JOSEPH E. NOWREY was born in 1865 in Glendon PA, near Easton, to Alexander and Mary Nowrey. His father had moved to Camden around 1873. Alexander Nowrey established a dry goods business at 842 Locust Street, before passing on February 10, 1877.  His mother Mary kept the dry goods business going. Between 1887 and 1891 Joseph Nowrey was employed as a machinist for a dredging company, and made his home at 842 Locust Street in Camden NJ. He and his family had moved to 939 South 4th Street by June of 1900. Next door at 943 South 4th Street was shoe merchant Henry Kobus, well known blacksmith Thomas Daley lived around the corner at 337 Walnut Street, his son Thomas J. Daley would serve as Camden's city engineer for over twenty years.

After serving as police recorder, Joseph Nowrey served as mayor of Camden NJ from 1902 to 1905, when he was succeeded by Charles Ellis. He had won the November 6, 1901 election by a very small plurality. He was the only Democrat to hold the Mayors office until 1923. He also served as the Sheriff of Camden County from 1911 to 1914. Known as "Honest Joe", he was also involved with several fraternal organizations, including the Modern Woodmen of America and the Improved Order of Red Men. He served as Grand Sachem and Great Prophet for the State of New Jersey in the first years of the century. In May of 1904 he was grand marshal of a parade in Camden involving the Red Men, some 7,000 of which were in Camden for a convention. He was also a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and Irish-American organizations.

Mayor Nowrey's term was marked with controversy, as his Democratic administration attempted to institute changes to laws and policies enacted by the previous Republican administrations. He feuded with fellow Democrat William J. Thompson, and his refusal to sign $50,000 in school bonds authorized by Council led to legal action that ended up in the New Jersey State Supreme Court during the first year of his administration. He was widely criticized for his refusal to authorize the school loan in the Camden Post-Telegram, and he attempted to dissolve Camden's Board of Education in September of 1903.  This feud continued for months. In June of 1904, he announced he would run for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 1904, but did not succeed in this bid, having alienated many regular organization Democratic leaders. In the late summer of 1904 City Council passed an ordinance authorizing the issuance of binds to raise money for the purchase of a public park, Mayor Nowrey, held off signing the bill until he had time to examine the merits of the issue. In September of 1904 he was nominated by the local Democratic party to run for re-election as mayor. His chances were thought good, as he had settled the feud with William J. Thompson. Joseph Nowrey was defeated by Charles Ellis in a bitterly fought election in November of 1904.

When the census was taken in 1910, the Nowrey family resided at 939 South 4th Street. Joseph Nowrey was engaged in real estate at the time, his term as Camden County Sheriff began the following year. At the time of the 1920 census, Joseph Nowrey then 54, was living at 921 Cooper Street with his wife Mary and children Joseph E. Jr., Myrtle, and Roland. He was then in the construction business. Joseph Nowrey had retired by 1930. He, wife Mary, and son Roland still resided at 921 Cooper Street in April of that year. He remained active in Democrat party affairs well into the 1930s.

Joseph E. Nowrey Sr. passed away in 1937, and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden, next to his mother and father. His wife died on April 1, 1950, and was buried by his side. 

A great-nephew, PFC John A. Nowrey, the grand-son of his brother George, was killed in action while serving with the United States Army during World War II. George Nowrey passed on in January of 1938.


Please take notice of this information while reading the following articles and editorials reprinted from the Trenton Times covering Mayor Joseph Nowrey's administration. Joseph Nowrey was a Democratic Mayor and the Trenton Times was aligned with the Republican party politically. One must consider this in evaluating the Times coverage of Mayor Nowrey's actions while in office.

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 23, 1898

Ferry Avenue
Byron Street
North 3rd Street
Camden Elks Lodge
Samuel Suders
Joseph Nowrey
John H. Jordan
Farr & Bailey
George S. West


Philadelphia Inquirer
August 30, 1898

John Foster - H. Frank Pettit 
Cooper B. Hatch
- Joseph Nowrey
J. "Denny" Clark
Frank Rawle - Annie Murray
South 6th Street - Spruce Street
South 2nd Street - Chestnut Street

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Camden Daily Telegram
October 11, 1898

Hugh Boyle
Joseph Nowrey






Camden Daily Telegram
October 14, 1898

Hugh Boyle
Joseph Nowrey

Edward S. Hyde
Harry McNeil






Camden Daily Telegram
October 31, 1898

Benjamin S. Hovis
Richard Fowler
William E. Albert
Annie Joyce
Hugh Boyle
Dr. William S. Jones
Joseph Nowrey
Nelson Hart
John Burdsall


Camden Daily Telegram
October 31, 1898

Joseph Nowrey
William Harvey
O. Glen Stackhouse
David Bentley
Frank Matlack
James Roach
J. Oscar Weaver
Albert S. Shaw
Thomas W. Moore

