ELBRIDGE BENNETT McCLONG was born in 1871 in New Jersey, the only child, according to Census records of Sylvia and Colonel Thomas K. McClong. His father was a veteran of the Civil War. He was named after his grandfather Ebridge G. McClong, a prominent resident of Millville, New Jersey. Census records indicate that he was born in New Jersey, however City Directories indicate that much of his early life was spent in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From 1868 to 1874 Thomas K. McClong is listed in Pittsburgh directories. The family lived at 13 Apsley Street in the Germantown section of Philadelphia in the late 1870s and early 1880s. The family came back to Millville for a short time after grandfather Elbridge G. McClong died in May of 1881. The 1883 Millville Directory shows Thomas K. McClong living their and engaging in the lumber business, and the rental of McClong's Hall at 135 East Main Street for various sorts of events. 

By 1885 Thomas K. McClong had relocated to Camden. The family is listed at 112 Federal Street through 1888.Thomas McClong stayed in the lumber business through this time. By the time the 1890 City Directory was published, there was a change in address and a change in careers.

The 1890 City Directory lists Thomas McClong and family at 820 Federal Street. For the next 23 years Thomas McClong is listed at this address. He was in the insurance business, working primarily in Philadelphia. Elbridge B. McClong makes his first appearance in City Directories in 1890, working in Philadelphia as a clerk. The 1891 and 1892 Directories show his occupation as salesman.

In 1893 Elbridge McClong engaged in a short lived shoe manufacturing business called McClong & Company at 94 Federal Street, with a partner, J. Wilson Simpkins. On December 30, 1893 he attended a meeting at the Camden County Courthouse, only two blocks from his home, to protest a free-trade bill that would have adversely impacted American businesses and workers. Shortly afterwards, Elbridge B. McClong was appointed to the Camden Police Department, appearing there in the 1894 City Directory. 

Elbridge McClong's clerical and administrative skills were soon recognized. By 1908 he had been promoted to sergeant and served in administrative positions culminating with a promotion to Chief Clerk in late 1913 or early 1914. This position carried the rank of Captain. He served as Chief Clerk until July of 1923 when political considerations forced him and Chief of Police Edward S. Hyde to retire on pension.

Elbridge McClong was married three times, bit never had any children. His first wife, listed in the 1898 City Directory as May and the 1899 edition as Mary, was not living with him and his parents at 820 Federal Street when the 1900 Census was enumerated. Around 1903 he again wed. In 1911 Elbridge McClong and his second wife, the former Alice "Effie" Resch, began to be listed in Directories at 822 Federal Street. Alice McClong is last shown in City Directories in 1922. 

Thomas McClong had been quite successful in the insurance business. He left Camden, first moving to Atlantic City, where he appears in the 1911 Directory, and then purchased a home in Ocean City, New Jersey. He passed away there in December of 1919 and was buried in Millville. He left property in Camden, a home in Ocean City and apparently an estate of some size

After retiring on pension, Elbridge McClong began spending more time outside of Camden. His last appearance at 822 Federal Street Camden Directories came in 1928. His mother, Sylvia, last appears in the Ocean City Directories, at 5812 Central Avenue, in 1924. Elbridge McClong is listed at that address as late as 1948. In the 1930s Elbridge McClong began looking into buying a summer home in Florida. The 1940 Camden City Directory indicates that he was renting an apartment at 1026 Federal Street and he had a business interest in the Nash-Lakeview Garage. The 1940 Orlando City Directory shows him at 125 North Eola Drive. He traveled back and forth between New Jersey and Florida as late as 1948, his last listing in the Ocean City's directory.

In the 1940s Elbridge McClong again married, this time to Elizabeth Graham. The McClongs lived at the North Eola Drive address through 1957. Mrs. McClong died in March of that year. Elbridge McClong moved to 808 Delaney Street in Orlando. He passed away in July of 1959.  

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 31, 1893

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Elbridge B. McClong was among those in attendance and is mentioned in the article 


Philadelphia Inquirer
June 12, 1897

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Freedom C. Lippincott - George G. Felton - George W. Anderson - Cooper B. Hatch - Volney G. Bennett
Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 6,1897
Elbridge B. McClong - Alfred L. Sayers - George W. Anderson - William H. Butts - Josiah Sage
Edward S. Hyde - Henry C. Peters - Henry Peters - Howard Ever - Thomas Glenn - James Carter
Henry Cooper - John McDonald - Frank Whitaker 
South 7th Street - Walnut Street - Joint Alley - Pine Street 

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 7, 1898
Elbridge B. McClong - Harry J. Schaefer - George W. Anderson - William J. Hopper
North 10th Street - Market Street - Vine Street - Federal Street 

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 29, 1898
Lee Dean - Federal Street  - Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 10, 1898
Edward Mulligan - South 8th Street - Joseph Nowrey - Robert Nichols
Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 16, 1901
Jackson Street - Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 1, 1902
Elbridge B. McClong - John C. Truitt - William Stone - Joseph Nowrey
Winfield Nossardy (Nosardi)

