HENRY SIDNEY SCOVEL was a prominent lawyer who served as Camden county prosecutor from 1905 to 1912. He was a member of the New Jersey State Assembly in 1897. He was also a good friend of the poet Walt Whitman as early as September of 1885.

Henry S. Scovel was born in 1858, and resided in the North Ward as late as 1870. His father, Colonel James Matlock Scovel, was locally famous as an orator, evangelist, and lawyer. His mother was the niece of John W. Mickle, and his maternal grandfather was Dr. Isaac S. Mulford, both of whom had schools named after them in Camden in the 1870s, which is a fairly good gauge of the two men's local importance and reputation.

On January 28, 1897 Henry S. Scovel was one of several dignitaries who were in attendance 

at the opening of the Catholic Lyceum on Broadway at Federal Street, adjacent to the the church. Other attendees included then-New Jersey Governor John W. Griggs, Mayor John L. Westcott, late Attorney-General Samuel H. Grey, Camden city solicitor J. Willard Morgan, Senator H. W. Johnson, then- Assemblyman Louis Derousse, J.J. Burleigh, Sheriff David Baird Sr., then Postmaster Harry B. Paul, ex-Judge Armstrong, Architect Henry S. Dagit,  George A. Frey, and H. L. Bonsall. The Lyceum would evolve into Camden Catholic High School

In 1898 he had a run-in with Stockton (later East Camden) poltician Jake Schiller. It was during the second trial of Eli Shaw for the murder of his mother and grandmother, Mrs. Anna Shaw and Mrs. Emma Zane. They were found shot to death in September, 1897, in their bedroom of their home on Line Street near Third. Detective John Painter had found a revolver hidden in the chimney, one of several points in the circumstantial evidence that resulted in the indictment of Shaw. He was then a widely known young man about town and his arrest caused a big sensation. As time drew near for the trial feeling was intense, for there were adherents for and against the son and grandson, those arguments often grew bitter.

Henry Sidney Scovel, then one of the prominent criminal lawyers of Camden county, was retained to defend Shaw. Scovel was son of James Matlack Scovel, himself one of the leading barristers of this section. When the trial of Shaw was under way the city was astounded when it was charged Scovel had tampered with the jury. It was Schiller who made the charge.

The trial stopped abruptly. Scovel emphatically denied the story of Schiller and demanded vindication. An indictment for embracery was returned and at a trial, which had Camden on the tip toe of expectancy for days, it developed there was absolutely nothing to verify the charge, and Scovel was acquitted. He acted in two subsequent trials of Shaw, the second being a disagreement and the third acquittal for the son and grandson of the slain women.

Schiller, strangely enough, in later years became friendly with Scovel and when the latter was prosecutor from 1905 to 1912, "Jake," as he was familiarly known, was usually to be found in the office at the courthouse. Scovel was then a white haired man of flowery speech and impressive personality who let bygones be bygones.

Henry Scovel married Gertrude Alma Graham in 1889. There were three children, daughters Ethel and Beatrice, and a son, Henry Graham Scovel, who followed his father into the practice of law. 

In the fall of 1902 Henry S. Scovel was reported have been engaged to conduct the defense of Paul Woodward, who was on trial for murder. This was not the case however, and Mr. Scovel took no part in the proceedings. Woodward was found guilty and was executed at the Camden County jail on January 7, 1903. 

Henry S. Scovel served for a time around 1905 in the New Jersey State Assembly. While there he who sponsored a bill in the legislature compelling traction companies to construct front and rear enclosed platforms on trolley cars. 

A resident of Haddonfield by 1910, Henry S. Scovel passed away there in on October 5, 1918. He had been ill for some time prior to his demise.

Philadelphia Inquirer July 30, 1890

Henry S. Scovel
William Harvey
Charles S. Ridgway
John O'Brien
Ezra Conkling
Benjamin Braker

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 9, 1893

Charles G. Garrison - John Gauntt - Patrick M. Gallagher
Wilson Jenkins - Frederick A. Rex - Henry S. Scovel
Dr. Edward Schellenger Sr. - Dr. William Iszard - George Hinson 
John Hill - Albert reed - Marwood Derrickson - Joseph Dodson

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 10, 1893

Charles G. Garrison - Wilson Jenkins
Frederick A. Rex
- Henry S. Scovel - John Hill
Joseph Dodson - Albert Reed - Marwood Derrickson