Abraham Briscoe
Walter H. Chase
Edward Lewis
John Miller
Ben Bunston
Edward Fortie
Jacob Granger
Herbert Weaver





Camden Daily Telegram
November 7, 1898

John Foster
Hugh Boyle
Joseph Nowrey
O. Glen Stackhouse
William Harvey











Philadelphia Inquirer - November 10, 1898
Enoch Briscoe - Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 10, 1898
Edward Mulligan - South 8th Street - Joseph Nowrey - Robert Nichols
Elbridge B. McClong

Camden Daily Telegram - January 3, 1899
Hugh Boyle - Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 14, 1899
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South 3rd Street - W. Harry Getty - Charles Metz - Walter H. Keefer - James Boone - George Armstrong
Charles Loriaux - George Smith - Victor Thompson  - George Sterling - Washington Ketline

William D. Hart
- Hugh Boyle - John Painter - Albert Shaw - Robert F. Miller
- John Foster
George W. Anderson - H. Frank Pettit - Harry Miller - Isaac C. Brown - Joseph Nowrey
South 4th Street -
Benson Street - North 17th Street - Federal Street  

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 29, 1899
Arthur Stanley - Cooper B. Hatch - John Foster - George Danks
Willis Godfrey -
Joseph Nowrey - Walter E. Harrington
Haddon Avenue- Newton Avenue
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Philadelphia Inquirer - July 28, 1899
Arthur Stanley - Cooper B. Hatch - Edward Hyde - John Painter
David Shaw - Mrs. Mary Mahan - South Front Street  
Joseph Nowrey - Howard Carrow - Maurice Hertz - David B. Kaighn
Locust Street -
Kaighn Avenue
Peter Kelly - John Keefe - Marshall Hutchinson - E.G.C. Bleakly
South 8th Street - South 9th Street - Ferry Avenue - Haddon Avenue
Carman Street - Walnut Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 22, 1898

William Ilgenfritz - Jacob N. Wise
Charles Gordon - Victor Kline
Charles E. Wilson - Bessie Hughes
Mrs. Marshall -
Cooper B. Hatch
John Foster
Harry C. Kramer
J. WIllard Morgan
Charles Baron - George Cooper
Harry Miller -
George Anderson
Edward Hartmann
James Ware
Joseph Nowrey

Mickle Street - Delaware Avenue
Market Street
South 9th Street
Ferry Avenue
Vine Street
Front Street -
Arch Street

Camden Daily Courier
March 13, 1899
Joseph Nowrey - Archie Robinson - Wilhelmina Robinson - James A. Roach
William Butts - Kate Green - J. Oscar Weaver 
George Ritter - John Miller - Harry Watson - Alfred Porter - Harry Curtis - Albert Knox 

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 18, 1899

John Ware
Mrs. Mary Rende
James Ware
Officer Harris
Joseph Nowrey
South 4th Street
Jasper Street
Van Hook Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 6, 1899

Washington Ketline - Joseph Nowrey

Camden Daily Courier * May 23, 1899
Joseph Nowrey - John Burns - Adrian Bateman

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 12, 1899

Joseph Nowrey - Fillmore Street
George Chambers - Mary Collins
Samuel Lewis - Mrs. Sallie Wilkie

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 24, 1899

William Chalfant - Joseph Callahan - Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer * October 29, 1899

Gottlieb Mick - Dr. John W. Donges - Christopher S. Magrath - Isaac Ferris Jr. - Charles Devaull
John Hood - George D. Borton - James F. Davis - Joseph Devinney - George Holl - Joseph Nowrey
William E. Anthony - David T. Campbell - John Pugh - John K. Esler - Harry Stetser
Cornelius Schepperkotter - Dr. Francis J. Bicker - Jonas S. Miller - Allyn Brewer
Joseph Peacock - David A. Shreeve - Charles D. Heath  - Frederick Krueger - F.S. Neipling
Aaron Bryant - Jacob C. Lippincott - Thomas Wentz Jr. - William J. Thompson - John S. Smith
 George Williams - Charles C. Old - Jacob C. Daubman - Major William H. Tice
Clarence T. Atkinson - James Burke - Thomas Bodell - Francis Ford Patterson Jr.

