EDWARD VINCENT MICHALAK was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 21, 1913 to Kathryn M. and Vincent Michalak. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on July 15, 1942 and reported for duty the next day with one of the ladder companies.

Edward Michalak rose through the ranks of the Fire Department. He was promoted to Captain on June 15, 1951, to District Chief on February 16, 1959, to Deputy Chief on June 19, 1961, and finally to Chief of the Fire Department on July 1, 1965. 

Chief Michalak served as Chief of the Department for 13 years, retiring on pension on July 1, 1978. During his tenure he, the Fire Department, and the City of Camden faced many challenges, including the riots of 1967 and 1971, the Poet's Row catastrophe, and the problems associated with the declining tax base and revenue available to the city for the provision of services.

During his career with the Camden Fire Department Chief Michalak received a commendation for saving lives on December 13, 1945, a merit award on April 20, 1953, a public citation from then Commissioner of Public Safety E. George Aaron on July 8, 1955, and another public citation on January 31, 1961 for again saving lives.

Chief Michalak made his home at 1040 North 25th Street in Cramer Hill. The Chief passed away on May 19, 1994 and was buried with full departmental honors. 


Engine Company 3 and the 3rd Battalion in quarters, Broadway & Ferry Avenue, South Camden. 1956.

Left to right, standing: Chief Edgar Ellender, Fireman George Wade, Fireman Howard Lewis, Captain Edward Michalak; Kneeling: Fireman George Torgun, Fireman Dominick Dalanni, Fireman Henry Keubler.

December 23, 1958

Leonard Garbrecht
Olympia Road
West Jersey Hospital
South 8th Street
Engine Company 3
Edward Michalak
Mechanics Overall Service Inc.

In the staff office at Fire Headquarters (kneeling from left) Fireman Ernest Tartaglia, Fireman Howard Lewis, Fireman Harrison MacNeir; (standing from left) Captain Allen F. Hess Sr., Fireman Dominic Dalanni, Fireman Henry Keubler, Chief Harry Wagner, Fireman James Troutman, Chief Edward Michalak, Fireman James Smith, Chief Edward MacDowell, Fireman John Yates, and Fireman George Wade. - 1961

Camden Courier-Post * October 2, 1963

Pennsauken Fire Department - Robert Dukes - Edward V. Michalak
Col. Edwin Bedell - Edward MacDowell

Camden Courier-Post * October 2, 1963
Philip Farrow - Howard Doerschner - Edward V. Michalak - Col. Edwin Bedell - Edward MacDowell
Pennsauken Fire Department - Niagara Fire Company - John T. Plasket - Richard Davis - Haddon Heights Fire Company 

Director of Public Safety Edward Garrity presents
Chief of Department
Edward MacDowell with a municipal proclamation
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Witnessing, from left: Fireman George Wade, Fireman Harrison MacNeir,
Fireman John Gaffney Sr., Fireman James Troutman, Fireman Ernest Tartaglia, Captain Allen Hess, Fireman John Yates, District Chief Harry Wagner (obscured), District Chief Edward Michalak, Fireman Dominick Dalanni, Fireman
Howard Lewis, Fireman Henry Keubler

Camden Courier-Post * April 30, 1964
Harold H. Pike - Edward R. MacDowell - Edward Michalak - John T. Odorisio
North 31st Street - Keith Kauffman


From Left: Joseph Guarino - Edward V. Michalak 
Robert Dukes - Ervin Brennan


From Left: Joseph Guarino - Edward V. Michalak 
Robert Dukes - Ervin Brennan

Camden Courier-Post * September 26, 1964

Edward R. MacDowell - Edward V. Michalak - James T. McGrory - Joseph Wolfinger
Charles Christenson -  James Young - Terrace Avenue - Fountain Avenue - Atlanta Road
Engine Company 2 - Engine Company 11 - Ladder Company 1

A Change of Command on New Years Eve -
Retiring Chief of Department
Edward MacDowell greeting incoming Chief of Department Edward Michalak following the 0800 roll call on December 31, 1964

Camden Courier-Post * December 31, 1964

Camden Courier-Post * January 28, 1965

Edward V. Michalak - John J. Graw - Y.M.C.A.

