JUDSON K. FISH was born in New Jersey in April of 1851 to Amanda and Ezra Fish. The family was living in Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill), New Jersey when the census was taken in 1860.

The 1870 Census shows the family had moved to Camden's Middle Ward, and that Ezra Fish was working as a Camden policeman. The family at that time consisted of Ezra and Amanda Fish, older brother George and younger sisters Louisa and Sarah.

A brick mason by trade, Judson Fish was married in 1872 to Mary A. Mathis. By the late 1870s he had relocated to Camden's Eighth Ward. The 1878-1879 Camden City Directory shows him living on Viola Street, and the 1879-1880 edition gives an address of 1910 Fillmore Street, where he resided through 1892. The 1880 census shows that their were three children then at home, Lizzie, Ella, and Clarence. Three more children were born, James Garfield Fish in 1881, Raymond Fish in 1883, and Lillian Fish in 1888.

In the spring of 1884 Judson Fish was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with the Hook and Ladder Company, taking the place of John W. Elliott. Judson Fish served until July 1, 1885 when the Fire Department was reorganized and eighteen of the extra men were laid off.  

The 1893-1894 Camden City Directory shows that Judson and Mary Fish had moved to 1715 South 4th Street

In 1894 Judson K. Fish's daughter Ella married William James. He soon went to work for Camden's Water Department, where he was employed for well over 30 years. William James' brother, Albert E. James, secured an appointment to the Fire Department that year as as well.

Judson K. Fish and family were was still at 1715 South 4th Street when the Census was taken in 1900. Three children who had been born after 1880 were living at home, James, Raymond, and Lillie. By 1906 the family had moved to 1711 South 4th Street, where they stayed through 1910. The 1914 Camden City Directory shows Judson Fish at 1729 Ferry Avenue. By the latter half of 1918 he had moved to 1709 South 4th Street, where he was still living when the census was taken in January of 1920. Judson Fish was still in the bricklaying business when the Census was taken. The 1921 Directory has him and wife Mary at 1255 Sheridan Street. They had moved to 819 Tulip Street by the time the 1922 Directory was compiled. They are listed there in 1923 as well. Judson and Mary Fish are not listed in the 1924 Camden City Directory. 

Judson K. Fish in August of 1929. His wife Mary Fish was living with their daughter Lillian and her wife and sons at 213 State Street in Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill), New Jersey. Mrs. Fish died March 24, 1938 and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Son Ray Fish was very well known as a semi-pro baseball player in the 1900s and 1910s, playing for the Camden A.C. and the Emerson A.A. teams. He also coached the Emerson A.A. basketball team in the 1920s.

Camden Courier
April 4, 1884

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Frank Webster - Howard Sharp
Charles Turner - William Jobes
Isaac Middleton - William H. Whaland
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Amos Caverow - Frank Stillwell 
John Collins - Judson Fish

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 29, 1889

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Camden Courier-Post
August 29, 1929

Ray Fish