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 31, 1899
Locust Street - Division Street - Joseph Nowrey - Arthur Stanley
Eucevia Manor - Mrs. Mary E. Beckett - Mabel Schooley

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 17, 1899

Penn Street - Willard Street - Joseph Nowrey - Andrew Lyons
Edward A. Armstrong - John Haas - Harold Cronce
Gottlieb Foehl - Frank Matlack  - Cambridge Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 23, 1899
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William Molt - Federal Street - Thomas Moore - Alfred Snow

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 6, 1900
Joseph Nowrey - Arthur Stanley - Charles H. Green
Albert Matchett -
Front Street - Kaighn Avenue - South 10th Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 27, 1900

George Pfeiffer Jr.
Harry B. Paul
John S. Smith
Howard Carrow
Joseph Nowrey
John H. Irwin
James Noone
Lewis Holl
George Horneff
Ben Meloney
William Hollmon
William Jennings
Frank H. Powell
Abel Lewis
William Petzel
Thomas H. Cook





Philadelphia Inquirer - April 21, 1900
Joseph Nowrey - John McCoy - Thomas Croker

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 21, 1900
Joseph Nowrey - John Maddox

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 27, 1900
Joseph Nowrey - South 6th Street - John Henson - George Warner

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 21, 1900
Joseph Nowrey - Philip Auerbach - May Bennett - Charles Smith
Herbert Prickett -
South 10th Street - Pine Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 21, 1900
Joseph Nowrey - John Kupperwich - Louis Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 30, 1900

William Ringle - David Malcolm - James McNally - Paul Hoepfner
Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 2, 1900

George Marple
Joseph Nowrey
Mulford Street
Keystone Leather
Federal Street
George Thomas
Rudderow Avenue - North 32nd Street
E.E. Jefferis - Ella Riley

John Foster 

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Philadelphia Inquirer - August 7, 1900

Joseph Nowrey - James Thornton - Frank Matlack


August 16, 1900

Billy Sand - Arthur Stanley
Joseph Nowrey
Thomas E. Mason
Philip T. Colding
Paul C. Budd
Haddon Avenue - Line Street
Arch Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 5, 1900

Henry Johannes Jr. - Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 28, 1900
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Martin J. O'Brien - Market Street - Carman Street  - Eastern Telephone & Telegraph Company
Philip Burch - Broadway - Robert H. Patton - Federal Street
Wilbur Carhart - Charles Markley - Elm Street
  Arthur Stanley - Maurice Gandy - Thomas Mooney - Frank Yorley - George Lezenby
William C. Davis -
Joseph Nowrey - Dr. William S. Jones
George W. Coles - North 4th Street - Richard Twelves - William Vogt

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 12, 1901

Frank Starkey - George Peterson - George Laux
Joseph Nowrey - Isaac Toy - Mary Reynolds - Lev Stratton 
Rev. G.R. Underhill -
St. John's Episcopal Church 
Rev. A.G. Lawson -
North Baptist Church

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 1, 1902
Elbridge B. McClong - John C. Truitt - William Stone - Joseph Nowrey
Winfield Nossardy (Nosardi)

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 2, 1902
  Arthur Stanley - David Ellis - John FosterJoseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 20, 1902

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  Arthur Stanley - John Chamber -  Joseph Nowrey

Trenton Times * May 17, 1902

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 15, 1902

Broadway - Spruce Street
Louisa Traubel -
Gately & Hurley Company
George Fields -
John Welsh - Levi Farnham
Joseph Nowrey -   Arthur Stanley

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Philadelphia Inquirer - July 29, 1902
John Foster - F. Morse Archer
Joseph Nowrey - Eli Hunt - John G. Helm 
Henrietta V. Bland - James Bland
Charles Wagner -
Harry Miller - Albert Keaser Robert Miller - F. Neil Robinson 
Edward Hartman
South 3rd Street - Beckett Street 
Liberty Street - Locust Street

Camden Daily Courier * September 18, 1902
Robert F. Miller - Albertson Matlack - Albert Keaser - John Corbettt - George V. Murry - James S. Hanson
Samuel P. Jones - Theodore Leas - John S. Broome - Benjamin Lawton - Morris Odell - Joseph Nowrey

Camden Post-Telegram * October 28, 1902

Joseph Nowrey - Robert F. Miller - Albertson Matlack - David Ellis - Jacob Seiser - Richard R. Miller

Trenton Times

November 14, 1902


Trenton Times * November 20, 1902

Trenton Times

February 25, 1903


Philadelphia Inquirer - March 3, 1903
Joseph Nowrey - Charles Ridgely - Oscar Weaver - Isaac Toy

Trenton Times

May 6, 1903


Trenton Times

May 8, 1903


Trenton Times

May 18, 1903


Philadelphia Inquirer - May 30, 1903
Joseph Nowrey

Trenton Times

September 22, 1903


Trenton Times

October 10, 1903


Trenton Times

November 10, 1903


Philadelphia Inquirer
December 16, 1903

Harry Curtis
Joseph Nowrey
Jacob Handley

1904 - Improved Order of Red Men parade ribbon


Trenton Times * February 24, 1904

Trenton Times * April 11, 1904

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 25, 1904

Dr. Frank Neill Robinson - Joseph Nowrey - Edward Schlereth - Edward Johnson - Joseph James
Engine Company No. 2 - Joseph C. Collings - William Wallace - George Early
Collings Carriage Works - Victor Talking Machine Company - Lambert & Todd

