from Italy in 1892. Louis was the third and youngest child, his sister Susie was born on February 5, 1897, brother Mike arrived on September 14, 1899. The family moved to Camden shortly after Louis was born, moving to Camden's Third Ward, where his father found work as a laborer.

The DiRenzos lived at 136 Mickle when the 1902 City Directory was compiled. They moved to 211 Mickle Street, where they are listed in 1903 and 1904. They appear in the 1911 and 1912 directories at 333 Mickle Street, and at 325 Stevens Street in 1920. Sadly, Joseph DiRenzo died on December 25, 1921.

By 1923 the family had moved to 208 Mickle Street. In 1925 Louis DiRenzo married Pasqualina "Lucy" Bottino. 1926 would see Louis DiRenzo's mother Rose dying on January 8, and a daughter, named Rose arriving on September 9. The family was still living at 208 Mickle when the 1928 City Directory was compiled. A son, Joseph DiRenzo, was born on May 16, 1928. Louis DiRenzo and his young family moved to 419 in time for the 1929 City Directory. The next directory, published in 1931, shows that the family had moved to 1038 South 4th Street. They would move to 637 South 4th Street within a couple of years.

Louis DiRenzo had found work at the Camden Coke plant, which supplied fuel to homes, businesses and industries in Camden. He was also a pretty good athlete, excelling at baseball. Camden Coke, which also was known for a time as Otto Coke, sponsored a ball team in Camden's Industrial League. Louis DiRenzo played shortstop and batted fifth in 1933. In 1934 he played second base and batted eighth. He had also taken an interest in politics, as a Democrat.

Louis DiRenzo was elected president of the Third Ward Democratic Club in 1936, and would be re-elected in 1941 and 1946. He named as a registrar for the Draft Board in October of 1941. In 1942 Louis DiRenzo served as amember of Camden's Board of Education.

The 1943 City Directory states that Louis DiRenzo was working as a driver for  Camden Coke. By 1944 he had taken a job as maintenance foreman with Camden's Board of Education. By 1952 he had moved over to Camden's Highway  Department, where he worked as a laborer as late as 1959. The DiRenzos were still living at 637 South 4th Street as late as 1959. At some point in the 1960s they moved to 3126 Waldorf Avenue in East Camden, not far from his wife Lucy's brother, Louis Bottino.

Louis DiRenzo passed away on September 9, 1968. He was survived by his wife, son and daughter, and seven grandchildren. Lucy DiRenzo jpoined him on April 5, 1979. One of his grandchildren, also names Louis DiRenzo, served for 27 years with the Camden Police Department. 

Louis DiRenzo's sister was married to Mauro DiFrank, who owned Dee's Fuel Service, which supplied fuel oil to homes and busiesses in and around Camden. 

Louis DiRenzo's cousin, Joseph DiRenzo, served on Camden's City Council in the 1970s.

Louis Direnzo and Family
Top: Lucy and Louis Di Renzo 
Bottom: Joseph Di Renzo and Rose Di Renzo Di Frank

Camden Courier-Post * August 29, 1935 
Glenwood Watson - Bronislaw Derowski - Joseph Witek - Robert J. Gartland - William J. Rose 
Thomas W. Anderson - Joseph Munger - Louis DiRenzo - Francis J. Hufner - Woycicck Pyzik
James H. Beal - Georgia R. Green - Helen Derowski - Otto Braun - Michael Russian - Mrs. Norah Falvey
John J. Hainesworth - Mrs. Catherine Corbett - J. Lewis Kolin - Francis Wolf - David Baird Jr.
Joshua C. Haines - Harry L. Maloney - Emma Hyland - Francis G. Homan - Herbert E. Beattie
Leon H. Rose - Albert S. Marvel Jr. - Victor J. Scharle - William L. May - Albert Neutze
Albert Burling - Edwin G. Scovel - J. Claud Simon - Henry M. Evans
Clyde W. Briggs - Clarence Dunkelberger

Camden Courier-Post - August 30, 1935

Charles Salvaggio - Mamie Mungioli - Albert Mungioli - Ferdano Scatasti
Carmen Pitadillo -
Louis DiRenzo





Camden Courier-Post
May 23, 1947

E. George Aaron
Vallie Francesconi
Louis Di Renzo



Camden Courier-Post - December 22, 1953

DROPPING 1200 BUCKS to help more than 500 families in the Camden area have Christmas cheer, workers in RCA Victor Division plants turned their contribution over to union officials who presented it Monday on their behalf, to-Drop-a-Buck-Club officials. Smiling at the total are, left to right. Bernard Kavanagh, president, Local 110; George Norcross, president, Local 106; Deputy Mayor Angelo Malandra, Drop-a-Buck chairman; Anthony Perry, president. Local 103; Frank H. Ryan, editor, The Courier-Post, and Daniel Arnold, international representative for the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine workers, CIO, with which the locals are affiliated.

Completion of the Camden City volunteer organization which will distribute 1500 can containers to business houses throughout the city for the 1954 March of Dimes was announced today by City Commissioner Aaron, Camden County chairman. 

With leaders in every ward n Camden City, as well as in all the municipalities of the county appointed, Aaron predicted the coming campaign, which begins next month; will surpass all records.

"Never has the need been greater than it is today, and never have the prospects been so heartening for combating the .dread disease of Infantile paralysis” Aaron said.

"While this tremendously important work is going on. we must in care for those already stricken and those who will be stricken next year. More than 60 patients  afflicted with polio this year, as well as past polio cases, have received treatment at the Camden Municipal Hospital, treatment made possible by past contributions to the March of Dimes. Your money has saved the lives of countless people; countless others need your help.

The committee follows; First Ward, Joseph Davis; Second Ward, David Hagarty; Third Ward, Louis Di Renzo; Fourth Ward, John Odorisio; Fifth Ward, Mrs. Anna Anderson and Mrs. Lena Rago; Sixth Ward, John Salvatore; Seventh Ward, Mrs. Alfreda Hart; Eighth Ward, Anthony Bezich and Delaware Palmer; Ninth Ward, Oscar Moore; 10th Ward. Edward Kelley; 11th Ward, Mrs. Ella Mae Russell and Carroll Gooch; 12th Ward. Margaret Foley and Wayne McCormick;  13th Ward, Albert Becker and 14th Ward, John Emmel.

P. Donovan Cragin is executive secretary  of Camden  County Chapter, National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, sponsor of  the March of Dimes.



Camden Courier-Post
September 11, 1968



I still have an ornate wooden chair, rescued from being thrown out for trash at City Hall by my paternal grandfather in the 1940's, he placed it inside his front door at 637 South 4th Street. and had anybody, including cops, coming to him for favors, money envelopes, etc. sit in the chair until any transactions were completed! 

"The Chair". I had it refurbished by a Camden cop, Dave Newberry, in the early 1980's.

The chair is to the left in this photo, grandparents home about mid-1950's. That's me caught during a purse snatch.

Lou DiRenzo
January 2020