KENNARD HAWORTH NAYLOR was born in Wilmington, Delaware on November 5, 1892 to Edward and Mary Naylor. He grew up in New Castle, Delaware where he attended New Castle High School and played basketball alongside his brother John. During World War I Kennard Naylor served in the United States Navy. He married Harriet Barnes on June 7, 1918. He was still married when the Census was taken in 1920, however by 1924 he appears to have been living on his own.

When the census was taken on January 6 of 1920, Kennard Naylor serving with the United States Navy as a Boatswain's Mate aboard the USS Hopewell, based at the Portsmouth, Virginia Navy Yard. On January 14, 1920 he was counted again, along with his parents and brothers Edward and John Naylor in New Castle, Delaware.  

The USS Hopewell, a 1090-ton Lamberton class destroyer, was built at Newport News, Virginia, under the World War I emergency shipbuilding program. She was commissioned in mid-March 1919, about five months after the conflict's end, and in May helped support the trans-Atlantic flight of the seaplane NC-4. Thereafter USS Hopewell operated in the western Atlantic and Caribbean areas, with her duties including training Naval reservists during 1920 and 1921. 

Kennard Naylor was discharged from the United States Navy in 1920 and came to Camden, New Jersey where he may have had some family connections. Kennard Naylor was appointed to the Camden Fire Department  on November 5, 1920. He reported for duty January 1, 1921 with Engine Company 9 in East Camden. He was assigned to the position of Second District's Chief's Aide on June 16, 1951. He retired on pension on January 1, 1954.

The 1924 Camden City Directory shows Kennard Naylor living at 952 Linden Street. He was still there when the 1927 City Directory was compiled. By 1929 Kennard H. Naylor was boarding at 334 North 10th Street, and he was still there when the census was taken in April of 1930. He married during the 1930s. The 1940 Camden City Directory shows him living at 2616 Carman Street. Kennard Naylor passed away on February 3, 1966. They Naylor family was still living at 2616 Carman Street as late as the fall of 1977. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 14, 1908

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 23, 1910

USS Hopewell DD-181

Camden Post-Telegram * December 30, 1920

Peter B. Carter - Thomas Nicholas - Walter Browning - George B. Wade - William W. Patterson
Francis Ford Patterson Jr. - Charles H. Ellis - David Jester - Joseph Forsyth

Engine Co. 1 - Alfred E. Green - Charles Errickson  Charles W Cooke - Leroy Hatchett

Engine Co. 2 - Howard Landon - John K. Voll 
Edgar Ellender - Harold Lohrang - Chester Andrus  Harry G. Layton

Engine Co. 3 - Charles B. Haines - Charles Clements
August HaverkampFrank Kuda - Louis Quinton

Engine Co. 4 - Frank A. Obermann - Walter B. Gray
Albert Raeuber
- Fred Schucker - Harry Kleinfelder

Engine Co. 5 - Richard A. Farris - Frank Fennrio

Engine Co. 6 - William H. Reed - Manuel J. Kane Edward Perairia - Thomas Shanahan
Rocco De Varro

"Frank Fennrio" is for the moment a mystery

Engine Co. 7 - August Scholl - Nicholas Romaine
Lawrence H. Mathews

Engine Co. 8 - Samuel Oshushek - Edward C. Crane Adam Mead - Frank Sapp - William J. Taylor Sr.

Engine Co. 9 - Kennard Naylor - Daniel McSurdy John Mohrfeld

Engine Co. 10 - William Schwartz - Hugh Rementer Harry Greenan - Rocco Abbott

Hose & Chemical Co. 2 - Laurence Newton
Edward Hauser - William Getner

Ladder Co. 1 - Thomas Cunningham 
Leonard Megee

Ladder Co. 2 - John Gaylor - Walter White

Ladder Co. 3  David Ellis - George W. Attison
John Mulligan - David Humphries - Albert Dukes

Tennie G. Hutchison Jr. - Ladder Co. 4 - George A. Quimby

Hook & Ladder Company 3, Hose & Chemical Company 1 & Engine Company 9 - 1924

Hook & Ladder Company 3: Captain Joseph B. Ayres, FF Dave Humphries, Al Dukes, John Mulligan, Bill Mountney, Bill Hopkins. Hose & Chemical Company 1: Captain Charles H. Robinson, FF William E "Pud" Jaeckel, George Townsend, Ken Naylor, Howard Gick. Engine Company 9: Captain John H. Vickers, FF Irv Lederman, Newton Ash, Joe Gentlesk, Al Palmer

World War II Draft Card