Frederick A.

FREDERICK A. VIESER  was born in 1855 in Lahr, Baden Germany. He emigrated from his native Germany at the age of 18. He married his wife Louise in 1881. Initially working as a machinist at the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, he appears in the 1890 Philadelphia City Directory as a partner, with William Dorner, in Dorner & Vieser, cabinetmakers, at 1207 Cambridge Street. He later came to New Jersey, where he became the president of the Frederick Vieser & Son Company, by the 1930s the only manufacturer in America of print blocks for the printed linoleum industry, at 1222 Kaighn Avenue

Active in the civic life of the city, Frederick Vieser was involved in the fund raising drive that culminated in the building of the Walt Whitman Hotel at Broadway and Cooper Street. He was an active member of the Camden Rotary Club, serving as the club president from July of 1933 through July of 1934, when he was succeeded by Dr. Leon N. Nuelen

The Viesers lived at 561 Benson Street from 1910 through 1916.

Frederick A. Vieser passed away on August 21, 1935. The business, operated by his son Frederick C. Vieser, remained in Camden at 1230 Kaighn Avenue into the early 1970s

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Camden Courier-Post - May 2, 1934

Camden Rotary Club - Holy Name Roman Catholic Church
Rev. Thomas J. Whelan - Fred A. Vieser - J.W. Burnison
Dr. Leon N. Nuelen - George W.A. Kappel
George W. Griffiths - Christian E. Ebensperger
Samuel P. Riggins - George A. Moore - John H. Booth
Trevor B. Matthews - William Major - Hubert Scheer

Camden Courier-Post * August 23, 1935

Camden Courier-Post

 August 25, 1935