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 3, 1904

Elizabeth Rodd - South 5th Street
Cooper Hospital
Joseph E. Nowrey
Victor Talking Machine Compnay
William H. Shearman
Haddon Avenue
Rev.  Dr. Clarence A. Adams
Trinity Baptist Church

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 5, 1904

Pyne Poynt Park - State Street Methodist Episcopal Churc
F. Wayland Potter - Rev. F.A. DeMaris -
Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 27, 1904

Sons of Israel - South 8th Street - Sycamore Street
Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 29, 1904
Sons of Israel - South 8th Street - Sycamore Street - Joseph Nowrey

Trenton Times * October 12, 1904

Trenton Times

October 29, 1904








Philadelphia Inquirer
February 19, 1905

Samuel B.F. Alcott
Arthur Stanley
Cooper B. Hatch
John Miller
William Morris
Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 30, 1905

George Aultemus
Frank Devereaux
John R. Wolf
Wilfred M. Kaighn
A.J. Vansant
Frank W. Tressey
John Vanderslice
Dr. William I. Kelchner
Robert Garrison
George H. Watt
John E. Smith
Ludwig Winters
Martin J. Ewe
William S. Wilkins
Levi Sharp
Dr. William H. Kensinger
Walter Hubbs
George Martin
Thomas S. Armstrong
Huelings Mulvey
Josiah Kirkbride
Lewis Schimer
George H. Jones
Thomas Pooley
John J. Welsh
Alfred R. Taylor
Bernard Funfer
John Carver

Penrose W. Hirst - Charles H. Mills - James S. Pratt
Thomas B. Hall - William H. Jennings - Frank H. Burdsall - Clarence B. Groff
Dr. Dowling Benjamin - Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 18, 1905

Charles H. Ellis
Harry Jones
Isaac Moffett
John H. Carmany
Caleb Williams
A.L. Matlack
Frank WIlliams
William H. Sparks
C.S. Magrath
Joseph Nowrey
William J. Bradley
Jonathan D. Watson

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 17, 1906

John L . Wescott - Cooper B. Hatch - Joseph E. Nowrey
William J. Bradley - S.S. Iszard - William Shillingsburg 
Rev. John Lyell -
Charles H. Ellis - North 3rd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 5, 1906

William J. Sewell - Mount Vernon Street - John Foster
Charles H. Ellis - Ionic Lodge of Masons
First Italian Republican Club - Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Improved Order of Red Men  - John Carroll - John R. Campbell
Rev. Gilbert Underhill - St. John's Episcopal Church
Elisha Albert Gravenor - John Brothers - Maurice A. Rogers
Albert Shaw - George Hammond - Joseph Nowrey
Thomas Brothers - Camillus Appley - Robert Colkett
Jules Bosch - Thomas J. Murphy - Harry Mines 
George Kappel - George Kleaver - Alfred Snow - Casper Hart
City Hall -  Arthur Stanley  - William Horner - Aaron Matlack
Fifth Ward Republican Club - Third Street - Walnut Street
Broadway - Benson Street - Haddon Avenue - Harleigh Cemetery  

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 27, 1907

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Philadelphia Inquirer - June 6, 1910

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 27, 1910

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 21, 1912

Charles Ford - Effie May Wagner - William Gradwell - Martha Gillen
Stefano Torcesso - Nunzio Imperato - Joseph Nowrey - Charles G. Garrison 

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 23, 1912

Joseph Nowrey - Joseph Forsyth - Frederick Triplett - Hubert Pfeil 
A.C.Kraft - Isaac Moffett - Thomas Little - Harry M. Knight
Charles H. Ellis

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 5, 1913

Alcaldo Sorden - Nicholas Waldron - William H. Brooks - Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 6, 1913

Alfred C. Kraft - William J. Kraft
Joseph Forsyth - Joseph Nowrey
Cooper B. Hatch

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March 5, 1913

Joseph Nowrey
Howard Carrow

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Philadelphia Inquirer - February 9, 1914

Frederick A. Finkleldey - James E. Hewitt - Joshua C. Haines - Harry Marter
George Starn - Jacob Price - Willard Gibbs -
Joseph Nowrey - Alvin B. Pitman

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 26, 1914
Click on Image for PDF File of Complete Article

Joseph Nowrey
Charles McElhone
George N. Cook
O. Glen Stackhouse
Charles Smith
Edward Finley
Stevens Street
Daniel Burns
South 4th Street
Mt. Ephraim Avenue
Sheridan Street
John Shimski
William H. Day
Guarantee Realty Co.