Members of the Camden County Bar Association,
pose for a photograph during their annual shad dinner, around 1894.
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From left (first row) Judge Charles Joline, Supreme Court Justice Charles Garrison, Judge Richard R. Miller, vice chancellor Henry C. Pitney, Supreme Court Justice Alfred Reed, Benjamin Shreeve, Caleb Shreeve, George H. Pierce; (second row) William Casselman, Edwin Bleakly, J. Willard Morgan, Peter Voorhees, Samuel Beldon, Frank Shreeve, Scuyler Woodhull, Lewis Starr, H. S. Scovel, George Vroom, Charles Wooster, and Howard Carrow; (third row) Samuel Robbins, E. A. Armstrong, Thomas Curley, unknown Philadelphia lawyer, Charles Stevenson, H. F. Nixon, Henry I. Budd, Israel Roberts.

New York Times - September 15, 1895

Henry S. Scovel - Walt Whitman - Tom Donaldson
John G. Whittier - Mark Twain - Oliver Wendell Holmes
Edwin Booth

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 6, 1895

John Cherry - Henry S. Scovel
Frank T. Lloyd - Isaac Coles



Philadelphia Inquirer - October 20, 1895

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Philadelphia Inquirer
October 6, 1895

John Cherry
Henry S. Scovel

Frank T. Lloyd
Isaac Coles
Louis DeRousse


Philadelphia Inquirer
August 22, 1897

Henry S. Scovel
Charles M. Baldwin

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 30, 1897
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Emma Zane - Eli Shaw - Wilson H. Jenkins

Henry S. Scovel
Dr. William S. Jones - Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - William A. Husted - Thomas Benkert
Martin J. O'Brien - William Anderson - Charles Folwell - John Irwin
Elwin Steen
Harry Delameter - O. Glen Stackhouse - John Foster - H. Frank Pettit
James E. Tatem - Frank B. Haines - Albert Fogg - John Painter - John H. Beard - Albert Hollingshead
William Stein - Charles M. Lane - Elwin Steen
John Sinclair - Mrs. Anna Knight

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New York Times - April 7, 1898

He Is Charged With Embracery in the Shaw Murder Case

 CAMDEN, N. J., April 6- H. S. Scovel, the lawyer who started to defend Eli Shaw, the young man accused of murdering his mother and grandmother, was put on trial here today charged with embracery arising out of the Shaw case. Information coming to Judge Dixon during the second day of the Shaw trial caused the case to be suspended at that point, and an investigation by the Grand Jury resulted in the indictment of Scovel.

The indictment charged the defendant with offering Jacob Schiller, a panel juror in the Shaw case, the sum of $100 in consideration of the latter giving a verdict favorable to the defendant. But one similar case  is cited in the law books, and the penalty fixed by law is $600 fine and two years' imprisonment.

Edward Enterken, the County Jailer, the State's first witness, swore that after the Shaw panel was drawn, Scovel came to him in the county jail, and, calling his attention to the list, asked if if Schiller was all right". Enterken said he thought he was. Scovel then told the witness to tell Schiller there was $100 in it for him if he were ďall right." When the first call of the case resulted in a mistrial, the witness testified that Scovel came to him and asked him never to say anything about the $100.

Juror Schiller was the next witness, but his evidence was indeterminate. Scovel denied the charge in every particular. Eli Shaw, who was brought from his cell to testify, said he knew nothing of attempts to bribe anyone.

The case will close tomorrow. An acquittal is looked for.

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 11, 1898
Charles G. Garrison - H.S. Scovel - Eli Shaw - William H. Carson

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 1, 1898
John W. Wescott - H.S. Scovel - J.C. De La Cour
George Bergen - William H. Chew - Charles F. Currie

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 6, 1901

J. Fred Voight - Henry S. Scovel - John Cherry

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 26, 1912

Charles H. Ellis - Henry S. Scovel - Frank T. Lloyd - First Presbyterian Church
Joseph H. Gaskill - Joseph M. Engard - Rev. Dr. William H. Fishburn

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 25, 1906

Frank F. Patterson Jr.
Edward Van Dyke Joline
Howard Truax
Frank Voight
David Baird Sr.
J. Wesley Sell
Wiiliam J. Bradley
Charles G. Garrison
Allen B. Endicott
Harry C. Loudenslager
J. Willard Morgan
Henry S. Scovel
Theodore Gibbs
Samuel P. Jones
John G. Horner
J. Boyd Avis
Wood McKee
W.H. Jackson
Frank Somers
Frank T. Lloyd
Edward S. Delacroix
F. Morse Archer
Harry Reeves
William D. Brown
Robert Leyburne
Theodore N. Patterson
Wolcott J. Patterson
Irving Buckle
Joseph Burt
Dr. William S. Jones
Dr. E.A.Y. Schellenger
Henry J. Cloud
Charles Middleton
Edward W. Humphreys

