HARRY MARTYN CHAMBERS was born in New Jersey on November 26, 1879 to John James Chambers and the former Martha Wood. The family lived at 305 Wilson Street when he was an infant. By 1887 they had moved to 420 Evans Street in South Camden, and in 1890 were in a newly-built home at 1123 Baring Street. They moved to 1119 Baring Street in 1891, 1109 Baring Street, in 1892, and 1103 Baring Street in 1893, where they remained for three years. The 1896 Camden City Directory shows that the Chambers family had moved to 573 Division Street. They were listed at 785 Mount Vernon Street in the 1897 and 1898 editions.

Harry Chambers was the oldest of at least four children, the others being William P, Elizabeth M., and Lucy Helms Chambers. 

On March 30, 1898 Harry Martyn Chambers

married Clara Elizabeth Price, the daughter of Camden Fire Department member Samuel Montgomery Price. A son, Harry H.B. Chambers was born on June 1, 1898. Sadly, the baby died on January 25, 1899. Two daughters followed, Clara Mae in 1899 and Henrietta in 1906. The Chambers' lived with Clara's parents at 906 Chestnut Street when the Census was taken in 1900. By 1906 through at least 1920 Harry and Clara Chambers rented a home at 908 Chestnut Street

Harry Chambers worked as a trolley conductor in the 1900s through at least 1914. By 1918 he had joined the Camden Fire Department. Daughters Clara May and Harriet Chambers married in 1920 and 1924, respectively; Clara May to John B.E. Waldron, and Harriet to Frank E. Flowers.

The 1924 Camden City Directory shows that Harry and Clara E. Chambers had moved to 1452 Mt. Ephraim Avenue. By 1927 Harry Chambers had been promoted to Captain. He served as a junior Captain at Hook and Ladder Company 2 though at least 1929. He was still serving with the Camden Fire Department when the C.B. Coles & Sons Company lumber yard was destroyed by fire on July 10, 1933.

Harry Chamber completed 20 years of service as a Camden fire fighter during the 1930. The Chambers family was still residing at 1452 Mt. Ephraim Avenue when Captain Chambers died on July 4, 1940. He was survived by his wife and daughters. By 1947 Clara Chambers was living at 113 North 25th Street in East Camden. She passed away in July of 1973 in Kearny, New Jersey.

Older brother William Pringle Chambers also served on the Camden Fire Department.

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 7, 1916

Chestnut Street
Perry Daniels
Mary Ann Waters
Lizzie Morris

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Camden Post-Telegram
June 20, 1917

Frank Gondolf - John T. Garrity
Sylvester "Wes" McGrath
Harry Chambers - William Cason
John H. Lennox - George Pursglove John McTaggart

Camden Post-Telegram
March 16, 1918

Clarence Wescott
Charles H. Ellis
Roy DeHaven

Engine Company 3

Engine Company 7
Engine Company 8
Julius Hubert
George H. Pursglove

Anthony Paradise
Harry Chambers


Philadelphia Inquirer - December 24, 1921

Charles Todd - Charles Watkin - Harry M. Chambers - Alfred Lassby
Engine Company 5 - Ladder Company 2 - Engine Company 7

World War I Draft Card

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 21, 1921
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Harry Chambers - David Smith - Charles Haines - Peter B. Carter
Neil Zeidman -
8th Street - Kaighn Avenue - West Jersey Hospital

Camden Courier-Post - July 11, 1933
Mrs. Mary Numbers
Mrs. Anna Parker
C,B. Coles & Sons Company
Front Street
Mechanic Street
Atlantic Avenue
E.H. Stewart - Joseph C. Maull - Dr. W.S. Thompson - Rachel Maull - William Champion - Ebenzer Toole Harry Chambers