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 7, 1914
Click on Image for PDF File of Complete Article
Charles Worthington - Joseph Nowrey - Charles H. Ellis - Jennings' Band

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 23, 1921

Myrtle Lillian Nowrey
William H. Dryden
St. John's Episcopal Church
Rev. C.B. DuBell
Cooper Street
Joseph E. Nowrey
Joseph E. Nowrey Jr.

Camden Courier-Post - October 16, 1931


A combined A. Harry Moore rally and social evening will be conducted by Democratic voters of the Eleventh Ward tonight at the Maennerchor Hall, Twenty-seventh Street below River Avenue.

Former Sheriff Joseph E. Nowrey, Mrs. Florence Melnik, Gene Mariano and Assembly candidates, Vincent de P. Costello, William French, Jr., and Frederick Stanton, will speak. Mrs. Lillian Pisko, committeewoman, will preside. Mrs. Anna Rush is chairman of the committee in charge of the affair.

 Rallies in interest of Moore and other Democratic candidates will also be conducted in Collingswood and Lawnside tonight.             ,.

Mrs. Emma E. Hyland, state committeewoman; Ralph Wescott, Haddonfield freeholder candidate, and Gene Mariano will address the voters in Collingswood at a mass meeting to be held at the Independent headquarters, Lees and Haddon Avenue.

Isaac Eason, former attorney general of the United States; Rev. Robert A. Jackson and Albert Melnik, will speak at the Lawnside A. Harry Moore Club at the Lawnside fire hall on Warwick Road.

Camden Courier-Post - October 29, 1931

Democratic Candidate Greeted on County Tour

A. Harry Moore, Democratic candidate for governor, is shown above with Camden county leaders at the Bellmawr home of Harry A. Maloney, state committeeman, where he was the guest at luncheon yesterday during his tour of Camden county. Left to right are Edward J. Hart, Jersey City corporation counsel; Miss Marie V. Kelley, vice chairman of the Democratic county committee; Maloney, Moore, Mrs. Emma E. Hyland, state committeewoman, and Charles Ross, manager of the A. Harry Moore Glee Club

Towers Theatre Packed at Climax of All-Day Invasion Here

Editorial: "Mr. Harry Moore's Great Expose' That Exposes Nothing" appears on page 16.


Demanding a fair election and protection to Democratic voters, A. Harry Moore was greeted here last night by the largest crowd to gather at a Democratic meeting in Camden's recent history.

The Democratic candidate for governor brought to a climax an all-day speaking tour of Camden county with a mass meeting which overflowed the Towers Theatre, Broadway and Pine street. At least 3500 persons crowded the theatre to its doors and more than 1000 others, unable to get in, heard the speakers' words through amplifiers over the sidewalks.

Assails Justice Lloyd

Moore criticized Supreme Court Justice Frank T. Lloyd, for his refusal last week to order state police 'into Camden to protect the interests of the Democrats.

"The court has not given me that assurance. Instead, the court deliv­ered from the bench a fine speech for my opponent."

The Democratic candidate, had promised in an earlier speech here September 8, to name names of those he charged had resorted to illegal practices at the polls. He made no mention of them last night except to say he had given the names in affidavits filed with Justice Lloyd.

Earlier in the evening the Democratic standard-bearer addressed more than 250 at a combined meeting of Merchantville, Delaware Township and Pennsauken Township voters at Merchantville Hall, 15 West Maple Avenue, Merchantville, and to 1200 at Gloucester city hall.

Lauds Courier-Post Fairness

In an address at noon to employees of the RCA Victor and Campbell Soup companies, Moore, without naming his Republican opponent, declared:

"Come on with your millions," he added without mentioning the name of his Republican opponent, "and with the editors you have bought and paid for, and. next Tuesday I'll crash through to the governor's chair!

“When I speak of the editors who have been bought, and paid for, I’m not in anyway referring to the local newspapers- the Morning Post and the Evening Courier. Both of these papers have been fair to me in handling the news of the campaign,"

. Moore's address at the Towers Theatre follows:

Cites Request for Trooper.

"Evidence is on file with the justice of the Supreme Court here showing clearly that extraordinary means must be taken by me to protect my interests on election day in certain parts of the City of Camden. When I spoke here the last time, I referred to conditions that existed in the Eighth and Fifth wards, conditions that made it impossible for opponents of Republican candidates to receive the protection that the laws provide for all candidates for office.

"I promise at that time that the names of certain individuals who re­sort to illegal practices at the polls would be made public. This has been done. The names have been given to the justice of the Supreme Court here.

"Though my counsel, I have appealed to the justice of the Supreme Court for assurance that he would use the power of his high judicial office to give my interests the protection of the law of New Jersey in those sections where I am compelled to believe my interests are in jeopardy. Filed with the court are 40 affidavits showing what has happened in the Fifth and Eighth wards in the past, and what I have every reason to believe will be repeated this year unless checked beforehand.

