EDWARD SHAPIRO was born in Pennsylvania around 1903, one of at least six children born to Max and Rose Shapiro. The family moved to Camden after World War I, and by January of 1920 had settled at 1140 Sycamore Street.  

On March 1, 1928 Edward Shapiro was appointed to the Camden Police Department along with the following men, Francis Guetherman, August Riehm, William Schriver, Walter Vecander, John V. Wilkie, Earl Wright, Edward Cahill, Marshall Thompson, Stanley Bobiak, Paul Edwards, Leon Feltz, George Getley, Joseph Lack, Thomas Stanton, Otto Toperzer, and Frank Wilmot.

Edward Shapiro served as a motorcycle policeman for several years at the beginning of his career. By 1947 he had been promoted to detective. He was then living with his wife Mary at 908 Haddon Avenue, and was still on the force as late as 1956. The Shapiros are not listed, however, in the 1956 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory. He had a home built Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill) off of Church Road in the late 1950s, where he lived after retiring from the city police force. In the mid-1950s he worked as a detective with the County prosecutor's office and partnered with Arnold "Jersey Joe Walcott" Cream.

A list of Camden Police officers kept by William Schultz states that by 1980 Edward Shapiro had passed away.

Edward Shapiro's father Max set up his other children in businesses in Camden. The brothers all went into the bar business. By 1947 George Shapiro had the Harmony Tavern at 783 Spruce Street, Bernard the Anchor Tavern at 900 Walnut Street, and William owned Bill's Cafe at 508-1/2 Kaighn Avenue. Daughter Lillian owned a grocery at 830 Mount Vernon Street with her husband Samuel Kirchner and daughter Dorothy also had a grocery near Haddon Avenue and Spruce Street before moving to New York in the 1950s.

Camden Courier-Post * March 18, 1932

Jinxed Motor Cop Gets New Break When Hit by Auto
Officer Shapiro Suffers Fractured Arm in Traffic Mishap

Hard Luck "'Eddy."

That's what Edward Shapiro, 27, of 901 Kaighn Avenue, is being called at police headquarters.

Shapiro, a motorcycle policeman, was riding north on Haddon Avenue late yesterday afternoon. At Wildwood avenue the traffic light was red. A car had stopped for the light. Another car, driven by Stephen Baxindine, 78, of 146 Hopkins avenue, also going north on Haddon Avenue, turned to the left to avoid hitting the one that was stopped and instead struck Shapiro's motorcycle, knocking him to the ground. Shapiro got up and, drove to city hall with Baxindine. At City Hall Captain Charles L. Humes sent Shapiro to West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital, where it was found he had suffered a fractured right arm.

No charges were made against Baxindine.

On August 17, last year, Shapiro suffered a fractured right leg when he was knocked off his motorcycle by a hit·and-run driver at Seventh Street and Kaighn Avenue.

Camden Courier-Post - May 11, 1933

South Camden Man Cleared of Tipsy Charge to Again

A South Camden man, convicted in police court of drunken driving, but acquitted on his appeal to Judge Samuel Shay, will seek reinstatement of his driver's license which was revoked officially today by Motor Vehicle Commissioner Harold G. Hoffman.

The man, Sylvester Tazcinski, 1477 South Tenth Street, was arrested April 28 by Motorcycle Policemen Edward Shapiro and Thomas Kauffman after Tazcinski's car is alleged to have sideswiped Kauffman's motorcycle. They followed the car to Tazcinski's house where they found it parked. The policemen told Judge Shay on Tuesday they were unable to testify Tazcinski was driving and the judge released the defendant after saying he was convinced Tazcinski was drunk.

William Mazzare, 922 South Fifth Street, arrested April 16 after his automobile crashed into parked cars at Mt. Ephraim and Kaighn Avenues also was deprived of his license. Mazzare was fined $220 by Police Judge Pancoast on April 17.

Edward T. Cheeseman, Ashland Road, Magnolia, arrested April 17 after a chase of more than two miles, also lost his license. Cheeseman was halted by Camden police a few feet from the closed gates of the Reading Ferry.

Camden Courier-Post - June 13, 1933

Dog Disarms Man, Blackens His Eye And Cops Do Rest

 George Ludwick lost an argument to a dog, was bitten and bruised, and yesterday was fined $26 for inciting to riot.

