Di Mona Jr.

JOSEPH J. DiMONA was born October 23, 1923 in Camden NJ to Joseph and Rose DiMona. His father owned a furniture store at 921 Broadway in Camden, which was a fixture in Camden into the 1960s. Joseph DiMona entered Duke University as a member of the Class of 1941. After serving with the United States Navy overseas, he returned and graduated from Duke in the mid 1940s.

Joseph DiMona attended law school, but did not practice law. He put his time and creative energies into writing, and he made a great success of it. He made a great deal of money by investing in the production of the Broadway hit "This Was Burlesque", and was the author and co-author of several books. Joseph DiMona also wrote the screenplay for the hit movie "The Incredible Mr. Limpet", which starred Don Knotts. He also was the head writer for the TV soap opera General Hospital in the late 70s, years where the show achieved some if it's greatest success.

After living for many years in New York City, Joseph DiMona settled in Los Angeles, where he passed away on November 6, 1999.  

Works by Joseph DiMona

Joseph DiMona was a very prolific writer. This is a partial listing, in no particular order at this point. If you are aware of other works by Joseph DiMona, please e-mail me- Phil Cohen.


with H.R. Haldeman

The Ends Of Power


Thomas Noguchi



Thomas Noguchi

Coroner At Large



Last Man At Arlington



To The Eagles Nest



The Benedict Arnold Connection



70 Sutton Place



Pennsylvania Avenue: A Novel


with George Wolf

Frank Costello: Prime Minister of the Underworld



The Incredible Mr. Limpet



Great Court-Martial Cases


with Ann Corio

This Was Burlesque

Movie Script


THE UNION STEWARD AND YOU; A Navy presentation

Autobiographical Memoirs

Christopher O'Neil

Memories of a Soap Opera Writer:
Behind the Scenes of General Hospital

A Joseph DiMona Quote

   The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition.  2000.

NOUN: 1. One that opens, especially a device used to cut open cans or pry up bottle caps. 2. Games a. The player who starts the betting in cards. b. openers Cards of sufficient value to enable the holder to open the betting. 3. The first act in a theatrical variety show. 4. Sports The first game in a series.
IDIOM: for openers Informal To begin with: “Out of 54 potential jurors, they knocked 20 off . . . just for openers” (Joseph DiMona).

THE UNION STEWARD AND YOU; A Navy presentation (1969, 14:00 min.)
Like a family or team, the functionality of any workplace usually depends on its individual parts. The union steward is no exception, and this informing presentation examines his role, importance, and contributions to maintaining a healthy and productive environment for his fellow workers. It also focuses on the relationship shared between a steward and supervisor, suggesting that an open and understanding partnership can lead to an efficient workplace, free from unnecessary tension and bickering that stubborn quarrelling can bring. In doing so, the steward should not neglect his own duties and must always strive for his coworkers’ best interests, while the supervisor ought to approach his employees as individuals with their own needs. Consisting of narrated skits that depict possible work situations and conflicts, this film illustrates the benefits of adhering to such respectful, considerate, and cooperative working relations. By demonstrating several courses of actions taken by both a steward and a supervisor, and following the outcome of their decisions, the film stresses that the rewards of an ideal and harmonious workplace greatly outweighs any compromise or personal sacrifice. Produced by Kellock Productions Inc., and scripted by Joseph DiMona.

Joseph DiMona

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A NEW BIOGRAPHY of Joseph DiMona

Title: Shadows, Angels and Joe DiMona
Martin Nirschel
Format(s): PDF (ebook) | Paperback

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Category: Biography
About the Book
This is the story of a wholly original American artist, Joe DiMona. DiMona was a best-selling author; "Ends of Power", "Coroner", "Prime Minister of the Underworld", but his enduring legacy is in a seminal trio of novels, "Last Man at Arlington", "Benedict Arnold Connection" and "To the Eagles Nest". These elaborate thrillers in ways great and small foreshadow the madness of the Clinton years and the new millenium.

His friend, Martin Nirschel traces the last ten years of DiMona's life and the improbable connections they made along the way. Nirschel weaves a tale about a profoundly brilliant man who haunted the New York nightlife like few others. Along the way we see DiMona's astonishing ability to connect people and events and serve as a lightening rod. The first half of the book finds Nirschel trying to understand DiMona, trying to grasp the ineffable mix of genius and ambivalence that fueled his life. The second half, after DiMona's death in 1999, finds the author contemplating the Florida election debacle, where all of Joe DiMona's great themes; duplicity, obfuscation in the name of power and deception coalesced. The Florida election recount looked like the great unwritten Joe DiMona novel.

This is a bitingly funny saga of a great talent and the fascinating people who drifted in and out of his orbit and the world which is just now catching up with his work.
About the Author
Martin Nirschel was a long time friend and associate of Joe DiMona's. Nirschel was the editor of Memories of a Soap Opera Writer and Dr. Noguchi's Hollywood



Thanks to Joe Cooper for telling me about Joseph DiMona's Camden roots..