Herbert J.

HERBERT J. "JACK" SCHOTT was born in  New Jersey on July 6, 1923. His mother was Anna Baxter Schott, daughter of Camden Fire Department member Herbert Baxter Sr., who had been appointed in the late 1910s. His father was John C. "Jack" Schott Jr., who served with the Camden police department in the 1930s. 

Anna Schott had married, but was separated from her husband and was living at home with her parents and brothers at home at the time of the 1930 Census. It is unclear at this time where young Herbert Schott was at that time. By 1931 Herbert Baxter Sr. had moved to 2791 Yorkship Road, and later moved to 940 Thurman Street. Sadly, John C. Schott Jr., last a resident of 1240 Kaighn Avenue, passed away on February 6, 1937 at the age of 31.

By the time the Census was taken in 1940 Herbert Baxter Sr. had retired from the Fire Department and had moved with his wife to Wildwood, New Jersey. 

The Census shows Herbert and Elizabeth Baxter, along with grandson Herbert J. Schott, 16. Later in life Herbert Baxter Sr. returned to Camden, passing away in February of 1969, survived by his son, Herbert W. Baxter Jr., and grandson Herbert J. Schott.

Herbert J. Schott moved to Camden after World War II. The 1946 City Directory shows him at 486 North Thirty-fifth street in East Camden

In 1948 Herbert J. Schott's uncle, Herbert W. Baxter Jr., was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He Herbert W. Baxter Jr. served with the Camden Fire Department from 1948 until his retirement in May of 1966. He was Chief Fire Marshall for the City of Camden at the time of his retirement.

Herbert J. Schott was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on January 17, 1949. Still living at 486 North Thirty-fifth street in East Camden, he was initially assigned to Engine Company 9, at North Twenty-seventh and Federal streets. He later served with his uncle, Herbert W. Baxter Jr., at Engine Company 11 on North Twenty-seventh Street in Cramer Hill, and in 1961 as Chief's Aide to District Chief Godfrey Patterson

The 1956 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories shows Herbert J. Schott at 3802 High Street. In the 1960s and early 1970s Herbert J. Schott lived at 459 North 32nd Street. After Camden lifted its residency requirements for police and firefighters, he moved out of Camden County. 

By 1977 Herbert J. Scott had been promoted to the rank of Captain. He continued to serve until his retirement, effective February 1, 1981. His last years were spent as a resident of Wildwood. Herbert J. Schott passed away on November 5, 1997. 

Camden Courier-Post - January 18, 1949

Appointed to Police Force 

SIGNING ON AS A new patrolman is William Bennett, 27, of 313 North Eleventh street. 
Watching are Director of Public Safety Rhone, Police Judge DiMona, and Police Chief Johnson. New officers, grouped from left to right, are James J. Large, William J. Miller, William C. Lewis, Edward W. Campbell, Carmin J. Fuscellaro, Charles W. Richards, Robert J. Kelly, and Franciesco Senatore. 

9 New Cops, 1 Fireman Appointed 

Nine men were appointed to the Camden police department and one to the fire department yesterday at city hall. 

The 10, all War II veterans, were sworn in by Police Judge John R. Di Mona, Present were Director of Public Safety Rhone, Deputy Director Garrity, Police Chief Johnson, Fire Chief Mertz and other notables. 

Appointees were directed to report on Monday to Chief Johnson for assignment. Johnson said they would be required to take the new firearms course. 

New patrolmen are William Bennett, 27, of 313 North Eleventh street; James J. Large, 25, of 519 Trenton avenue; William J. Miller, 31, of 248 Grand avenue; William C. Lewis, 34, of 260 Branch Village; Edward W. Campbell, 24, of 459 North North Thirty-fifth street, Carmin J. Fuscellaro, 22, of 834 North Thirtieth street; Charles W. Richards, 22, of 245 Milton street; Robert J. Kelly, 22, of 656 Washington street, and Franciesco Senatore, 23, of 962 Niagara road.

Herbert J. Schott, 25, the fireman, of 486 North Thirty-fifth street, will be assigned to Engine Co. 9, Twenty-seventh and Federal streets. 

Following the swearing in ceremonies, the new men heard Chief Johnson emphasizing the value or courtesy in their jobs. 

Starting annual salary for police and firemen is $1950, which is raised to a $2700 maximum after five years' service. 

Engine Company 11
Photo by Bob Bartosz

Engine Company 11, rough and dirty after another working fire at the old "starch works" on Lemuel Avenue in East Camden. From left Fire Fighters Phil Stinger, Jack Schott, Herb Baxter, Bill O'Connor and Matt Davies. Circa 1957

Camden Fire Department - FIRE WATCH MAGAZINE, SPRING 1977



Fr. Howard G. Brickner #5           

 26 Years

Fr. Harvey J. Fisher #186

 26 Years

Capt. James W. Smith 

26 Years

Dep. Chf. Anthony C. Saponare       

 35 Years 

Fr. Andrew H. Foreman #183

26 Years

Fr. William J. Stibi #120 

26 Years

 Batt. Chf. Robert E. Dukes   

 30 Years 

Fr. Henry S. Keubler #34 

26 Years

Fr. William M. Stone #29

26 Years

Insp. Fr. George C. Hennessy #21  

 30 Years 

Fr. Joseph J. Lesniewski #50

26 Years

Capt. William G. Winstanley

26 Years

Dep. Chf. Daniel F. Jiannetto 

30 Years 

Fr. Phillip MacDonald #7(1

26 Years

Fr. Adolph S. Zubrzycki #62

26 Years

Dep. Chf. Theodore L. Primas 

30 Years 

Fr. Joseph J. McTaggart #26

26 Years

Batt. Chf. John J. Giuliano

21 Years

Fr. Eugene F. Alston #7 

 29 Years 

Batt. Chf. John J. Mogck

26 Years

Insp. Fr. Alfred D. Nigro #76

21 Years

Batt. Chf. Biaggio P. Ardire 

 29 Years 

Capt. John E. Moore 

26 Years

Fr. Leon Puszczykowski #100

21 Years

Fr. William R. Harring #69     

 29 Years  Capt. Robert P. Olesiewicz 26 Years

Fr. John L. Sterner #73 

21 Years

Fr. William E. Hinch #151       

 29 Years  Capt. Anthony T. Orme 26 Years

Fr. Francis P. Stibi #143 

21 Years

 Capt. Herbert J. Schott 

 28 Years  Fr. Ralph H. Palmer #46 26 Years Fr. Carl R. Szalkowski #95 21 Years

Batt. Chf. Charles A. Bates

 26 Years

Members as listed above, have anniversary dates which fall during the first quarter