Camden Courier-Post * 1965

Edward V. Michalak - Keith Kauffman - Engine Company 3

Camden Fire Department
First Annual Retirement Dinner
May 3, 1965
 William T. Cahill - Alfred R. Pierce - Edward V. Michalak
Keith Kauffman - Rev. W.A. Gwynne -
Edward R. MacDowell
Howard W. Ways
- George L. Boone - Isaac Muns - John C. Voll John T. Clemmens - Harrison B. Pike - Albert A. Weller
Austin E. Marks - Edward Y. Scott - John W. Yates

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Camden Courier-Post

Keith Kauffman
Edward V. Michalak

George Baxter


Camden Courier-Post

Keith Kauffman
Edward V. Michalak

George Baxter

July 1, 1965- On the occasion of Edward Michalak's appointment to Chief of Department (seated from left) retiring Chief of Department Edward MacDowell, Chief Edward Michalak, Director Keith Kauffman; (standing from left) District Chiefs Frank Deal, Joseph Guarino, Robert Dukes, Anthony Saponare, Theodore Primas, Daniel Jiannetto, Fireman Erwin Brennan, Major William Gwynne of the Volunteers of America Fire Canteen. 


Camden Courier-Post * 1965

Camden Courier-Post
February 1, 1966

Keith Kauffman
Robert P. Olesiewicz
Ladder Company 1
Morton Street
George C. Kurtyan
Hayes Avenue
Robert B. Shaw
Morse Street
Richard C. Francesconi
Rand Street
Nelson I. Savidge
Howell Street
Thomas Prosinski
Kenwood Avenue
Michael C. LaFrance
Kenneth Penn
Norris Street
Edward V. Michalak

Camden Courier-Post * February 5, 1966

SHROUD-COVERED body of one of three biys who died in row house fire on Mechanic Street near 4th Street is carried out by firemen while neighbors look on from nearby porch.

Mechanic Street
Edward V. Michalak
George P. Baxter
Thomas Carter Ratcliffe
Randy Smith
Robert Smith
Emilene Green
Edward Sharp
Philip Bocelli
James Snyder
James Green
Shirley Ratcliffe
George Pugh
Emma Lou Ratcliffe
Patricia Smith
William Roane
Benjamin Walters
William Kamman
William Stibi Jr.
John Dimaggio
James T. McGrory
Ladder Company 2
Rescue Company 1
Engine Company 3


CAMDEN POLICE lead woman tentatively identified as grandmother of three children killed in fire away from scene of tragedy

ABOVE, LEFT: SMOKE SWIRLS around fireman as he leans from second-floor window of row house on Mechanic Street near 4th where three small boys perished in blaze

May 1966

Camden Courier-Post * May 24, 1966

Kenneth Clark - Edward V. Michalak - Leon Puszczykowski - Joseph J. McComb

Camden Courier-Post * October 5, 1966

Photo by Bob Bartosz

KNEELING to hold hose in place, firemen backed off, a moment later as rear of vacant building at 1729 Railroad Avenue caved in during three alarm blaze yesterday. Two persons were hurt. Probe of faulty fire hydrants has been asked.

From Left: Captain Joseph Wolfinger, Albert Jones, William O'Dennis

Railroad Avenue
Angelo Errichetti
Edward V. Michalak
Philip A. Stinger
Theodore Primas
Albert Jones
Kenwood Avenue
Ladder Company 2
Thomas Robinson
Engine Company 8



Camden Courier-Post
November 29, 1966

HANDSHAKES ALL AROUND greet two veteran Camden firemen after their promotion to Deputy Fire Chiefs by Director of Public Safety Keith Kauffman. The new deputies, Daniel Jiannetto (second from right) of 24 South 33rd Street and Frank Deal (right) of 412 North 37th Street, are congratulated by Kauffman and Department Chief Edward Michalak following yesterday's swearing-in ceremony at city hall. Jianetto has been a fireman 19 years, Deal 14 years.


Camden Courier-Post - February 10, 1967

4 Trapped in Blaze Saved by Firemen
Courier-Post Staff

City firemen fought smoke, flames; snow and a biting cold during the night and early morning hours as a rash of fires 6everely damaged four buildings and destroyed a tavern.

According to Public Safety Director Keith Kauffman, at one point only two engine companies were not actively fighting the blazes as seven engine companies, three ladder companies, the rescue squad and three battalion chiefs were at the fire scenes.

At the site of the worst fire, 5th and Mickle Streets, police and firemen braved dense smoke and fierce flames to rescue four elderly persons trapped in first, second and third floor apartments.

