Henry C.

HENRY CLAY MOFFETT, who was also often referred to in the press as Harry Moffett, was the son of Charles C. "Chauncey" Moffett, who was a member of City Council in 1876, and later janitor at Camden's City Hall. 

Henry C. Moffett was born in Philadelphia on March 19, 1858. His father brought the family to Camden around by 1869, settling in a two-story frame home in the 300 block of Liberty Street, a few doors away from Memorial Methodist Protestant Church, where Boston Corbett had been pastor in 1867. The elder Moffett ran an "eating saloon". He was also politically active, and was elected to the Camden County Board of Freeholders from the Fifth Ward in 1878. After his term as Freeholder expired, Charles C. Moffett  took his family to Kansas and tried farming, but returned to Camden in short order. By the time the 1881 City Directory was compiled, the family was back on Liberty Street. Charles C. Moffett and 

family are shown at 306 Liberty Street up to 1878, in Kansas in the 1880 Census, and at 304 Liberty Street from 1881 through 1887. This may have been the same house or Moffett may have owned both properties, as Sanford maps show that the house numbering was irregular in the 1870s and 1880s. 

Henry C. Moffett worked for a time at the C.B. Coles lumber yard, then, in 1885, started his own lumber business in partnership with William Shivers, at 55-67 Delaware Avenue. He is listed in City Directories at 308 Chestnut Street from 1884 through 1888. The partnership dissolved in 1899. Henry Moffett next worked for the Public Service gas and electric utility as a claim representative and as a detective. City Directories give his address as 602 Broadway from 1894 to 1901.

On July 1, 1905 he was appointed to the police department as a detective by Mayor Charles H. Ellis. On his first day he made an arrest, taking into custody the arsonist who set the fire that destroyed George Shimer's textile mill at the head of North 5th Street. When George V. Murry was made the Camden Police Department's first black detective in 1912, from 1912 through 1919 he was partnered with Henry C. Moffett. 

Henry C. Moffett was living at 304 Liberty Street when he joined the police department in 1905. The 1906 Directory has him at 266 Kaighn Avenue. He is listed at 298 Kaighn Avenue from 1907 through 1914 and at 1464 Bradley Avenue in from 195 through 1918. He then moved to 1434 Ormond Avenue, his last address.

Henry C. Moffett began having health issues around the beginning of 1918. He suffered a stroke and died several days later, on January 24, 1920 at his home at 1454 Ormond Avenue in Camden's Parkside section.

Henry Moffett was survived by his wife, Elizabeth Grisenwaithe Moffett, and one son, Charles Moffett. He was buried at Harleigh cemetery. She joined him on October 27, 1936. Charles died in 1942.

Camden Post - March 10, 1884

Camden Post - March 14, 1884

Henry C. Moffett - J. Frank Bailey

Camden Post
February 5, 1885

Shivers & Moffett - C.B. Coles
William M. Shivers - Hill Morrison
Henry C. Moffett

Camden County Courier
July 4, 1885

Liberty Street
Joseph Chambers
Henry C. Moffett

History of Camden County, New Jersey
by George R Prowell
L.J. Richards & Co. - 1886

THE LUMBER-YARD of Shivers & Moffett is located on the west side of Delaware Avenue, below Market Street. It was first started in January, 1885, by the present firm, the individual members being William M. Shivers, who had been for a long time with Mr. Morrison, the lumber dealer, above Market Street, and Henry C. Moffett, late with C.B. Coles. The yard has a frontage of four hundred and fifty feet on Delaware Avenue and is one thousand five hundred feet in depth to the port warden’s line. The stock consists of all kinds of builders’ lumber. The trade extends to Pennsylvania, through Southern New Jersey and to points along the Delaware River..

Historical and Industrial Review of Camden, New Jersey


NO review of Camden's industries would do the city's commercial activity justice were it to fail to call attention to the importance of the lumber industry in our midst. Among the representative houses in this department is that of Shivers & Moffett which this well-known firm established in 1885. They occupy a neatly arranged office, adjoining which is an enormous yard of 120x300 feet in dimensions half stocked with general builders' lumber of the most approved stock excellence.

