JAMES HENRY McDERMOTT was born in Pennsylvania in May of 1862, according to the 1900 Census. He married around 1885. A daughter, Bertha was born in 1887 and a son, David, in January of 1890. The family came to Camden shortly afterwards. The family had come to new Jersey by the time wife Anna McDermott gave birth to a daughter, Catherine, in November of 1892. The 1900 census shows the family at 318 Evans Street. James McDermott was working as a railroad flagman.  The family was still at 318 Evans Street when the 1906 City Directory was compiled. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on Aril 25, 1906 along with Frederick Hawk, Silas Boyer, and Robert M. Coffman to fill the three vacancies caused by the tragic deaths of George Shields, William Jobes, and William Hillman, and the resignation of William Hill.

The 1910 Census shows that he and wife Anna lived at 310 Royden Street in South Camden with their children Bertha, David, and Catherine. In 1923 James H. McDermott and his wife purchased a home built by Lorigan and Hurley at 23 North 28th Street in East Camden. 

By January 1, 1927 James H. McDermott had been promoted to Captain. He was then serving at Ladder Company 4, and would finish his career there. James Mac Dermott retired on October 1, 1932. 

The 1930 Census shows James H. McDermott, his wife, son David, along with  daughter-in-law Ruth and grandson Joseph were living at 23 North 28th Street. He was still at the North 28th Street address as late as 1943. Son David McDermott and family had by then moved to 921 Pearl Street. Anna McDermott died on October of 1943. James H. McDermott passed away on July 1, 1948.

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 13, 1906

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 26, 1908

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 29, 1909

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Master Street - Mary J. Ball Home & Day Nursery
Thomas Nicholas
- Dr. Emma Richardson - Frank Gondolf
Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV - James H. McDermott
Mortica Clark - Harry A. Haines Sr. - Charles Sturgis
Eva Grey - Mary McKeown - "Brown" is George C. Boone
Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 3

Camden Post-Telegram
October 20, 1923

William Leonard Hurley - William J. Lorigan
James H. McDermott - North 28th Street

Camden Courier-Post
October 7, 1943

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