GEORGE H. PURSGLOVE was born in Camden, New Jersey on July 10, 1880 to Charles Watson Pursglove and his wife, the former Mary Elizabeth Hamilton. He was the sixth of eight known Pursglove children, coming after Mary, Elizabeth, William, Charles, Emma, and before Harry and Clarence Pursglove. From 1887 through 1890 the Pursglove family lived at 138 Walnut Street in South Camden. The 1900 Census shows the family at 1243 Liberty Street. George H. Pursglove was then working as a laborer. George H. Pursglove had married Emma Beatty in 1903 and had moved to 751 Mount Vernon Street by 1910. They marriage produced two daughters, Myrtle in 1905 and Jeannette "Nettie" Pursglove in 1909. A son, Leroy, came in September of 1912. 

In the early 1910s brother Clarence Pursglove married Evelyn Patten, of 757 Mount Vernon Street. The brothers would live at these two homes through at least the end of 1926. George H. Pursglove became a member of the Camden Fire Department in the mid-1910s. He resigned from the department in March of 1918 to take a higher-paying job in one of Camden's shipyards. Clarence Pursglove was appointed to replace him. By January of 1920 George Pursglove had returned to the Fire Department. Both brothers would work as Camden firemen into at least the end of 1946. 

As stated above, George H. Pursglove and his brother Clarence were still living in the same homes on Mount Vernon Street as late as the end of 1926. When the 1929 Camden City Directory was compiled, George Pursglove and family had moved to 103 Eutaw Avenue in East Camden. Fire department record from 1931 show George Pursglove residing at 131 North 25th Street. 

George and Emma Pursglove were still living at 125 North 25th Street in East Camden when when the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled.  Both Pursglove brothers are noted in this directory as working for the Camden Fire Department.

Son Leroy Pursglove ws living with his wife Mildred at 24123 Arthur Avenue in Cramer Hill when the 1946 City Directory was compiled. He was then working as a bartender at the U-Need-A Cafe on Federal Street in East Camden. Leroy Pursglove passed away in December of 1960.

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 23, 1918

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