JOHN JAMES HAINSWORTH SR. was born in New York in 1881. By 1920 he had moved to Camden NJ, where he lived at 1009 Ferry Avenue, the corner of Ferry Avenue and Mulford Street, with his wife Sabina and eight children. More children came along, and by 1930 there were thirteen children at home and son John J. Jr., who had moved out to start his own family. 

John J. Hainsworth served as the Democratic County committeeman from Camden's Eighth Ward in the early 1930s, and supported Emma Hyland and Harry Maloney over Edward J. Kelleher for control of the county organization.

By 1947 John J. and Sabina Hainsworth had moved to 1728 Mulford Street. Their former home was, and still is in 2004, the home of the Progressive Democratic Club of the Eighth Ward. John J. Hainsworth passed away on March 31, 1958, survived by his wife. Sabina Hainsworth remained a Camden resident until her passing in July of 1976.

Son John James "Big Jim" Hainsworth Jr. was also politically active, and served as Camden County sheriff and as Deputy Register of Deeds. Grandson Joseph C. Hainsworth served for 31 years with the Camden Polcie Department. Grandson, John J. "Jim" Hainsworth III, was also active in Camden city and county politics. Another grandson, James R. Asher, served for over 29 years with the Camden Fire Department, retiring as District Chief in 1976.

Camden Courier-Post - May 10, 1934

Note: The newspaper misspelled Mr. Hainsworth's name in this article.

Camden Courier-Post * August 29, 1935 
Glenwood Watson - Bronislaw Derowski - Joseph Witek - Robert J. Gartland - William J. Rose 
Thomas W. Anderson - Joseph Munger - Louis DiRenzo - Francis J. Hufner - Woycicck Pyzik
James H. Beal - Georgia R. Green - Helen Derowski - Otto Braun - Michael Russian - Mrs. Norah Falvey
John J. Hainesworth - Mrs. Catherine Corbett - J. Lewis Kolin - Francis Wolf - David Baird Jr.
Joshua C. Haines - Harry L. Maloney - Emma Hyland - Francis G. Homan - Herbert E. Beattie
Leon H. Rose - Albert S. Marvel Jr. - Victor J. Scharle - William L. May - Albert Neutze
Albert Burling - Edwin G. Scovel - J. Claud Simon - Henry M. Evans
Clyde W. Briggs - Clarence Dunkelberger

Camden Courier-Post - February 24, 1938


A birthday party was held Tuesday night in honor of Mrs. Anna Olsen, of 1811 Broadway, by the Eighth Ward Roosevelt Democratic Club auxiliary at 521 Ferry avenue

Talks were given by Mrs. Katherine Corbett, president; Edmund H. Olsen, husband of Mrs. Olsen; Custer Brelsford, John J. Hainsworth and Mrs. Olsen. 

Among those who attended the party were Mrs. Elmira Schoeneman, Mrs. Mary Gifford, Mrs. J. Hainsworth, Mrs. Sarah Higgins, Mrs. Rose Mascio, Miss Emily Olsen, Miss Edna Olsen, Mrs. Katherine Kurtz, Mrs. Etta Smith, Mrs. Emma Percival, Mrs. Margaret Finelli, Mrs. Beryl Hoffbauer, Mrs. Stella Lochinic, Miss Dolly Higgins, Miss Rose Pierce, Mrs. Geraldine Olsen, Mrs. Grace Maise, Mrs. Margaret McLoughlin, Mrs. Margaret Lloyd, Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Mildred Titus, James Hainsworth, Joseph Ballinghoff and John Mascio. 


Camden Courier-Post
April 1, 1958

J. James Hainsworth
Mulford Street
Eighth Ward Democratic Club






John J. Hainsworth is fondly remembered by John Cianfrani