EDGAR ROY ELLENDER SR. was born in Philadelphia on May 26, 1894 to Frank A. and Caroline "Carrie" Ellender. At the time of the 1900 Census the family resided at 1009 Carlton street in Philadelphia PA. Father Frank and son Frank H. Ellender are listed as "officers" on the census sheet for that year, and considering his father's later employment it is probable that they were policemen. Also at home were sisters Hettie, Sadie, and Carrie Ellender. Edgar was the youngest child then at home.

The Ellenders were living in West Deptford NJ when the census was taken in 1910, at the home of Edgar's sister Sadie and her husband, Jesse Darlington. 

When the United States became involved in World War I he enlisted in the Navy, his service commencing on April 4, 1917. He left his wife Martha and daughters Martha and Dorothy when he answered his nation's call. A son, Edgar Jr., was born in December of 1917. 

Edgar Ellender Sr. was discharged from the United States Navy on March 11, 1919. His rank was Fireman First Class when he was discharged. He returned to his wife and child after his service was completed.

When the census was taken in January of 1920, the Ellender family was renting a home at 531 Fulton Place. Only five doors away, at 541 Fulton Place, another Camden fire fighter, Robert M. Coffman, resided. 531 Fulton Place would remain the family home through at least April of 1930. Another child, daughter Edith, had joined the family. Edgar Ellender Sr. was then working as an electrician for a trolley car line. Interestingly enough his father, Frank A. Ellender, was Marshall of Westville NJ at the time, despite being 69 years old at the time. Brother Frank H. Ellender and sister Hettie Ellender Rhoades also lived in Westville, young Frank then a guard at a United States Government building. Edgar Ellendaer was still living at 531 Fulton Place as late as 1931.

Edgar Ellender was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on November 20, 1920. He reported for duty with Engine Company 2 on January 1, 1921. He remained with Engine Company 2 until April 4, 1940 when he was promoted to junior captain and assigned to Engine Company 6 at Front and Linden Streets. On February 25, 1943 he was to promoted to Captain. 

The 1940 Camden City Directory shows Edgar Ellender and his family living at 157 North 32nd Street in East Camden. By the time the 1943 edition was compiled Edgar Ellender and his wife were living at 2901 Royden Street, where they remained until his retirement in 1958.

On January 1, 1950 Edgar R. Ellender was promoted to Acting Battalion Chief. He served as the relief chief for the 1st and 3rd Fire Districts until May 19, 1950 when his promotion was made permanent. Chief Ellender he was was posted to the 2nd Fire District on June 1, 1950. He served in this capacity until his retirement on June 1, 1958, the Battalion Chief title having been changed to District Chief in 1951. When Chief Ellender retired he was replaced as District Chief by Edward V. Michalak, who in turn was elevated to Chief of Department in 1965.  

Edgar Roy Ellender Sr. passed away on November 29, 1967. He was buried on December 4, 1967 at Beverly National Cemetery in Beverly NJ next to his wife Martha, who had died in November of 1956.

Camden Post-Telegram * December 30, 1920

Peter B. Carter - Thomas Nicholas - Walter Browning - George B. Wade - William W. Patterson
Francis Ford Patterson Jr. - Charles H. Ellis - David Jester - Joseph Forsyth

Engine Co. 1 - Alfred E. Green - Charles Errickson  Charles W Cooke - Leroy Hatchett

Engine Co. 2 - Howard Landon - John K. Voll 
Edgar Ellender - Harold Lohrang - Chester Andrus  Harry G. Layton

Engine Co. 3 - Charles B. Haines - Charles Clements
August HaverkampFrank Kuda - Louis Quinton

Engine Co. 4 - Frank A. Obermann - Walter B. Gray
Albert Raeuber
- Fred Schucker - Harry Kleinfelder

Engine Co. 5 - Richard A. Farris - Frank Fennrio

Engine Co. 6 - William H. Reed - Manuel J. Kane Edward Perairia - Thomas Shanahan
Rocco De Varro

"Frank Fennrio" is for the moment a mystery

Engine Co. 7 - August Scholl - Nicholas Romaine
Lawrence H. Mathews

Engine Co. 8 - Samuel Oshushek - Edward C. Crane Adam Mead - Frank Sapp - William J. Taylor Sr.

Engine Co. 9 - Kennard Naylor - Daniel McSurdy John Mohrfeld

Engine Co. 10 - William Schwartz - Hugh Rementer Harry Greenan - Rocco Abbott

Hose & Chemical Co. 2 - Laurence Newton
Edward Hauser - William Getner

Ladder Co. 1 - Thomas Cunningham 
Leonard Megee

Ladder Co. 2 - John Gaylor - Walter White

Ladder Co. 3  David Ellis - George W. Attison
John Mulligan - David Humphries - Albert Dukes

Tennie G. Hutchison Jr. - Ladder Co. 4 - George A. Quimby

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 6, 1921

William W. Patterson - Charles Gladney - Edgar Ellender - North 3rd Street 

Camden Post-Telegram * August 19, 1925

Charles Younger - Y.M.C.A - Lewis H. Stehr Jr.
Joseph Connell -
John W. Golden
Charles T. Humes - Archie Riess
Walter A. Mertz - Engine Company 1