Started In Tavern Lounge

The blaze, which broke out in the lounge of Ray's Tavern, was discovered by Patrolmen Augustus Balzano and Anthony Saponare at 3:58  a.m. after they were alerted of smoke by highway employees battling the second snowstorm of the week.

The two policemen, after radioing the alarm, kicked in the door of the tavern and raced through the smoke and flames to rescue Mrs. Agnes Lockhart, 58, from her upstairs apartment.

The patrolmen took Mrs. Lockhart to Cooper Hospital where she was admitted with a cut head and smoke inhalation.

Minutes later firemen, headed by Battalion Chief Biaggio Ardire, arrived. Ardire said the tavern was engulfed in smoke and flames. He said the flames leaped from the tavern roof to a luncheonette and apartment building next door.

Ardire said firemen raised a ladder to the third floor of the second building where Mrs. Mabel Seward, 64, was hanging from a window ledge. However, fireman were hampered in the rescue attempt by the narrow space of the alley and could only hold the screaming woman until other firefighters could make their way to the third floor window from inside the building.

The rescuers, wearing face masks, wrapped Mrs. Seward in blankets and carried here through the flames to safety.

Two Carried Out

At the same time, more fire fighters entered the burning building and carried out Mrs. Viola Lagerprantz, 65, who lived in a rear apartment on the first floor and John J. Smith, 86, from a second-floor apartment.

All the victims were taken to Cooper Hospital for smoke inhalation treatment and released an hour later.

Kauffman ordered the victims, still wrapped in blankets, taken to fire headquarters at 3rd and Arch Streets and notified city welfare authorities. The Welfare Department obtained temporary housing for the three victims at Volunteers of America headquarters,  828 Market Street. Each victim lost all possessions in the blaze. 

Additional Alarms

Ardire, at, 4:27 a.m. called for additional fire crews and an hour later requested more aid. Battalion Chief Daniel Jiannetto's unit answered the first distress call while Acting Battalion Chief Arthur Batten's men arrived on the second plea.

 Batten's unit had been fighting two North Camden blazes since 10:53 last night.

Ardire said that when firemen attempted to get into the buildings, the fire was raging forward, backward, and straight up the stairwells out of control.

The owner of the luncheonette, Dominic Padulla; arrived at the scene about 5:30 a.m. Padulla and his brother, Frank, who also had been out, live on the first floor.

Canteen Truck on Scene

Volunteers of America Canteen truck with Colonel William Gwynne also was at the scene and served firemen coffee and donuts.

Fire Chief Edward Michalak said he has ordered a complete investigation of the fire.

Kauffman said 5th Street south of Mickle  and Mickle Street east of 5th has been closed to traffic indefinitely.

In the two other fires in North Camden, a grocery store was damaged at 442 N. 9th Street, and two vacant buildings at 623-625 North Front Street were damaged. 

Grocery Store Blaze

Batten said a defective chimney apparently caused the grocery store blaze which raged through joists and partitions. The store is operated by Benjamin Lamberte while the building is owned by Mrs. Sarah Schecter of Baird Boulevard according to the battalion chief.

Batten's crew were forced to make two trips to the vacant buildings as wind whipped flames. He said the fire probably was caused by vagrants seeking shelter from the snowstorm.             

Before the firefighters could take off their fire apparel, they were dispatched to the 5th and Mickle Street blaze.

Camden Courier-Post

February 10, 1967

FIREMEN climb ladder to the roof and second floor of the blaze which raged out of control at Ray's Tavern, 5th and Mickle Streets, early today. Other firefighters braved dense smoke and flames inside building.

Camden Courier-Post * March 8, 1967


Left: SEA OF SMOKE engulfs firemen manning hoseline high above general alarm blaze in S. Broadway warehouse. But he's on an aerial ladder, not floating on a space platform.

Below: DENSE SMOKE from flame-swept warehouse on S. Broadway hinders fireman in general alarm blaze last night.