Ludwick is 27 and lives at 1920 Fillmore Street. He was bitten on the arm, the lip and, suffered a black eye, in an encounter with a dog in the rear of 1914 Fillmore Street. Ludwick got a club and the dog took it away from him. Then, police say, Ludwick went away and returned with a revolver. 

In the meanwhile, however, police headquarters received five telephone calls about a "riot" at that address, Motorcycle Patrol man Edward Shapiro told Judge Garfield Pancoast in Camden Police Court. Ludwick was treated at West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital and arrested. 

Ludwick said the dog snarled at him every time he passed the yard in which it is kept. He admitted he was abusive to the policeman. Pancoast declared he believed the dog had sufficient provocation to attack Ludwick.

Camden Courier-Post - August 10, 1933


Charged with parking without lights and attempting to bribe an officer, Vincent Hadarzznska, 24, of 1242 Van Hook street, was freed by Police Judge Pancoast yesterday when he denied the bribe attempt and said he had been driving only three months.

Hadarzznska, a truck driver, was arrested by Motorcycle Policeman Edward Shapiro at Fillmore and Viola streets. Shapiro said the man gave him $15 to "fix" the case. This was denied by Hadarzznska, through an interpreter, who said he tried to explain to the policeman to use the money to get another driver to complete his bread route.

Camden Courier-Post * February 11, 1936

Policeman Fires from Ground and Liquor Raid Fugitive Stops

 Four men were arrested amid revolver shots after a Camden policeman was knocked down by a police car during a raid yesterday afternoon.

Acting on orders of Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, who is continuing her drive to rid the city of speakeasies, three policemen and two detectives surrounded the home of James Ford, colored, at 1124 South Ninth street, shortly. before 3 p. m.

Patrolmen Edward Shapiro and Thomas Kauffman arrived in a radio car. So did James Brown and John Houston, two colored detectives. Patrolman Earl Stopfer arrived on foot.

Three policemen went to the back door. Kauffman stayed in the radio car at the front. Shapiro knocked at the front door.

The policemen at the rear were ahead of those opt front. As a result four men ran out through the front door and bowled over Shapiro. The man in the lead, who later was identified as Wilbur "Lackey" Davis, of 821 Mt. Vernon street, raced up the street, a quart bottle of liquor in hand.

Kauffman had driven his radio car behind another machine. He started the engine and attempted to back out to give chase. Shapiro ran behind the car and as he did, the machine struck him, knocking him into the middle of the street. Prone, Shapiro drew his revolver and opened fire on Davis.

Three shots were fired in the air.

Two others were closer to the fugitive, who halted. With the sound of shooting, the other three men yielded to the assembled policemen.

They gave their names as Ford, Herman Hopkins, 21, of 1124 South Ninth street, and Harry McLane, 29, of 746 Kaighn avenue.

All will be arraigned today.

Ford, Hopkins and McLane will be charged with violating the state A.B.C. act. In addition, Davis will be charged with resisting arrest.

Patrolman Shapiro was hurt but slightly.

Camden Courier-Post
December 29, 1950

Benjamin Dzick
John Moffa
Elmer Parker
Market Street

Camden Courier-Post
February 2, 1952

Thomas Lauria
Edward Shapiro
Gustav A. Koerner
Van Hook Street


Camden Courier-Post * February 2, 1952



Thomas Lauria - Edward Shapiro - John Moffa - Gustav A. Koerner - Thomas Murphy - Van Hook Street

Camden Courier-Post * February 14, 1952


Thomas Lauria - Edward Shapiro - John Moffa - Anthony Marino - Benjamin Dzick

Camden Courier-Post
February 22, 1952

Thomas Lauria
Benjamin Dzick

Van Hook Street

Camden Courier-Post * February 26, 1952


Thomas Lauria - Edward Shapiro - John Moffa - Anthony Marino - Benjamin Dzick

Camden Courier-Post
July 6, 1953

Benjamin Dzick
Herman Jordan
Edward Shapiro
John Duffy
West Street
Berkley Street

Camden Courier-Post * May 25, 1957

 South 5th Street - Stevens Street - Peter Paull - Edward Shapiro - John Moffa - George H. Allen - Anna M. Bristol

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