Everett Joslin - Joseph McDonald - Vernon Jones
Frank Nelson - William Rogers - Harold Dunnit
John Bright -
Edwin Callahan - Walter Larson
August Pflederer - Clarence Phifer - Thomas Welch
Stanley Wirtz - Charles Naylor - George Rothwell
Richard Donnelly - Lester Gleason - Joseph Keefe

Fred Schucker - Harry Wagner - Chris Moll
Harry Layton - Edgar Ellender - August Haverkamp
Frank Kuda - Harry Kleinfelder - William Foehle
Thomas Shanahan - Harrison Pike
Lester Anderson - William Wood
George Townsend - Allen Palmer - William Swartz Nelson Till - William MountneyJohn A.Strauss
Frank Obermann - Edward Menzies
John Mulligan - Frank Kates - Clifford Lane
Nelson Andrews - Harry Leigh

John Lennox - William Merrigan
Howard Walker - Harry Greenan - Peter Laird

Smith- could be David, George, Roy, or Spencer William Rudd?

Camden Motorcycle Sporting Club
Joseph Bernart
Frank DeViney
Carl Preisendanz
Edward Paul
Charles Ellis
George Gummel
Bennett Arnold
Clayton Albertson

Above: 1930s "Jack" with members of Engine 2 and Ladder 1
Below, November 1934, at grave site immediately following ceremony for "Jack", from left: Fireman
John Yates, Captain William Van Pfefferle, Fireman William Hopkins, Fireman Lester Anderson, Acting Captain Edgar Ellender, Deputy Chief William Harring.

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The American Fire Service has always held domesticated animals as esteemed mascots and the Camden Fire Department was certainly no exception. Through the years there have been many types of mascots in the Department including monkeys, cats, goats, and of course the most popular mascot, the dog. Dating back to the days of horse drawn fire apparatus and even earlier when carriage dogs formed an integral bond with horses, canines distinguished themselves as animals especially attuned to firehouse life.

Jack was the company mascot of Engine 2 and Ladder 1 at old Fire Headquarters for over five years and he was described as an intelligent Airedale of good humored nature. Jack never missed an opportunity to climb aboard the apparatus and answer alarms with his beloved masters. The sight of Engine Company 2 roaring out Federal Street with Jack perched high atop the apparatus, wind blowing in his face amid the shrill pitch of the buckeye whistle and clanging bells was a unforgettable scene. Occasionally and as with all active canines, Jack would be out of quarters and around the corner or down the street when an alarm was transmitted. At such times he would dash down Fifth Street until he caught up with the rolling apparatus and would skillfully leap upward to his accustomed place on the rig. It was under these circumstances that Jack lost his life.

The Department phone jingled and the Housewatchman turned out both companies for an alarm at 119 N. 9th Street. Jack got a late start on the hike and chased the apparatus out Federal St. where he tangled with an automobile at Broadway. While trying to avoid the car Jack darted into the path of the apparatus and was fatally injured. The men of the Engine and Truck were heart broken. Jack was buried the next day in the rear yard of Fire Headquarters in the place that had been his home since puppyhood. Flowers were planted to adorn the fresh grave while some of the toughest Firemen in the house were visibly grief stricken. One year later on the anniversary of Jack's death a memorial service was held after Roll Call in the rear yard of Fire Headquarters. The members erected a tombstone and in a quiet service, Fireman John Yates blew taps over Jack's grave. There were no words spoken. All that needed to be said was inscribed upon the little headstone; "Our Faithful Pal Jack" died in service, November 5, 1934.

Camden Courier-Post * June 5, 1940
Truck Disbanded, Engine Company Created; 13 Men Transferred

Commissioner Mary W. Kobus yesterday announced a number of changes in the fire department, including the disbanding of Truck Company No. 4; creation of a new engine company. No. 10, and the transfer of 18 officers and men, 12 of them captains.

Most of the new captains have been serving as acting captains and promotion to full rank will involve no pay increases, inasmuch as the men signed waivers foregoing the raises.

Commissioner Kobus explained most of the changes were made to conform with regulations of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. The board, Mrs. Kobus explained, made a survey of the department and advised appointments of acting captains to full rank.

The commissioner also announced she had appointed Junior Captain Raymond Smith as director of the school for firemen at Engine Company No. 10, Ninth and Morgan streets. Smith, one of the youngest at the recently appointed junior captains, will succeed the late Battalion Chief Rollo Jones.

Senior Captain Leonard Megee was appointed acting battalion chief to succeed Jones. He will continue at the Fifth and Arch streets fire headquarters.

Junior Captain William Spencer, of headquarters company, was named relief captain.

Engine Company No. 10 will use the headquarters of the old truck
company, at Ninth and Morgan streets.

To the new company Mrs. Kobus assigned Senior Captain Mortica Clark and Firemen Frank Burt, Frank Esperance and Clifford Lane.

