HARRY H. HESS was born on February 14, 1900 in Pennsylvania to Gottlieb and Sophia Hess of 2724 Pratt Street, Philadelphia. He was the fifth child, coming after sisters Sophia, Minnie, Blanche, and Emma Hess. His father worked as a hostler. Sadly Gottlieb Hess passed away on July 6, 1901. Sophia Hess soon remarried. By 1910 she and her new husband, Christian Buechler, were living at 1043 North 26th Street in the Cramer Hill section of Camden. Oldest sister Sophia had died, but his mother had bore two other children, Carrie and Bernhardt Buechler.

The 1920 Census shows Harry Hess living with his mother Sophie and step-father Christian Buechler at 1043 North 26th Street in Camden's Cramer Hill neighborhood. Harry Hess was then working as a shipper at one of Camden's woolen mills, probably the Highland Mill at North 10th and State Streets. Also living there were older sisters Emma Hess and Blanche Hess Gehret.

Harry Hess married Mary Osherchoski shortly after the 1924 City Directory was compiled. He was then still living at 1043 North 26th Street. After he married, he and his wife lived with her widowed mother at 2733 Sherman Avenue in Cramer Hill. A son, Allen F. Hess, was born in April 16, 1926.  to Mary and Harry Hess. The family is listed at 2733 Sherman Avenue in the 1927 City Directory. After having worked as a laborer and more recently as a salesman, Harry Hess was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 4, 1928. He was still serving with the Camden Fire Department when the 1947 City Directory was compiled. The 1930 Census shows Harry Hess and family living next door to fellow Camden Fire Department member William Foehl, who lived with his family at 2731 Sherman Avenue into the mid-1930s. Another Camden firefighter, Charles A. Bates, later lived at 2731 Sherman Avenue.

Son Allen F. Hess enlisted in the United States Army at Fort Dix, New Jersey on May 9, 1944. As he had had qualified for flight duty, he trained as a member of a bomber crew and attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. He was awarded the Air Medal, indicating that he flew at least five combat missions, most likely as a gunner. 

Allen F. Hess returned to Camden after completing his military service. His parents were still living at 2733 Sherman Avenue as late as 1947. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on November 14, 1950. Allen F. Hess was promoted to captain in May of 1960, and to Battalion Chief on June 11, 1966. After serving the City of Camden for 40 years, Chief Allen F. Hess retired on May 1, 1991.

Harry H. Hess passed away on June 15, 1971. His widow joined him on December 15, 1998.

Camden Courier-Post - April 4, 1928


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