EDWARD HARTMAN was born in June of 1865. He served a a member of the Camden Fire Department in the 1890s. 

When Engine Company 4 was organized on June 1, 1890 at 320 Vine Street in North Camden, with a two-hitch, second class Button steam engine and a one-hitch Button hose carriage, he was the new unit's first driver. The charter members were as follows; Company Foreman, Amedee S. Middleton; engineer, Francis Turner; stoker C. Barney Harvey; driver, Edward Hartman; and hosemen Walter W. Browning and Charles Berry

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article stating that Edward Hartman was appointed to the Fire Department with Edward Weston in August of 1891. This appears to be in Hartman's case an error, as he had been already serving for a year.

By 1897 Edward Hartman had been appointed to the Police Department. That year's City Directory gives an address of 310 Mickle Street. The 1900 Census shows Edward Hartman living at 321 Mickle Street with his wife of fourteen years, Catherine, and their 10 year-old daughter Jennie. The 1906 City Directory states that Edward Hartman then resided at 47 Cooper Street.

Edward Hartman was still with the police department as late as June of 1909. By December 1910, however, he had left the department. He testified before the grand jury in December of 1910 during the election fraud investigations that culminated in sending John Golden, Martin Carrigan, and Daniel Woods to jail for four months in 1911.

Edward Hartman is not listed in the 1910 City Directory or the 1914 Camden City Directory. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 9, 1891
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Edward Hartman - Edward Weston

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 9, 1892
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Edward Hartman - Walter Browning - Morris & Mathis' Ship Yard

Camden Post - March 23, 1893

First Ward Republican Club - John L. Westcott - Robert Smith - George Barrett - Rev. A.G. Lawson
North Baptist Church - Engine Company 4 - Jesse Conley - James Dunn - Joseph Love
Samuel Elfreth - Amedee Middleton - Frank Turner - Edward Hartman - Walter Browning
Robert Steer - William Bogia - Charles Jefferson Kay - George Martin

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 3, 1895

Edward Hartman - David Logue - Engine Company 2

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 10, 1898

Samuel Dodd - Michael Fleming
South 2nd Street 
William Comley - Edward Powell
 Richard Golden - John Sinclair
William Selby - Edward Hartman
Albert Meyers - Ralph Bond
Jules Bosch - Caleb Williams
Alfred Shaw - Jacob A. Hicks
Isaac Shreeve

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 22, 1898

William Ilgenfritz
Jacob N. Wise - Charles Gordon
Victor Kline - Charles E. Wilson
Bessie Hughes - Mrs. Marshall
Cooper B. Hatch
John Foster
Harry C. Kramer
J. WIllard Morgan - Charles Baron
George Cooper - Harry Miller
George Anderson
Edward Hartmann
James Ware
Joseph Nowrey
Mickle Street
Delaware Avenue
Market Street
South 9th Street
Ferry Avenue
Vine Street
Front Street - Arch Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 29, 1902
John Foster - F. Morse Archer
Joseph Nowrey - Eli Hunt
John G. Helm - Henrietta V. Bland
James Bland - Charles Wagner
Harry Miller - Albert Keaser 
Robert Miller - F. Neil Robinson 
South 3rd Street - Beckett Street  - Locust Street - Liberty Street

Philadelphia Inquirer

January 1, 1908

Charles H. Ellis - Edward S. Hyde - A. Lincoln James - Elbridge B. McClong
Edward Hartman - John Brothers - Fred Schweizer - William Briant - Charles T. Humes
Charles Wilbur -
Wright Cox  - Walter Stanton - John Barnett - Tabor Quinn
John Gilbert - Joseph Palese - William Haines - Frederick Watson -
Charles Whaland
William Kiker - James Hutt - George Krown - Ulie Andrews - David Stanton
Albert Archer - Harry Bakley - John Shuman -
Oscar Till - Albertson Matlack
John Devlin -
George Hollins - Frank Koplain - Edward S. King - George Beasley
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 14, 1909
Frank Ford Patterson Jr. - James Clay - George Cooper - Fiore Troncone
 Edward Pike -
Walter Stanton - Oscar Weaver - Albert Shaw
William Schregler - James Tatem - Edward Hartman


Philadelphia Inquirer

April 27, 1910

  John S. Smith
David Baird Sr.

Edward Hartman