The business done is a large one and is constantly developing in consequence of the energy and aim which is put into it by its enterprising owners, who employ seven assistants in the transaction of business.

Mr. Shivers is a native of Camden County and Mr. Moffett of Philadelphia. The latter gentleman has been one of our city councilmen. Both are wide-awake and pushing merchants whose success is richly merited.

1893 Camden City Directory Advertisement

Camden Daily Telegram * April 14, 1894



John L. Westcott - George D. Borton
Samuel Iszard - Charles H. Ellis
James Hanson Jr. - Charles Hewston
James Elberson - Charles Wilbur
Samuel Sheer - John Sinclair
Elwin Steen - Albert Shaw
Charles H. Fitzsimmons - Abraham Jackson
Alfred Sayers - Edward S. Hyde
Thomas Buchanan - Jacob Hicks

Thomas Reed - Joseph Peall - George Horner John Beard - Thomas Mullane - John Painter

Police Commission - Benjamin Braker
Joseph Potter - Joseph B. Fox
Charles Sayrs - Arthur Bedell
William C. Figner 
William D. Brown - Frederick A. Rex
James R. Carson -
William J. Bradley
Harry Miller - Henry Moffett

Susan Moffett

Camden Daily Telegram
September 2, 1896

Henry C. Moffett
Rev. J.R. Mace
Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church
Jesse Pratt
Thaddeus P. Varney
John Blowe
William A. Husted
Levi Farnham
Christopher J. Mines Jr.
Walter Moffett
Charles C. Moffett

Camden Post
September 2, 1896

Henry C. Moffett
Rev. J.R. Mace
Charles C. Moffett
James Flood
John E. Fennelly
Stevens Street
South 2nd Street


Camden Daily Courier
July 12, 1897

Charles C. Moffett
Charles Lederman
Frederick Bourquin
William Keyes

Walter Moffett
Henry C. Moffett


Camden Post
July 12, 1897

Walter Moffett
Henry C. Moffett


Camden Daily Telegram
December 8, 1897


Henry C. Moffett
Clara Moffett
Dr. John W. Donges
Dr. O.W. Braymer
Dr. William S. Jones
James Rutherford
Rutherford's Hardware - 1100 Broadway


Camden Daily Courier
May 12, 1898

E.G.C. Bleakly
Isaac M. Shreeve
William K. Burrough
Harry F. Silvers
Cooper B. Hatch
William H. Sparks
Dr. Henry H. Davis
Irving Buckle
Ralph L. Bond
J. Fred Voight
John Heffernan
Thomas Stockham
Joseph Robinson
A. Lincoln James
Edward McCabe
McCabe's Saloon -
Market Street
John J. "Limpy" Logan
John J. Browning
I. Newton Hillman - Hilton Taylor

Elwyn Steen - William Comley - Samuel H. Grey - Henry C. Moffett - Jacob Gnang
Cooper B. Hatch - Harry C. Kramer - Samuel Dodd

Camden Post - September 21, 1898

Camden Daily Courier
August 17, 1899

Shivers & Moffett
William M. Shivers
Henry C. Moffett

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 20, 1900

Arthur Stanley - Lewis H. Leigh
Frazier Baker - Edwin Hillman
John Harris -
Henry C. Moffett
George Emory - James Scanlin
John Foster - John Carmany
Cooper B. Hatch - Isaac V. Bradley
William B. Carter - William Keaser
Theodore Less - William Kiesel
Robert Smith - .G. Locke
Harry Silvers - William Z. Gibson
Benjamin Lawton - Edwin Stevens
Benjamin E. Mellor - William B. Cannon

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Philadelphia Inquirer
July 1, 1905

Charles H. Ellis - James Clay - Henry C. Moffett - Fiore Troncone - Lewis Stehr Jr. - John Brothers

Camden Post-Telegram
July 1, 1905

Charles H. Ellis
James Clay
Henry C. Moffett

Fiore Troncone

Lewis Stehr Jr.