Anthony Corradetti - Broadway - Line Street - Louis Iatarola - Carolyn Iatarola - Lena Iatorola
John Luciani - Richard Hailey -
Thomas Penn - Theodore Primas - Edward V. Michalak
Angelo Errichetti - Anthony Saponare - Williams Street

Camden Courier-Post * March 8, 1967

Louis Martelli - Line Street - Charles Bates - N. 34th Street - Anthony Dariano - Mickle Street
Francis Stibi - Lemuel Avenue - Joseph Simpson - Garfield Avenue - Edward V. Michalak

Camden Courier-Post
May 20, 1967

North 9th Street
Cooper Street

Lawrence Street

Stevens   Street
North 10th Street
John Giuliano
Edward Michalak

Left: CAMDEN FIREMEN use ladder to enter window of smoke-filled vacant house during general alarm fire early today at 9th and Lawrence streets


Camden Fire Department - Newly Appointed Firefighters - November 10, 1967

Standing L to R: Robert De Ford - Jesse Flax Sr. - Captain Roy Taggart  - Chief Frank Deal - Chief of Department Edward V. Michalak - Robert "Sonny" Frett - Ferdinand Meloni
Walter Szatkowski - Don Harrison 
Sitting L to R: Ernest Newkirk -
John R. Cianfrani - August "Gus" Barbetta - Richard Prosser - Paul Delfing.


Camden Courier-Post
July 15, 1968



Edward V. Michalak - John J. Nicholson - Howard P. Murphy - Joseph A. Broccoli
Michael J. Deets - Donald Jankiewicz - Robert Allen - Parris Branch - Joseph Rotchford
James Gallagher - George Jackson - Ronald Kowalski

Camden Courier-Post * August 15, 1968


BLAZING shell of railroad warehouse collapses of ball of white-hot flame during height of early morning fire today. Warehouse, railroad cars and autos were destroyed.

Edward V. Michalak - Charles A. Bates - Engine Company 6 - Alfred Nigro

Camden Courier-Post * November 8, 1968

Standing L to R: Edward V. Michalak - Donald Watson - Charles Galasso - John Huelas - Jerome J. Watson - Daniel J. Galasso
William H. Huelas - Ronald J. Boyle - Robert G. Boyle - George S. Szychulski -
Glenn H. Moore - Marvin W. Bendy - Samuel Battle Jr.
Ronald Angemi - Robert C. Welch - George R. Abbey -
Beideman Avenue - Atlanta Road - North 33rd Street - Mt. Ephraim Avenue Kaighn Avenue - South Merrimac Road - Ormond Avenue - Oak Walk

November 1968

Camden Courier-Post * August 21, 1968

Boy, Girl Saved in City Fire

Two children were revived by artificial resuscitation last night after being rescued from flames which damaged a bedroom of their home.

The boy and girl, two-year-old Kenneth and eight-month-old Tracy, are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bagby of 2108 Van Buren Street, Camden.

They were rescued after fire broke out in a second floor bedroom of the home at 11:19 PM. They were asleep in the room at the time.

Fought Flames

The girl was rescued by James Robinson, acting captain of Engine Company Three. Robinson went through the building until he reached the bedroom.

According to Battalion Chief Thomas McCabe, Robinson fought his way through the flames and heat in the room to reach the child. The girl was not breathing when rescued, McCabe said, but. Robinson performed the artificial resuscitation.

The boy was rescued by Captain Chester Gedrich of Engine Company 10, who climbed a ladder to reach the bedroom. The youth was handed down the ladder and revived by fireman Joseph Lesniewski of Engine Company 10.

Taken to Hospital

The children were taken to West Jersey Hospital Northern Division, Camden, where they were examined and released.

Two other Bagby girls, five-year-old Dawn and six-year-old Kim, were next. door, at 2106 Van Buren Street, with their mother when the fire broke out.

Chief McCabe said he did not know the whereabouts of the father at the time of the fire.

Camden Courier-Post
January 3, 1969

North 24th Street
 Leon J. Johnson

Edward V. Michalak

Thomas S. Watson
Lloyd W. Henshall
Lloyd G. Birdsong
Richard P. Williams
Curtis J. Britt

South 6th Street
South 9th Street

Marion Street

Alabama Road

Bergen Avenue

 1969 - Receipt from
CFD Captain
Warren Carter

Camden Courier-Post * March 27, 1969

Eight Cited For Service Above Duty

Two Camden Fire Department Engine Companies were awarded unit citations and eight firemen attached to the companies were each given merit citations yesterday for service above and beyond the call of duty.

Camden Fire Chief Edward V. Michalak awarded the citations to representatives of Engine Companies 3 and 10 in ceremonies held in the department's headquarters at Third and Arch Streets.

Chief Michalak said the eight firemen under adverse conditions and without regard to personal safety, boldly rescued two children from a burning second story bedroom last August 20.