Ridicules Supreme Court

"The court has not given me that assurance. Instead, the court delivered from the bench a fine speech for my opponent. The court insisted on emphasizing that the City of Camden and the County of Camden were no more capable of election law violations than any other city or county in the state.

"Now, I have no criticism to make of the people of Camden city or Camden county. Certainly the great majority of the people here are law abiding. I never said they weren't. But the court was given evidence of the strong-arm and illegal methods used at the polls in the Fifth and Eighth wards in the City of Camden, evidence submitted by persons who witnessed the stuffing of ballot box and by other persons who were victims of intimidation and beating by gangsters.

"Am I not entitled to the protection that I seek? What are courts for, if not to see that justice is done and the law respected?

Hits at Baldwin and Cops

"Can I depend on the prosecutor of Camden county to see that the law is not violated on election day, when the prosecutor has appeared as counsel for my opponent in these matters, and is out campaigning for him?

"Can I look to the police for protection when the affidavits now on file with the justice of the Supreme Court show that the policemen on duty at the polling places where these law violations occurred closed their eyes to what was going on, some leaving the polling place at the approach of bullies in the Eighth ward, and others actually assisting in the assaults made upon voters and election officers?

"The justice said that Camden county has been cleaned up. Two years ago he told the grand jury here that conditions were rotten and charged the grand jury to do its full duty. Granting that Camden now is free of all the things Justice Lloyd said existed here two years ago, credit for the change must go to Justice Lloyd.

"If then, a word from the court accomplished that much, why won't a word from him now, about what habitually happens in the Fifth and Eighth wards, on election day- occurrences that everyone is familiar with- put a stop to that?

Appeals to Fairness

"I want the same protection here that my opponent will have in my county on election day. Guarding his interests at the polls in Hudson will be a Republican prosecutor and a Republican bureau of elections, Mr. Baird will have at every polling place in Hudson county, in addition to the regular challengers and watchers, two Republican deputies from the Bureau of Elections, paid not by the Republican party, but by the taxpayers of Hudson county.

"It is costing our people $100,000 a year to maintain this Republican election bureau with its investigators and deputies.

"The records disclose that 19 names are registered from the saloon owned by the Republican leader of the Fifth ward, and those names, together with the name of the saloon owner and the address of the saloon, have been submitted to the court. In addition, there are at least 1000 names on the Camden city registry lists that do not belong there. That evidence is also in Justice Lloyd's possession.

Threatens Vote Crooks Here

"These 19 names we know for a positive fact are illegally on the registry books, They are the remainder of the 4000 illegal registrants that were discovered during an investigation. Three thousand have been stricken from the registry lists by the Common Pleas Court here, and but for the expiration of the statutory time limit they all would have been stricken.

"However, despite the refusal of the court to assure me of the protec­tion to which I am entitled, I want the people to know that every safeguard will be thrown around their ballots, Even without the support of the law enforcement agencies of this city and county the polls will be properly protected next Tuesday. The next time I come to Camden it will be as the governor of New Jersey, and I promise now that it will be a sad day for the law violators and recreant officials, from the highest down. They will answer to me for whatever frauds occur next Tuesday.

"I pledge to you that the law will be respected, that the ballot box stuffers will be put where they belong, that the reign of terror of the gangsters will end, and end speedily; that the machinery of government will be returned to the people, that the ballot will be cast by the people of South Jersey in accordance with their own desires- unhampered and unafraid.

Pledges Jury Reform

"The question of jury reform no doubt is or particular interest to the people of Camden. I believe that one of the main reasons why hand­picked and political juries are pos­sible is the present method of selecting jury commissioners.

"Instead of improving on the original method of having the jury com­missioners for each county appointed by the chancellor, the present ad­ministration at Trenton threw the procedure completely into politics by placing the appointment of these officials in the hands of the gov­ernor.

"I advocate that jury commissioners be appointed by the justice of the Supreme Court in the respective counties. In addition, I favor life tenure for justices of the Supreme Court. The latter reform would completely remove the Supreme Court from politics.            

That much accomplished, the justice of the Supreme Court becomes the only proper officer to select jury commissioners."

Nowrey Presides

The Camden mass meeting was opened by former Mayor Joseph E. Nowrey, who presided. District Court Judge Myron Ernst, of Jersey City, predicting Hudson County would give Moore 100,000 majority, paid tribute to Mayor Frank Hague, of Jersey City, Democratic state leader.

"We love and respect Mayor Hague," he declared. "He never has been a boss, as the Republicans charge, but he gives the people value, dollar for dollar."

He declared the election of Moore would be a "beacon signal making possible the election of a Democratic president of the United States."

