EDWARD D. KREHER was born in Camden on September 21, 1918 to Herman Otto Kreher and his wife, the former Tillie J. Melhourt. Besides Edward the family included a brother, Herrman J. Kreher, and sisters Wilhelmina and Tillie. His father was a career Camden fire fighter.

Edward Kreher's grandparents came to what became Camden around 1886, settling in the Pavonia section of Stockton Township, known in modern times as the Cramer Hill neighborhood. The 1906 Camden City Directory shows them living at 1220 North 25th Street. This neighborhood was the home of many other German immigrants in this period. After marrying Tillie J. Melhourt around 1908, Herman Otto Kreher joined the Camden Fire Department on September 1, 1911. 

The 1914 City Directory shows the Kreher family living at 945 North 25th Street. When Herman Kreher registered for the draft on September 12, 1918, he lived at 929 North 25th Street in the Cramer Hill section of Camden NJ, near Charles Irle Sr.'s  Saloon.  This bar was operated by the Hinkson family by 1926, and in Herman Otto Kreher's later years was known as Beatty's Grill and as Juno's Tavern. The home was a short walk from the firehouse, on North 27th Street, where Herman Otto Kreher worked. He had been promoted to Junior Captain of Engine Company 11 by October 6, 1936. Herman Otto Kreher retired as the Captain of Engine Company 11 at North 27th Street and River Road on October 1, 1942. 

Edward Kreher lived with his parents as late as 1940, according to Camden's City Directory. The 1943 and 1947 City Directories shows Edward Kreher living at 1032 North 34th Street.

On October 16, 1942 Edward Kreher was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He had been inducted into the United States Army when his appointment came through. Edward Kreher reached the rank of Corporal while serving in the Army. Upon his return from military duty was assigned to Engine Company 11, where his father had served for many years. He began work at Engine Company 11 on April 1, 1946.

On December 1, 1956 Edward Kreher was transferred to Ladder Company 3, at North 25th Street and Federal Street, where he served until February 16, 1966, when he retired on pension.

The 1956 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory shows Edward Kreher making his home at 1119 North 24th Street, in the same Cramer Hill neighborhood that he grew up in. In his last years Edward Kreher made his home at Spring Hill, Florida

Edward D. Kreher passed away on April 21, 1998.

Camden Courier-Post
October 14, 1933

Engine Company 11
John Lennox
Robert Wonsetler
Harry Kreher - Edward Kreher
William Harring - Rollo Jones
Walter Mertz - Charles Errickson
William Mountney - Nelson Till
William Getner - John Peterson

Harry Hess
Michael Mungioli
Herman Kreher
John Mohrfeld
Howard Currie

Engine Company 11 on a drill with the 2nd Platoon - Cramer Hill, 1956
From Left: Fireman Ed Kreher, Fireman Mario Fattore, Fireman Frank Deal, Captain Ed Robbins, Fireman Charles Bates

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