According to Michalak, Captain Chester Gedrich, 47, entered the home located at 2108 Van Buren Street, by ladder and rescued 8 month old Tracy Bagby, passing her to Joseph J. Lesniewski, 40, who took her to the street and gave her artificial respiration.

Meanwhile, Michalak said, acting Captain James Robinson, 31, entered the flaming building, went up the stairway and rescued, Tracy's, 7-year-old brother Kenneth.

Assisting in the rescue were firemen Clair H. Graham, 58, Harold Johnson Jr., Ronald Gorski, 30, George Kurtyan, 24, and Robert W. Frett also 24.

Camden Courier-Post * October 14, 1969
Harold Melleby - John H. Kolessar - Frank Deal - Peter Carbone - Edward V. Michalak
John Giuliano - Robert Briggs - Alfred R. Pierce - Engine Company 9

Camden Courier-Post * November 15, 1969

Rescue Company 1 - Edward V. Michalak - John DeFrancisco - John Mogck
Ernest A. Tartaglia

 March 3, 1971

Camden Courier-Post - May 6, 1971

North 41st Street - State Street - Robert K. Troutman - James T. McGrory - Edward V. Michalak

Chief of Department Edward Michalak with Deputy Chief Anthony Saponare among the troops
after Fourth Alarm at North 2nd and Erie Streets, in North Camden - August 23, 1972

August 23, 1972 at the Poet's Row Fire
Chief Michalak in the first floor of house where three children were killed

Camden Courier-Post * June 18, 1974


THREE-ALARM fire believed set by arsonists sweeps through the 400 block of South 4th Street in Camden Monday, destroying fourteen houses.

South 4th StreetWashington Street - Berkley Street - Edward V. Michalak - John Giuliano
Juan Gonzalez - Hermina Gonzalez

Camden Courier-Post * August 18, 1975

Fatal fire truck crash is blamed on their sirens

Courier-Post Staff

A Camden f ire official said he believes Saturday's collision of two fire trucks that killed one person and injured 14 others was caused by the inability of the drivers to hear each other‘s vehicle over their own sirens.

However. Acting First Battalion Chief Joseph Anderson stressed that he was only “theorizing" and that a full investigation of the crash would begin today. The two trucks, Engines One and Eight, collided at 6th and Pine Streets at about 5:15 pm, Saturday, Anderson said.

The impact of the crash sent Engine Eight, which was heading north on 6th Street, into the Livecchi grocery store while Engine One, which was head ing east on Pine Street, stopped safely about one block north on 6th Street, Anderson said.

The two vehicles were en route to the scene of a minor fire in a vacant house about two blocks from the scene of the collision. Anderson said another truck was called to extinguish the blaze.

Dead was 65-year-old Wilkins Tisdale, of 583 Line Street, Camden, according to Blair M. Murphy, an investigator for the Camden County Medical Examiner’s office, Murphy said the causes of death were internal injuries and a severed arm.

Tisdale, a retired construction worker who had just walked out of the grocery store, was pinned for 90 minutes under a large freezer in the store, Anderson said.

Juanita Dorsey, 34, 704 Pine Street Camden, who had been standing inside the store, was pinned under the freezer when it was hit by the truck, Anderson said. The woman was listed in satisfactory condition in Cooper Hospital with back injuries.

Richard Sorenson, a hoseman for Engine Eight, was in critical condition at Cooper with a punctured lung, broken ribs and a broken nose, right shoulder and right arm.

Paul Delfing. driver of Engine One, and James Peterson, driver of Engine Eight, were both pinned inside the cabs of their vehicles for 20 minutes, and 

 later treated and released from Cooper for head and facial injuries, Anderson said.

Sorenson and five other firemen on the two trucks were all thrown from them by the crash. The other firemen injured were Joseph Chelhowski, captain of Engine Eight, who was in satisfactory condition in West Jersey Hospital, Northern Division with ankle injuries and bruises.

Albert Collum, captain of Engine One, who was in stable condition at Cooper with a concussion, a broken finger, contusions and bruises.

William Smith, a hoseman for Engine Eight, who was being held for observation at or Lady of Lourdes Hospital with head and facial cuts and bruises.

John Asher, a hoseman for Engine One, and Paul Capazola, a hoseman for Engine Eight, who were treated and released from Cooper for cuts and bruises.