Other speakers included Gene Mariano and E. George Aaron, Camden attorneys; Harvey Rothberg, Trenton, organizer of the A. Harry Moore Veterans' League; James Baker, former president of the State Board of Taxation; Edward Hart, Jersey City corporation counsel, and the three Democratic candidates for Assembly, Vincent de P. Costello, William C. French, Jr., and Frederick Stanton.

Entrance of Moore was the signal for a deafening ovation. Stamping, whistling and cheering broke out spontaneously as the Democratic candidate stepped on the platform. He was forced to wait several minutes before he could silence his supporters and open his address.             ,

Addresses RCA and Soup Workers

Moore opened his Camden county tour with an open-air address to more than 700 employees of RCA Victor and Campbell Soup Companies at Second and Market streets at noon.

"I want to see that every poor boy and girl in the state has a chance equal to the rich." he declared, describing how he himself had started as a poor boy and went to work when he was 13 years old.

"You are my kind of people and I am going to represent you. You are the laboring class and the American Federation of Labor has endorsed me. Labor organizations are with me everywhere.

"There is a demand for a change.

A Republican came to me the other day and said, 'I'm a Republican and I'm going to vote for you. You can't be worse than what we've had.' I smiled and said, 'It's true I can't be worse, but I hope to be better and I will be.”

Hits 'Hoover Prosperity’

Moore attacked what he termed the "Hoover promises of prosperity."

"Where is the job for every man that he promised, where the chicken at every table and the automobile for every workingman that we were to have under Hoover prosperity?" he asked.

"I ask, where are those evidences of prosperity that were promised? I represent you. I'm going to repre­sent you. I want, and you want, the government taken out of the hands of a boss."

Moore's remarks were greeted with cheers and applause, interrupted oc­casionally with cries "We want Moore" and "atta boy, Harry."

Skirmishes Black Horse Pike

The Democratic candidate was the guest of Harry A. Maloney, state committeeman, at luncheon at his home in Bellmawr, from where the party resumed its tour.

Moore visited the New York Shipbuilding Company at 2 p. m., and greeted many workers.

Five other open-air meetings followed at. Mt. Ephraim, at Runnemede at 3.20 p. m., at the Blackwood Bank at. 3.45 p. m., at Clementon Democratic headquarters at 4:15 p. in. and at the Atco station at 4:45 p. m. More than 2300 heard the candidate at these meetings.

He attacked Baird's state and national record at a mass meeting at 5:30 p. m. at the headquarters of the Independent A. Harry Moore Club, Haddon and Lees avenues, Collingswood. More than 300 crowded into the hall while many more heard the address outside through amplifiers.

Moore's cause was aided by two prominent Collingswood Republicans when the Moore's cause was aided by two prominent Collingswood Republicans when the Democratic candidate spoke in that borough. Both Mayor Joseph H. Van Meter and Thomas M. Jack, former mayor and former sheriff greeted Moore on his arrival in. Collingswood and attended the meeting there. Van Meter also was present later at the Camden meeting.

"David Baird was responsible for passage of the Public Service paving bill which relieved the company, of which he was a director, of the expense of paving between and beside its tracks. He saved the company $3,000,000 a year, placing the burden on the taxpayers.

Commends Woodruff

"When this measure came up during my term as governor, I vetoed it.

"At that time Senator Albert S. Woodruff, whom I consider a most honest and upright man, refused to favor the measure as demanded by Baird .

'I represent the people, not you,' Woodruff told Baird, and I admire 'Woodruff as a man who can be a man, not a mouse.

"Baird then answered Woodruff: 'You'll vote to override the veto or you won't go back to the Senate.' Woodruff refused, and he was defeated at the next primary.

"When he was a member of the United States Senate, David Baird answered only 193 out of 454 roll calls, being absent for 261 of them, and yet now he promises to be a full-time governor if he is elected. He failed to appear at the 1930 special session of Congress, yet he collected his stipend just the same."

Moore attacked Baird's failure to vote on the Mexican immigration bill which affected southern labor, declaring: "He could not make up his mind how to vote."             ,

During the last three years, when David Baird was boss of the state, it cost $96,000,000 to run the government, $24,000,000 more than when I was governor. Baird, as boss of the legislature, increased the burden of taxation. All he wants is more power to build up his political organization."             

Moore spoke along the same lines at Merchantville and Gloucester.

Camden Courier-Post - October 29, 1931

Candidacy of Moore to Be Expounded at Meetings in City and Suburbs

The campaign foe A. Harry Moore, gubernatorial candidate, and local Democratic candidates, will be carried into six wards of the city and in seven communities or the county tonight.

All meetings and speakers are as follows:

Second Ward Democratic Club, 841 Market Sktreet; Eugene Aumetre, John Crean, Vincent Gallagher, Leon H. Rose and Charles Woods. 