Philadelphia Inquirer * August 21, 1907
Charles Gibson - Stephen Dorsey - Mulford Street - Edward Horner - Frances Horner
Victoria Natoli - John S. Smith - John Cherry - Elisha Gravenor - Dr. William S. Jones
J.W. Fithian - Henry S. Scovel - Mrs. Anna Marter - Mrs. Edward Megargee - Mrs. Isaac Beideman

Philadelphia Inquirer * August 22, 1907
Charles Gibson - Stephen Dorsey - Mulford Street - Edward Horner - Frances Horner
Victoria Natoli - John S. Smith - John Cherry - Charles G. Garrison - Dr. William S. Jones
J.W. Fithian - Henry S. Scovel

Bridgeton Evening News
October 8, 1907

Charles Gibson
Mrs. Frances Horner
Henry S. Scovel
Charles G. Garrison
Charles H. Peters

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 30, 1907

William Schwab - John Cherry - Henry S. Scovel - Judge Allen B. Endicott
Samuel Paul - John W. Barr

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 31, 1907

William Schwab - John Cherry - Henry S. Scovel
Judge Allen B. Endicott

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 15, 1907

Henry S. Scovel - Charles H. Peters - Howard Mensch

Philadelphia Inquirer -September 18, 1908

First Italian Republican League - South 4th Street
William Knight - Charles H. Ellis - Antonio Mecca 
Henry S. Scovel - Lawrence LaMaina - Rev. Michael DiIelsi
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church

Bridgeton Evening News

February 16, 1909

J. Frank Shull - John S. Smith
Henry S. Scovel - Frank C. Sayres
E. Ambler Armstrong - Edmond O. Wilson
J. Willard Morgan - Charles B. Coles
Dr. F.R. Brace - Harry Douglass
A.C. Havens - T.W. Synott
P. Kennedy Reeves - Joseph Gaskill
H.O. Newcomb - S. Stanger Iszard
Israel G. Adams

Trenton Evening Times - November 8, 1909
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Clark Hill - Thomas Guthridge- Henry S. Scovel


Philadelphia Inquirer

April 27, 1910

  John S. Smith

Henry Scovel

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 23, 1910

John S. Smith - Henry Scovel - Lawrence Doran

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 24, 1911
Charles G. Garrison - Frank Ford Patterson Jr. - Edward VanDyke Joline
Lawrence Doran
- Samuel Flick - Isaac Shreve - Francis J. McAdams
James Smith - Thomas Noland - Abraham L. James - John Broome
Albert Shaw - James Lewis - John Golden - William C. Parker
Daniel Woods - John H. Carroll - Harris D. Stow - Henry S.Scovel
Martin Carrigan - Aerie No. 5, Fraternal Order of Eagles 

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 27, 1911
Martin Carrigan - Henry S.Scovel - Charles D. Crane
Robert McCarter - Edward VanDyke Joline 

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 19, 1911

Henry S. Scovel - Rev. Thilo Gorr - John Cherry  
Trinity German Lutheran Evangelical Church
Lewis Rickart - Regina Neef Rickart

Evening Times
April 16, 1912

Philip Knauff
Thomas Guthridge
Clark Hill
H.S. Scovel
J. Lefferts Conard


October 6, 1918

Col. James Matlack Scovel
Frank T. Lloyd
William T. Boyle
Patrick Harding
Eli Shaw

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Philadelphia Inquirer - February 21, 1918
John W. Wescott - William J. Kraft - Bayard Kraft - R. Wayne Kraft
Charles A. Wolverton - Henry S. Scovel

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 11, 1918
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Charles A. Wolverton - Henry S. Scovel - Lawrence B. Reader - J. Stuart Straw
T. Harry Rowland - Frank Voigt - John Penn - Walter Keown - William J. Kraft 

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 14, 1918
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Joseph Lippincott - Allen Clymer
Charles L. Macready - Dean Pressey

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 23, 1918
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Philadelphia Inquirer
October 6, 1918

James Matlack Scovel
Eli Shaw
Frank T. Lloyd
Patrick Harding

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Trenton Times - October 6, 1918
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Woodbury Times
October 7, 1918

James Matlack Scovel
Eli Shaw

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