HAROLD HADLEY PIKE JR. was born on March 22, 1926 to Harold H. Pike and his wife, the former Agnes Lynn. The 1926 and 1927 City Directories show the Pikes at 1302 Green Street in Camden. The 1928 Directory has them at 935 North 20th Street. The 1930 Census shows Harold H. Pike and his parents living at 1156 Marion Street with Agnes' parents, Ross and Mary Lynn, and her brother, Robert T. Lynn.

Sadly, Harold H. Pike's uncle, Robert T. Lynn, was killed in action in France on September 5, 1944.

After serving in the United States Navy, Harold Pike tested for the Camden Fire Department. He was appointed on November 15, 1950 and reported for duty the following day. After serving almost 10 years at Ladder Company 1, Harold H. Pike was promoted to Captain and sent to Engine Company 1. On May 30, 1964 He was promoted to District Chief. He was then living at 939 North 31st Street in Cramer Hill. When Camden removed residency restrictions for city employees, Harold H. Pike moved to Marlton, New Jersey.

Harold H. Pike served as District Chief with the Third Platoon until 1967 when he was transferred to the Fire Academy. In 1968 Harold H, Pike was promoted to Fire Marshall and made Chief of the Bureau of Fire Prevention. Harold H. Pike retired on pension on April 1, 1981.

Harold H. Pike moved to Winter Garden, Florida after retiring from the Camden Fire Department. He passed i Florida on September 14, 1998 and was buried at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Gotha, Florida.

Camden Courier-Post - December 9, 1949
Joseph T. Hackett - Owen Gale
August L. Johnson - Harry Sterling
Albert A. Stinger - Jesthroe Hunt
Harold H. Pike - Roy R. Moffa
Allen F. Hess - Franklin Whylings
William L. Gosnell - David W. Humphries
William G. WInstanley - Joshua Robinson
Henry S. Keubler - Adolph S. Zubrzycki
Ralph H. Palmer - Alexander P. Matis
Earl G. Robinson - Anthony J. DiMaggio
Earl A, Smith Sr. - Philip J. MacDonald
Robert P. Olesiewicz - Eugene E. Demers
Chester J. Gedrich - John F. Chudzinski
Samuel D. Siniscalki - Santo Dimaggio
Ludwig Polniak - George P. Baxter
Ralph F. Schaeffer - Joseph J. McTaggart
Louis J. Monahan - John DiMaggio 
William N. Stone - Casper J. Martelli - H. Raymond Dixon

Camden Courier-Post * August 19, 1957

Firemen Here Get Advanced First Aid Course

More than 40 members of the Camden Fire Department have completed the Red Cross course in advanced first aid according to announcement today by Howard F. Keller, Collingswood, chairman of the Camden County Chapter's first aid committee. 

Instruction sessions were under the direction of Fire Chief William V. Pfefferle, Drillmaster Anthony Dzinski, a member of the local chapter first aid group, assisted by Nicholas E. George, were instructors. Dzinski is a member of the Red Cross faculty at the National Aquatic School held in this area each year for instruction in advance safety techniques. Dick Harris, director of Red Cross safety services, supervised.

All members of the graduating class are personnel of several units housed at fire department headquarters here. These include the Headquarters Company, Engine Company 2, Rescue Squad 1 and Truck Company 1. These groups include: 

Rescue Squad: Captains Arthur Batten, Philip A. Stinger and Albert Weller; Edward Brendlinger, Harrison MacNeir, Robert Olesiewicz and James W. Smith.

Headquarters Company: Raymond Banford, John K. Voll and John W. Yates.

Truck Company 1: Captains Daniel Jiannetto, Robert E. Dukes and Otto V. Kaiser; William Watkin, Chester Gedrich, George Baxter, John Mogck, George C. Hennessy, Charles Devlin, Ambrose W. Faust, Joseph McTaggart, Howard R. Taggart, William G. Winstanley and Elmer Johnson Jr.

Engine Company 2: Captains James R. Asher, Thomas Winstanley; Carl Wirtz, James McGrory, Edwin V. Decker, James Stewart, Francis X. McTaggart, Anthony T. Orme, Mario D. Fattore, James O. Jones, Francis P. Stibi, William Hopkins, Robert E. Briggs, John Giuliano, Casper Martelli, Harold H. Pike, John J. Vane, William Stibi, John DiMaggio and Harry Kleinfelder.

Camden Courier-Post * April 30, 1964
Harold H. Pike - Edward R. MacDowell - Edward Michalak - John T. Odorisio
North 31st Street - Keith Kauffman

Camden Courier-Post
November 29, 1971

Woodland Avenue - Elizabeth McLeish
Harold Pike - Joseph Bocco
Janice Smalls



Camden Courier-Post - December 20, 1971
Angelo D. Malandra - John Giletto - Harold Pike - Thomas DiBiaso - Thomas Grieff
John R. Evans Leather Company - Cooper Hospital - North 2nd Street - Erie Street

Camden Courier-Post * December 22, 1971


Left: Scattered glass and ripped blinds are evidence of first of two firebombings in Camden today. This bombing was at 333 Arch Street, Camden, home of several business. There were no injuries.
Right: Water and soot damage are evident at office of Puerto Rican Labor Department office at 333 Arch St., Camden, site of firebombing earlier today.

Soot marks the spot where firebomb struck the Third National Bank of New Jersey, in Camden today. The bombing was the second of two in the city within 16 minutes and three miles.

Sara Matthews - Ellen Egbert 
Harold Pike - Donald McGlensey
George Meriweather - Harry Scholz
Robert Harrison -
Engine Company 9
Arch Street - 27th Street - Federal Street



Trenton Evening Times - November 24, 1977
Harold Pike - Elizabeth Coleman - Mitchell Street

Camden Courier-Post * September 27, 1979

Anthony Gresk - Bailey Street - Benjamin Shablack - John Barrett - The Tavern - North 6th Street
Joseph Cowgill - Edward Michalak -
Harold Pike - Rocky Donovan - Christine Patterson


Camden Courier-Post * December 2, 1980

Firefighters wind up their battle yesterday against a morning blaze that killed four children in their home on Erie Street in North Camden.

Second floor: Edward Murtaugh - Robert "Sonny" Frett
Ground: Joseph Marini - Richard Brooks - William Colucci


Harold H. Pike - Anthony Dowidowicz - LeRoy Adams - Hallie Adams - Merel Hall - Robert Hall

Philadelphia Inquirer * December 2, 1980