JOSEPH C. PRICKETT was born in New Jersey in March of 1850, according to the 1900 Census. Little is known of his early life. He appears in the 1878-1879 Camden City Directory, residing at 203 Grant Street in North Camden, which was also the home of Job Prickitt and John Prickitt.

The 1880 Census shows that Joseph C. Prickitt was living with and working for a grocer, John F. Burrough at 901 North 3rd Street. He next appears in the 1883-1884 City Directory as a teamster, living at 208 Bailey Street, across the street from oysterman John Prickitt, who lived at 211 Bailey Street.


Joseph Prickitt was still living at 208 Bailey Street in the spring of 1884 when he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as an extra man with the Hook & Ladder Company, replacing William Maguire. He served until July 1, 1885 when the Fire Department was reorganized and eighteen of the extra men were let go. Joseph C. Prickitt was one of that number.

Joseph C. Prickitt next appears in Camden City Directories in 1885. He was then working as a foreman and living at 541 Cedar Street. By the end of 1890 he had relocated to Cramer Hill, residing at 706 Cooper Street. Cooper Street was renamed North 27th Street after Cramer Hill and East Camden were annexed to Camden in 1899. Joseph C. Prickitt had begun working for the Pennsylvania Railroad. He stayed at that address through 1897. The 1898 and 1899 City Directories show Joseph Prickitt at 2801 Arthur Avenue. By the time the 1900 Census was taken he had moved to 728 Union Street, which was renamed North 24th Street shortly thereafter.

The 1900 Census shows Joseph Prickitt and his wife Sarah, with children Walter, Ralph, Clarence Raymond, and Harry.

The 1910 Census shows Joseph and Sarah Prickitt at 1027 North 23rd Street in Cramer Hill. The four surviving Prickitt children were at home, Walter E., Ralph E., Clarence Raymond, and John A. Prickitt. He was at this time working as a watchman in a department store.

Joseph Prickitt had passed away on March 29, 1913. His widow and sons Walter, Clarence Raymond, and John Prickitt were still living at 1027 North 23rd Street when the census was taken in 1920.

Joseph Prickitt was a longtime member of New Jersey Lodge No. 1, Independent Order of Odd Fellows and of Camden Lodge, No. 1, Ancient Order of United Workmen. George Reeser Prowell wrote the following in his History of Camden County, New Jersey which was published in 1886:


Ancient Order of United Workmen.

The object of this order is to embrace and give equal protection to all classes and kinds of labor, mental and physical ; to strive earnestly to improve the moral, intellectual and social condition of its members ; to create a fund for the benefit of its members during sickness or other disability, and, in case of death, to pay a stipulated sum for each member, thus guaranteeing his family against want. Its jurisdictions are a Supreme Lodge, Grand and Subordinate Lodges. The Grand Lodge of Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware is thus officered: G. M. W., John J. Gallagher, of Wilmington, Del.; G. F., William H. Vermilye, Jersey City, N. J. ; G. O., James A. Vansant, Camden, N. J. ; G. G., John W. Diefendorf, Wilmington, Delaware; G. R., A. F. Colbert, Baltimore; G. Receiver, Myer Hirsch, Baltimore ; G. M. E., G. S. Wilkins, M.D., Baltimore. 

Camden Lodge, No. 1. was chartered January 27, 1879, with these officers: Master Workman, Joseph R. Leaming; Foreman, Charles Markley; Overseer, George W. Coles; Recorder, Harry Ladow; Financier, William Thegen; Receiver, Albert P. Brown; Guide, William P. Partenheimer; Inside Watchman, Benjamin M. Denny; Outside Watchman, William Jones; Medical Examiner, H. Genet Taylor, M.D. These were also charter members, Moore Beideman, Robert L. Barber, John F. Benner, De Witt C. France, Joel H. Evaul, Henry S. Fortiner, George R. Fortiner, Howard L. Gandy, Merritt Horner, William Struthers, Benjamin G. Smith, William H. Stans bury, Marmaduke B. Taylor, Frank S. Wells, John S. Wells. The lodge has one hundred and forty- eight members, with these officers: Past Master Workman, J. C. Prickett; Master Workman, Virgil Willetts; Foreman, J. H. Le Chard; Overseer, R. R. Lewellen; Receiver, W. R. Lun drum; Financial Secretary, Charles Markley; Recording Secretary, John Woltjen; Guide, J. S. Pike; Inside Watchman, John W. Clopper, Jr.; Outside Watchman, J. H. Evaul; Medical Examiner, E. R. Smiley, M.D.

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 31, 1913