EDWARD J. WESTON  was born in Pennsylvania in June of 1855 to Alice and William H. Weston. The family appears in the 1860 Census and the 1870 Census in Philadelphia. The family moved to Camden in the 1870s, The 1880 Census shows William H. and Alice Weston at 625 Cherry Street. At that point the family consisted of Edward Weston, his parents, and sisters May, Alice, Beth, and Minnie. An older sister, Agnes, was not living at the Cherry Street home. William H. Weston was a shoemaker and Edward Weston initially followed his father into that trade. Edward Weston appears in the 1881-1882 and 1883-1884 Directories at 625 Cherry Street, working as a shoemaker in Philadelphia.

The 1884-1885 City Directory shows the Weston family had moved to 566 Walnut Street. He was still working as a shoemaker in Philadelphia. By 1885 he had moved to South 6th Street north of Walnut Street. The 1887-1888 edition indicates a move to 1002 South 2nd Street. Still working as a shoemaker in Philadelphia, Edward Weston had moved to 640 Cherry Street by the spring of 1888. He was living at 747 Berkley Street and still working as a shoemaker in Philadelphia, when in the spring of 1890 he was selected to serve with the Camden Fire Department as an extra man. Edward Weston also married Etta J. Wood in 1890.

He worked as an extra man into 1892. The 1892-1893 City Directory shows Edward Weston had moved to 515 EEdmund Street. The 1893-1894 shows he had been taken on as a full-time ladderman. He was then living at 738 Berkley Street. His widowed mother was still living at 515 Edmund Street. Edward Weston moved back to 515 Edmund Street the following year. The 1895-1896 Directory indicates that he had moved to 712 Berkley Street. He stayed at that address into 1896, then moved to 708 Berkley Street. The 1898 City Directory shows he moved to 721 New Street. The 1899 Directory states the Westons were living at 467 Trenton Avenue.

In 1899 the City of Camden annexed the town of Stockton, and rook over firefighting operations in what is now East Camden and Cramer Hill. Edward Weston was assigned to one of the new companies stationed at the firehouse that was built at North 27th Street and Federal Street. The 1900 Census shows Edward Weston, wife Etta, and stepdaughters Fannie and Irene living at 15 South 34th Street. The 1906 City Directory show him at 114 South 34th Street. He was then serving as Foreman of Hose Company No. 1, while was renamed Engine Company 9 on January 1, 1922.

In December of 1908 Edward Weston and brother firefighter John Vickers were badly injured when their apparatus collided with a trolley car at 26th and Federal Streets. He the was living at 3510 Federal Street was was still at that address in 1910 when the Census was taken. Badly injured, he was placed on the retired list effective July 1, 1911. 

By the time the 1914 City Directory was compiled the Westons were living at 3171 Highland Avenue. He spent his remaining years at that address. The 1918-1919 City Directory and the 1920 Census shows he was working as a storekeeper in one of Camden's shipyards.

Edward Weston passed away on January 6, 1928. His widow, step-daughter Irene and her husband and children were still at the Highland Avenue address in April of 1930.    

Philadelphia Inquirer * July 5, 1889

Martin Frand - Royden Street - Edward Weston - Berkley Street
Allie Bechtel - Line Street - George H. Johnson - Locust Street
Herman Testmeir - Dr. Macuen - Samuel Cover - Benson Street

Philadelphia Inquirer * February 11, 1890


Samuel S. Elfreth. - Frank Michellon - Cooper B. Hatch - Charles S. Wolverton - Dr. W.B.E. Miler - Harry C. Sharp
James M. Lane - Frank B. Sweeten - Harvey Flitcraft - William Schregler - Dr. John D. Leckner - J. Wesley Sell
Frank A. Ward -
James Ware Jr. - Frank S. Heisler - Thomas Thornley - Ulie G. Lee - Edward Weston
Dr. P.W. Beale - Charles H. Helmbold - John Carmany -
Isaac C. McKinley - John N. Zanders  - Edward E. Jefferis 

Philadelphia Inquirer * August 9, 1891

Edward Weston - Edward Hartman

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 28, 1892
William Deno - Bulson Street - H.A. Wallington - Edward Weston

Philadelphia Inquirer * August 27, 1892

Edward Weston - Engine Company 2

Philadelphia Inquirer

November 24, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
William Penn Hook & Ladder Company No. 1
First Baptist Church - Edgar Bolton
John W. Vanhart - W. Scott Franklin
Benjamin Kellum - Charles Robinson
George B. Wade - Albert Jones
George Cox - Edward Weston
Samuel Peoples - Harry B. Middleton
Harry Burroughs - Robert W. Colkett
William G. Hillman - James E. Navin
Charles Todd - Daniel Smith
Peter B. Carter - Alfred Hayden
Henry Elliott - Josiah Sage
Samuel Price - William Rose
Charles Sturgis - Daniel Grimes
Harry Wagner - Augustus Kester
William Simpson

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Philadelphia Inquirer

November 28, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
Edgar Boulton - John W. Vanhart
W. Scott Franklin - Robert Gick - Joseph Till
Edward Kelly - Christian Stark
Samuel Collins - William Madison
John F. Renner - Josiah Pedigree
Charles Robinson - George B. Wade
Albert Jones - George Cox
Edward Weston - Samuel Peoples

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Philadelphia Inquirer
December 12, 1908

Edward Weston 
John Vickers
Thomas Love
East State Street
Federal Street
North 24th Street
North 26th Street

Camden Post-Telegram * June 28, 1909
  W. Scott Franklin - Frederick Morse - Edward Weston - John H. Vickers - Edward Kelley - Dr. H.H. Sherk

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 29, 1909

Ladder Company 3
Edward Kelley
W. Scott Franklin
Frederick Morse
Dr. H.H. Sherk
North 27th Street
Westfield Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer * June 24, 1911

Edward Weston - Christian S. Stark