Fourth Ward A. Harry Moore Club, 455 Berkley Street; Samuel T. French, Victor King, Thomas Madden, Leon H. Rose, Gene Mariano, Samuel P. Orlando and Rev. Robert H. Jackson.

Sixth Ward Democratic Club, Fourth and Walnut Street; Frank Connor, Albert Melnik and Thomas Madden.

Tenth Ward Democratic Club, Fifth and Vine Streets; Boyd Morrison, Joseph E. Nowrey, Charles Degnan and David L. Visor.

Seventh Ward A. Harry Moore Club, Seventh Street and Kaighn Avenue; Dr. Leroy Baxter, of Jersey City; Isaac Eason, Dr. Clement Branch, Rev. Robert H. Jackson, Mrs. Bertha Shippen Irving and Frank Suttill.

Eleventh Ward Democratic Club, 927 North Twenty-seventh street; Boyd Morrison, Firmin Michel, Victor King, Mrs. Bertha Shippen Irving.

Gloucester City Democratic Club, 308 Monmouth street; Boyd Morrison, Gene Mariano, Joseph Varbalow.

Magnolia A. Harry Moore Club, Evesham and Gloucester avenues; Firmin Michel, Edward L. Canning, John Delaney, Marie V. Kelley and Francis Homan.

Lindenwold Colored Voters' Club, Blackstone Hall, Lindenwold, Eugene Aumetre, William Williams and Oliver Bond.

Somerdale Club, Whelen home, Somerdale road and Oggs Avenue; Marie V. Kelly, David L. Visor and Mrs. Emma E. Hyland.

Somerdale Democratic Club, Leone Hall, Warwick Road and Helena Avenue; Samuel P. Orlando, Aaron Heine, Lawrence Gregorio and E. George Aaron.

East Haddonfield Democrat Club, Crescent and Berlin Road; Edward L. Canning, Albert Melnik and Judge Frank F. Neutze.

East Haddonfield Improvement Association, Batesville, Delaware Township; Ralph Wescott, Judge Frank F. Neutze and Mrs. Florence Melnik.

More than five speakers from North Jersey will appear at as many meetings as possible.

Camden Courier-Post - June 20, 1933

July 9 Set for Reception and Picnic to New Revenue Collector

"Harry L. Maloney Day" will be celebrated by South Jersey Democrats, Sunday, July 9, when the newly-appointed collector of internal revenue will be guest of honor at a picnic at Silver Lake Park. State leaders of the party will attend. Maloney, Democratic state committeeman from Camden County and Mayor of Bellmawr, was named by President Roosevelt to succeed Edward L. Sturgess and is expected to 
take office by July 1. 

Plans for the outing were made last night at a meeting in Democratic headquarters, 538 Stevens Street, at which Albert S. Marvel, Jr., was named chairman of the general committee. Vincent de P. Costello was elected secretary and former Mayor Victor King treasurer. 

The committees follow: 

Ways and means- Sidney Kaplan, chairman; Judge Samuel M. Shay, Judge Frank F. Neutze, Victor King, Vincent Gallaher, Samuel P. Orlando and Thomas N. Madden. 

Entertainment- Joseph A. Varbalow, chairman; Patrick H. Harding, Joseph E. Nowrey, Calogero Salvagio, Thomas Cavanaugh and Joseph A. Gorman.

Refreshments- Ralph W. Wescott, chairman; Raymond Hadley, Walter Bateman, Joseph Ackroyd, James Hainesworth, Joseph Harczynski.

Athletics- Frank Abbott, chairman; John Lyons, Joseph McVey and Daniel T. Hagans, 

Music- John P. Bissinger, chairman; Ventorino Francesconi, William Bell, Bernard Tracy and Matthew P. Johnson. 

District organization- Michael J. Powell, chairman; Dominick Josephs, Ralph Comilli, Herbert McAdams, William Noonan, Edward Huston, Harry Daly and William Kistner. 

Transportation - Mayor Emerson Jackson, of Gloucester, chairman; Lewis C. Parker, George Cohen, John Bennett, Horace L. Brewer and Sabba Verdiglione.

Printing- Charles J. Clark, chairman; Raymond Saltzman, Jack Goldstein, Walter Kelly and William M. Williams. 

Publicity- Edward C. Bowe, Herbert Beattie, Patrick Whalen, Alfred R. White and Luke Bates. 

Mrs. Emma E. Hyland, state committeewoman, and Miss Marie V. Kelley, vice- chairman of the county committee, will head a women's reception committee to be chosen later. 

The committees will meet again Monday night to complete arrangements. . 

The Nowrey Family Plot at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden NJ

Camden Courier-Post

April 1, 1950