GEORGE W. HOLLINS served as a member of the Camden Fire Department for 24 years, beginning in 1908. He spent most of his career as  member of Ladder Company 1. 

George Hollins was born in Chester, Pennsylvania in November of 1868 to Thomas and Annie T. Hollins. The family was living at 204 Market Street in Chester when the 1880 Census was enumerated. Thomas Hollins worked as a butcher. The family also included two younger brothers, Frank and Harry Hollins. 

George W. Hollins married around 1895. He first appears in Camden's City Directories in 1897. He was working as a laborer. He lived with his wife Grace at 8 Westminster Avenue in what was then known as the Wrightsville section of the Town of Stockton. In June of 1898 a daughter, Jennie T. Hollins was born.

The Hollins family stayed at the Westminster Avenue address for another year, before moving to 47 Marlton Avenue in time for the compilation of the 1899 City Directory. Stockton was annexed by Camden in 1899, adding what is now known as East Camden and Cramer Hill to the city. The 1900 Census states that his address was then 57 Marlton Avenue.

On January 1, 1908 George Hollins was appointed to the Camden Police Department. Later that year he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He served at Ladder Company 3 for about six years. On March 11, 1914 George Hollins was transferred from Ladder Company 3 to Ladder Company 1, replacing Edward Finley, who had died on March 5..

George W. Hollins and family moved to 51 North 25th Street in East Camden at some point not long after the compilation of the 1914 Camden City Directory.

Sadly, daughter Jennie Hollins died during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.

George W. Hollins retired from the Camden Fire Department in 1932. He lived out his days at the North 25th Street address, passing away on March 24, 1939. Services were held at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in East Camden. George W. Hollins was survived by his wife Grace, who remained in the North 25th Street home through at least 1947.

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 1, 1908

Charles H. Ellis
Edward Hyde - A Lincoln James
E.B. McClong - Edward Hartman
John Brothers - Fred Schwetzer
William Bryant -
Charles Humes
Charles Wilbur -
Wright Cox
Walter Stanton - John Barnett
Tabor Quinn - John Gilbert
Joseph Palese - William Haines
Frederick Watson -
Charles Whaland 
William Kiker - James Hutt
George Krown - Ule Andrews
Daniel Stanton - Albert Archer
Harry Bakley - John Shuman
Oscar Till - Albertson Matlack
John Devlin -
George Hollins
Frank Koplain -
Edward King
George Beasley
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott


Philadelphia Inquirer
October 24, 1920

Peter B. Carter - George Hollins
Ladder Company 1
West Jersey Hospital
Ferry Avenue - Mechanic Street
Peter J. Murphy

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Hook & Ladder Company No.1
with new 1914 American LaFrance 75', 4 cylinder aerial ladder, in front of Fire Headquarters

From Left: tillerman Bill Tatem, firemen Edward Finley, Charles Gladney, and Harry Green, Lt. Harry Anderson,
George Hollins and Steward Bakley, Captain Joseph Maxwell, and driver Harry Burroughs

Camden Courier - January 20, 1925 

Companion Hurt As Extinguisher Explodes at Second Street Fire
Injured Fireman Finds Self Lying on Comrade's Dead Body

John J. Reilly - Peter B. Carter - Samuel Harring - William W. Patterson
Albert Raeuber - Max Koch - North 2nd Street - Pearl Street - Engine Company 4

Camden Post-Telegram
August 12, 1925

Engine Company 2 - Ladder Company 1
Christopher Moll

Joseph T. Daley
George Hollins
Howard Harrington
William R. Cason
Harold E. Lorang
John A. Strauss
Harry S. Burrough

Camden Courier-Post - December 31, 1932
Charles T. Humes - Albert York - David Hunt - Clarence Thorn - James R. White - Harry Haines
William H. Miller Jr. - Charles H. Ellis - William G. Schregler - Wilson Ashbridge
Charles Powell - "Honest John" Brunen - James Navin - George W. Hollins - Richard S. Marter
Arthur Wingate - Joseph Earnest - Samuel Harring - Daniel Grimes - Andrew Miller - Steward Bakley


Camden Courier-Post * January 2, 1933
Roy R. Stewart - Charles T. Humes - Albert York - Clarence Thorn - David Hunt - Harry Haines Sr.
John Lutts - James R. White - William H. Miller Jr. - Major W. Greenwood - Adrian Bateman
Elmer Burkett - Robert M. Coffman - Howard L. Currie - James E. Navin - George W. Hollins
Richard S. Marter - Arthur A. WingateJoseph F. Ernst - Samuel E. Harring - Andrew "Fritz" Miller
Steward Bakley - William K. Buzine - Daniel Grimes - William H. Bennett