JOSEPH GREEN was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with Engine Company 1 on April 8, 1877, taking the place of George Middleton. He served until the spring of 1882, When he was replaced in turn by Michael McCaffrey. Joseph Green lived at 700 South 4th Street during his time with the Fire Department. His occupation prior to his appointment was laborer.

Joseph Green was born in New Jersey in November of 1853 to Joseph B. and Matilda Green. He grew up in Camden's South Ward. At the time of the 1860 Census his family lived next door to that of Robert Subers, whose son, Samuel Subers, was several months older than Joseph Green. Both would become Camden firefighters as adults.

When the Census was taken in 1870, Joseph Green's mother had passed away. He lived with his father, Joseph B. Green, and siblings Kate, Harry, and William Green. The household also included housekeeper Julia Cook and her daughters Clara and Mary. Joseph B. Green and Julia Cook married during the 1870s. 

Joseph Green had four brothers-in-law who at one time or another were members of the Camden Fire Department. Joseph Green married Amelia Tenner around 1873. Amelia was the sister of G. Rudolph Tenner, George Adam Tenner, and Christian Tenner. Stepsister Clara Cook married Camden Fire Department member George S. Hunt in the 1870s.

When the Census was taken in 1880 Joseph and Amelia Green were living with her parents, Casper and Settonia Tenner, at 700 South 4th Street. They had by this time three children, Matilda "Tillie", William, and Kate. The Greens had moved to 702 South 4th Street by the latter half of 1882 and were still there in 1887. The 1888-1889 City Directory reveals that Joseph and Amelia Green and their two daughters were living at 704 South 4th Street, next door to Amelia's brother George Adam Tenner, who lived at 702 and who kept a tobacconists' shop at 700 South 4th Street. Joseph Green worked as a sexton at one of the nearby churches. Joseph B. Green was still residing at 704 South 4th Street when the 1906 City Directory was compiled.

Amelia Green appears to have passed away during the 1900s. Around 1908 Joseph Green remarried. The 1910 Census shoes him living at 301 Line Street with his wife Louisa Mary Arnold Mayer and her son, seventeen year-old Oliver Sterling Mayer. Joseph and Louisa Mary Green were living at 219 Chestnut Street in January of 1920 and were still there when the 1927 City Directory was being put together.. 

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