JOHN H. JONES was born in Queen Anne's County MD in 1809, and moved to Philadelphia at the age of 14, where he learned printing. He went into business for himself, and got into the business of publishing newspapers. His papers supported anti-immigration "Native American" principles, and were very popular in the Camden area. He moved to Camden and became the leader of the American Party.

John Jones was an unsuccessful candidate for Congress in 1858, and for Camden County Sheriff in 1859. He served as a freeholder from Camden's Seventh Ward. In 1870 he took control of the Camden Democrat, and revived the fortunes of that newspaper.

After defeating Henry H. Bonsall in the mayoral elections of 1874, John H. Jones succeeded Samuel Gaul as mayor. John H. Jones died before the completion of his term, on October 27, 1876. He was succeeded by John Morgan.

During the mayoral term of John H. Jones, Camden's second City Hall was completed, Cooper Hospital was incorporated on March 24, 1875, under the name of Camden Hospital, and Camden took part in the Centennial celebration of 1876.

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