HARRY W. HEWITT was born in Pennsylvania around 1904. Married to Anna May, he was living in Camden at the time of the 1930 Census, with their son Harry W. Jr., who was born in 1928. He had graduated from Columbia University with Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in civil engineering. By 1936 he had moved to 1069 Princess Avenue in the Parkside section of Camden.

Employed by the City of Camden in the mid-1930s, Harry Hewitt executed the landscaping and planning of several beautification projects in the city that remain evident today, including Staley Park in Centerville, Alberta Woods Park in East Camden, Pyne Point Park in North Camden, and Fairview Park. He also was involved at Roosevelt Plaza, the beautiful city park that was located in front of City Hall, on the site of the present Parkade Building. Harry Hewitt also did all the engineering surveys for the Federal government's housing program in the 1930s. In that capacity he was involved in the site selection for the Westfield Acres and Clement T. Branch Village housing projects. Harry Hewitt also designed and supervised the reconstruction of the Farragut Boat Club in Cramer Hill.

In October of 1936 he was appointed to serve as confidential secretary to City Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann Jr., whose was responsible for supervising the 15 bureaus that comprised Camden's Department of Public Works. 

Camden Courier-Post - October 13, 1936