Five other persons were injured, none seriously, in the crash. One, Leonard Medford, of 611 Line Street, Camden, was in satisfactory condition at Cooper Hospital with leg injuries. The others were all treated and released from Cooper and Lourdes hospitals.

Anderson said the diesel engines of the two trucks both received “extensive" damage and that he did not know if the eight-year-old trucks, which he said usually last 15 years, could be used again.

Chief Edward V. Michalak said the department has pressed two of its older, auxiliary pumpers into service to keep the city's nine engine companies and three ladder companies at full strength.

Michalak said, however, that the two trucks damaged were among the newest the City owned.

Although he would put no dollar estimate on the damages, he said they were “excessive" and that it would not be known until at least Tuesday whether they could be repaired.

The city will not be receiving any new fire trucks until next April, when delivery of four pumpers is expected.

Although the city has experienced fire truck mishaps before, the chief, a 33-year veteran of the force, said this was the most serious.

He would not comment on the cause of the accident pending completion of the department's investigation.

Camden Courier-Post
August 18, 1975

SPECTATORS peer solemnly at Camden fire truck that crashed into corner grocery at 6th and Pine Street, Camden killing one man and injuring 14 other persons after collision with another fire truck at intersection

Camden Courier-Post
August 18, 1975

CAB of fire engine lies atop freezer where it came to rest after slamming through grocery store wall

Camden Courier-Post * August 22, 1975

Council Checking Into Crash

Courier-Post Staff

The brakes on one Camden fire engine will be examined by a specialist to see whether brake failure was responsible for Saturday’s collision of two fire trucks in which one man was killed and l4 persons injured.

However. Deputy Fire Chief Daniel Jiannetto. appearing before Camden City Council Thursday. said he felt the possibility of brake failure was remote because Engine No. 8 is safeguarded by a complex triple-brake system.

Jiannetto said James Peterson, the driver for Engine Co. No. 8. reported he believed the brakes on his vehicle failed to function when he saw Engine Co. No. 1 emerge from a cross-street.

The collision occurred at 6th and Pine Streets as both fire companies were responding to a house fire about two blocks north of the accident scene. The crash sent Engine No. 8 through the wall of Livecchi's Grocery at 601 Pine Street, killing Wilkins Tisdale, 65, a shopper emerging from the store at the time.

Engine No. 8 was traveling north on 6th, which is a through street. while Engine No. 1 was headed east on Pine for 7th Street, where the driver planned to turn north to the fire scene.

Both captains reported their vehicles were traveling at a relatively slow rate of speed, and that buildings at the corners of 6th and Pine obscured their view.

There was also speculation that the drivers were unable to hear each other approach became of the none from their own sirens.

So far, fire and police department investigators have not yet fixed blame on either driver, according to Public Safety Director David Kelly.

Jiannetto said representatives from Ward Lafrance Co., manufacturers of
the two eight-year-old vehicles, have told them Engine No. 1 was demolished, but Engine No. 8 may be repairable.

Martin McKernan, city attorney, said the city carries $250 deductible collision insurance on both vehicles, and said the city is also covered by liability insurance concerning the injuries and damages caused to those outside the department.

Still hospitalized are:

Juanita Dorsey, 34, of 704 Pine Street, listed in fair condition at Cooper Hospital with back injuries.

Leonard Medford, of 611 Line Street, listed in fair condition at Cooper with leg injuries.

Richard Sorenson. a hoseman for Co. No.8, listed in serious condition at
Cooper with a punctured lung, broken ribs and a broken nose, shoulder and arm.

William Smith, also a hoseman for Co. No. 8. listed in satisfactory condition at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital with head and facial cuts.

November 23, 1977 - A Second alarm fire in an unlicensed boarding house took the lives of five senior citizens on  at 2939 Mitchell Street in East Camden. In this photo Chief Edward Michalak is seen exiting the house in the aftermanth of the fire.

From Left: Mayor Angelo Errichetti, 
Chief Edward V. Michalak
Camden Fire Department photographer Bob Bartosz

A contingent of officer and members attend the funeral of retired Chief of Department Edward Michalak at Saint Anthony of Padua R.C. Church, 1994

Members of the department render salute as Pallbearer Detail of six Chief Officers carry the remains of Chief Edward Michalak to his final resting place at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken, New Jersey. In fromation at far end of the column is Chief of Department Kenneth Penn and former Chief of Department John J. Mogck Jr.