John Brothers



Philadelphia Inquirer - July 2, 1905

Charles H. Ellis - James Clay - Henry C. Moffett
Fiore Troncone
- Lewis Stehr Jr. - John Brothers

Camden Post-Telegram * July 3, 1905
John William Prestly - Charles R. Shimer - Henry C. Moffett - Charles Stevenson - Joseph Nece
State Street - William Archer - George Breitenstien

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 9, 1905

Frank T. Lloyd Sr. - O. Glen Stackhouse - Robert Barnes
Calvin Kircher - Wesley Huff - Frank Ireland -
Henry C. Moffett
William D. Hart

Camden Post-Telegram
January 12, 1906

John Foster
Charles H. Fitzsimmons
Henry C. Moffett
O. Glen Stackhouse
Mike McGurk
Leaven's Clothing Store
Kaighn Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 25, 1906
George R. Thompson - Sycamore Street - Henry Moffett

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 27, 1906
William Pfrommer - Walter Bryen - Robert Beasley - James McDonald - Theodore Forgeng
Birch Street - Milton Street - Point Street - North 24th Street - North 25th Street
River Avenue - State Street - Henry C. Moffett - William D. Hart - John Painter
Peerless Baseball Club of Camden - Stirling Mandolin & Guitar Club
North 29th Street - Garfield Avenue

Trenton Evening Times
July 28, 1909
William Knight - Henry Moffett - Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 2, 1909

Ann Street
Kaighn Avenue
Sarah Kindy
Henry C. Moffett
Dr. Paul N. Litchfield


Camden Post-Telegram * October 14, 1912

O. Glenn Stackhouse -
John Painter - Jeff Kay
William T. Boyle
- Frank B. Frost - Karl Kellman
Elisha Gravenor - Grace Presbyterian Church - Bertha Skillen
Bessie Skillen - Albert Ludlow - Joseph Wittick
William J. Hurlock - William Schmid - Thomas Sink - A. Lincoln James
William Schregler - Henry C. Moffett - John Brothers - William C. Horner
Arthur Colsey - Anson Kelly - Robert T. Abbott 
John H. Vickers - Frederick A. Finkeldey 
"Indian Bill" May - Eugene McCafferty - Dr. William S. Jones
Dr. E.A.Y. Schellenger Sr. - John T. Potter - Elbridge B. McClong

Camden Post-Telegram - April 26, 1912

Charles H. Fitzsimmons - Clarence Boyer - Henry C. Moffett 
Broadway - Pine Street - Division Street - 5th Street 

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 31, 1915
Benson Street - George Murry - Henry C. Moffett - O. Glen Stackhouse
William Burns

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 1, 1915
North 27th Street - Howell Street - George Murry - Henry C. Moffett
Edward Finn - O. Glen Stackhouse - Maggie McCloskey
South 2nd Street - Pine Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 4, 1917
George Murry - Francis Martin Hegency - South 27th Street - Marlton Avenue - Rev. T.M.L. Childrey
Henry Thomas "Brownie" Johnson -
Locust Street - Henry C. Moffett - Thomas Martin
John Wenderoth -
Mickle Street - North 38th Street  

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 1, 1917

John B. Kates - Henry C. Moffett - Louis Shaw - Walnut Street - South 2nd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 17, 1918
George Murry - Henry C. Moffett - Thomas Hansby
Wynn Memorial Baptist Church

Philadelphia Inquirer 
May 27, 1918

Lewis H. Stehr Jr.
Milton Stanley
Alfred S. Snow
Henry C. Moffett
George Murry
O. Glenn Stackhouse
Louis Jackson
Etta Shorts
David Castin
Mary Peoples
Kossuth Street
Baxter Street
South 7th Street
Joint Alley

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Camden Daily Courier
January 24, 1920

George V. Murry
Ormond Avenue
Charles Chauncey Moffett
Dr. John D. Leckner
Charles H. Ellis
C.B. Coles







Camden Daily Courier
January 26, 1920

Camden Daily Courier
January 27, 1920

Elizabeth Grisenwaithe Moffett
Charles C. Moffett
Ormond Avenue

Camden Courier-Post
August 29, 1936

Charles C. Moffett
Ormond Avenue

Camden Daily Courier
June 25, 1942

Charles C. Moffett
Kenwood Avenue
William A. Moffett
Henry C. Moffett II