Junior Captain Frank Oberman was transferred from Engine Company No. 10 to Engine Company No. 1, at fire headquarters.

Other assignments are as follows:

Junior Captain Robert Wonsetler, Engine Company No. 11, to Engine Company No. 2.

Fireman Harry Kleinfelder, Engine Company No. 6, to Engine Company No. 2

Junior Captain Edgar Ellender, Engine Company No. 2, to Engine Company No. 6

Junior Captain Ralph Bingemann, Truck Company No. 2, to Engine Company No. 7.

Fireman David Humphries, Truck Company No. 3, to Engine Company No. 11.

Junior Captain Nelson Andrews, Engine Company No. 2, to Truck Company No. 1.

Fireman Albert Dukes, Jr., Truck Company No. 1, to Engine Company No. 2.

Junior Captain Winfield Levisuer, Truck Company No. 2, to Truck Company No. 3.

Junior Captain Edward McDowell retains assignment to Engine Company No. 3.

Junior Captain Maurice O’Brien assigned to Engine Company No. 10.

The changes were contained in notice to the Civil Service Commission, are effective as of June 1 and will appear on the June 15 payroll.

Camden Courier-Post
December 19, 1949

Broadway Avenue
Margaret Vigna
Roxy Theater


Camden Courier-Post - November 1951

MATHEWS-PURNELL POST 518 met at 2712 Hayes avenue. Commander Irving L. Stiefel welcomed two members, Robert C. Barr and Charles E. Wilson, both veterans of War II. 

Bernard Brown reported that Edward Bossett who underwent three operations in Cooper hospital, was improving at home. Chester Knaub Sr. reported Robert Louis was ill in Cooper hospital. Robert Morgandale reported that the Last Man's club of War II was progressing and will 
make a report later. 

After the meeting, a buffet luncheon was sponsored by Commander Steifel in honor of the past commanders and officers of the post and the auxiliary. One hundred and twenty-five members and visitors attended. Among the guests were Mabel Dukes, District Chief Edgar R. Ellender of the Camden fire department, and William E. Hilbmann, who was introduced as the public relations officer of Camden county council. Steifel presented Hilbmann with a pot of flowers. 

Hilbmann responded with a few remarks and said he could look back to 30 years ago when John C. Stroud and Raymond G. Price stopped at his house and suggested of the formation of a VFW post in Cramer Hill. "The go ahead sign was given and here's what you see today, one of the finest and best VFW posts in the whole state," Hilbmann said.

Steifel thanked the hosts for their services. They are past presidents of the 518 auxiliary, Mrs. Elizabeth Knaub, Mrs. Ruth Ibes, Mrs. Esther Rowand, Mrs. Margaret Worrell, Mrs. Edna Weaver, Mrs. Beatrice Frederick and Mrs. Etta Papycik. Also introduced were Past Post Commanders Chester Knaub Sr., Peter Winters Sr., Michael Mungioli, William S. Mountney Sr., 
Stephen L. Walter and Alvah S. Ward. Other post officers introduced were Orris Smith Sr., vice-commander; Robert Cornog Jr., vice commander; Chester Knaub Sr., quartermaster; Buroughs Messick, adjutant; Stephen L. Walter, chaplain; Joseph Hasher, public relations.

Others present were Chester Knaub Jr., John Morgandale, William Moutney Jr., Frederick Sauers, James Flanigan Sr. and James Flanigan Jr. 
Auxiliary officers were Mrs. Victoria Nicktern, president; Mary Clifford, Senior vice president; Mrs. Betty Horner, junior vice president; Mrs. Ruth Ibe, secretary; Mrs. Etta Papaycik, chaplain; Mrs. Filomena, conductress, and Mrs. Anna Mathews, Mrs. Edna Flanigan and Mrs. Millie Pettit, guards.

Camden Courier-Post
November 4, 1954

Lansdowne Avenue
Alvin Gibbs
Joseph Carr
Doris Carr
Joseph Carr Jr.
Josephine Carr
Barbara Carr
Betty Carr
Antoinette Carr


Camden Courier-Post * November 12, 1956

Bulson Street - Edgar Ellender - Norman Smith - Frances Smith - Charles Gantt
Rose Harrington - Dorothy Harrington - Mary Harrington - William Baldwin - Jo Lillian Potts

HEROINES AND RUINS of fire Thursday which wrecked the dwellings at 828 and 830 Bulson Street. Dorothy Harrington, 18 (left), and her sister Mary, 20, led the occupants of the 830 address, Norman Smith, 80, his wife, Frances, and their 18-month grandchild, to safety when they were trapped in the flames. A third sister, Rose, 13, also aided in the rescue.

Engine Company 3 and the 3rd Battalion in quarters, Broadway & Ferry Avenue, South Camden. 1956.

Left to right, standing: Chief Edgar Ellender, Fireman George Wade, Fireman Howard Lewis, Captain Edward Michalak; Kneeling: Fireman George Torgun, Fireman Dominick Dalanni, Fireman Henry Keubler.