JOSEPH B. AYRES was born in February 1862 in New Jersey. By the time the Census was taken in 1870 his mother had passed away. Joseph B. Ayres was living in Bridgeton, New Jersey with his father Enos, older sister Cornelia "Nellie", and younger siblings Henrietta and Charles. Enos Ayres worked as a carpenter to support his family. By 1878 he had moved to Camden, taking up residence at 428 Chestnut Street, and working as a ship carpenter. The Ayres were still living at 428 Chestnut Street when the 1880 Census was taken.

When the 1882-1883 Camden City Directory was compiled the Ayres family was living at 522 Kaighn Avenue. Joseph B. Ayres was working as an oilcloth printer at the L.D. Farr oilcloth works. He stayed at that address into 1884, when he moved to 348 Sycamore Street. Joseph B. Ayres was still living at 348 Sycamore Street when the 1885 Camden City Directory was compiled. The City Directories indicate that he was working as a clerk during his time living on Sycamore Street.

Joseph B. Ayres married in 1886. He and his wife Mary were living at 512 Kaighn Avenue by the spring of 1887. Joseph B. Ayres had returned to work as an oilcloth printer. On July 1, 1890 he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. His first assignment was Driver for Engine Company 1. He was later promoted to Lieutenant of Engine Company 3. By 1914 he had been promoted to Captain of Ladder Company 3 in East Camden. Joseph B. Ayres remained with the Camden Fire Department until his passing in 1925. 

The Ayres family stayed at 512 Kaighn Avenue into 1899. By the spring of 1900 the family, which included sons Frank Anthony and Le Roy had moved to 1042 South 4th Street. They stayed at this address through June of 1917. Joseph Ayres and his family moved to 1145 Langham Avenue in the Parkside section of Camden by the spring of 1918. With America at war, both sons were then serving in the Army. Le Roy Ayres was a lawyer in civilian life. Frank Antrim Ayres had been a salesman at the Munger & Long department store at Broadway and Federal Street before going into the Army. When the Census was taken in 1920, Joseph B. and Mary Ayres had moved to 1136 Princess Avenue with their son Frank. Le Roy Ayres had married and was living at 1145 Langham Avenue. Joseph B. Ayres was still living at 1136 Princess Avenue when the 1924 Camden City Directory was compiled. 

Joseph B. Ayres was still serving as Captain of Engine Company 3 when he took ill in March of 1925. Captain Ayres passed away on May 24, 1925 and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery.

Joseph B. Ayres was a member of the New Jersey Lodge of the Odd Fellows, the Camden Aerie of Eagles, the Knights of the Golden Eagle, and the Camden Council of the North American Union.

Camden Post-Telegram * April 11, 1890

David C. Vannote - Eugene B. Roberts - William D. Brown
Joseph B. Ayres - Miles Sage

Hook & Ladder Company 3, Hose & Chemical Company 1 & Engine Company 9 - 1924

Hook & Ladder Company 3: Captain Joseph B. Ayres, FF Dave Humphries, Al Dukes, John Mulligan, Bill Mountney, Bill Hopkins. Hose & Chemical Company 1: Captain Charles H. Robinson, FF William E "Pud" Jaeckel, George Townsend, Ken Naylor, Howard Gick. Engine Company 9: Captain John H. Vickers, FF Irv Lederman, Newton Ash, Joe Gentlesk, Al Palmer

Camden Post-Telegram * May 25, 1925

Engine Company 1 - Engine Company 3 - Ladder Company 3 - Peter B. Carter - Joseph H. Murray