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 21, 1903
Elbridge B. McClong - Blaine Street - George Rawle - John Fish - Mrs. Ursula Colbeck

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 7, 1904

Elbridge B. McClong
William McFarland
Benson Street

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Philadelphia Inquirer
January 9, 1905

Elbridge B. McClong
Edward Duffy

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Philadelphia Inquirer - August 29, 1906
Elbridge B. McClong - William Schregler - O. Glen Stackhouse
Lizzie Blackmore

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 5, 1906
Elbridge B. McClong - William Schregler
Daniel Weldon - Mrs. Mary Weldon - Mrs. Edith Hill - Robert Hill -
South 3rd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer

January 1, 1908

Charles H. Ellis - Edward S. Hyde - A. Lincoln James - Elbridge B. McClong
Edward Hartman - John Brothers - Fred Schweizer - William Briant - Charles T. Humes
Charles Wilbur -
Wright Cox  - Walter Stanton - John Barnett - Tabor Quinn
John Gilbert - Joseph Palese - William Haines - Frederick Watson -
Charles Whaland
William Kiker - James Hutt - George Krown - Ulie Andrews - David Stanton
Albert Archer - Harry Bakley - John Shuman -
Oscar Till - Albertson Matlack
John Devlin -
George Hollins - Frank Koplain - Edward S. King - George Beasley
Dr. A. Haines Lippincot

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 6, 1908
Elbridge B. McClong - James T. Sharp - William Weber - North 3rd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 7, 1908
Elbridge B. McClong - James T. Sharp - William Weber - North 3rd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 9, 1908

Dr. H.H. Sherk
George Bird
Rev. Isaac Bagley
Robert Colkett
Albert Snow
James Tatem
Edward Hyde
E.B. McClong
James Ware
George W. Anderson
George Cooper
Allen I. Palmer
Thomas Reed
Daniel Clifford
Lysander Burton
William Baldwin
John Spiegel

Cooper Hospital
Mathis Shipyard

North 2nd Street
Kaighn Avenue
Haddon Avenue


Camden Post-Telegram * June 10, 1909

Leon Branch - Locust Street - Elbridge B. McClong - Lulu Parks

Trenton Evening Times
July 28, 1909
William Knight - Henry Moffett - Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 14, 1910
J. Oscar Weaver - George W. Anderson - James Clay - Edward S. Hyde
James E. Tatem - Charles Whaland - Howard Smith - George Cooper 
Albert Shaw - Harry Mines -
Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 1, 1912

Jeff Kay
Elbridge B. McClong

Haddon Avenue
Thoms Kenwiorthy
Joseph Chiorano

Camden Post-Telegram * October 14, 1912

O. Glenn Stackhouse -
John Painter - Jeff Kay
William T. Boyle
- Frank B. Frost - Karl Kellman
Elisha Gravenor - Grace Presbyterian Church - Bertha Skillen
Bessie Skillen - Albert Ludlow - Joseph Wittick
Thomas Sink - A. Lincoln James - William Schregler
Henry C. Moffett - John Brothers - William C. Horner
Arthur Colsey - Anson Kelley - Robert T. Abbott 
John H. Vickers - Frederick A. Finkeldey 
"Indian Bill" May - Eugene McCafferty - Dr. William S. Jones
Dr. E.A.Y. Schellenger Sr. - John T. Potter - Elbridge B. McClong

Camden Post-Telegram
June 9, 1913

Elbridge B. McClong
Arthur Stanley
Locust Street
Walter "The Kentucky Rosebud" Edgerton


Philadelphia Inquirer - November 18, 1913
William Schregler - Fiore Troncone - Charles Fitzsimmons
Joseph Zitz - Elizabeth Jeter - Sinclair Jeter -
Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia inquirer
February 16, 1914

Charles Rudolph
Margaret Rudolph
Milton Stanley
Edward S. Hyde
Elbridge B. McClong
Frank Crawford
Peter Gondolf
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Harry Miller
Arthur Colsey
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William Potter
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Charles Whaland
George W. Anderson
Albert Shaw
Thomas Cunningham
William C. Horner


Philadelphia Inquirer - January 5, 1915

Philadelphia inquirer
March 9, 1915

Cyrene Commandery No. 7, Knights Templar

Thomas Lee
Frank H. Chorpening

Elbridge B. McClong
Thomas S. Mason
Newton L. Swyler
Edward Mills
William P. Weiser - Frank C. Sayrs
Richard C. Aitken -
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Walter C. Wescott
E.A. Daw - Harry M. Dease
T. Yorke Smith - Walter Culin
A.B. Fortiner - Morris S. Smoker

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 4, 1917

Police Beneficial Association - Camden Day Nursery
Camden Home for Friendless Children
West Jersey Orphanage - West Jersey Hospital
Y.M.C.A. War Fund
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Arthur Colsey - Thomas Cunningham
Edward Hyde - James E. Tatem
E.B. McClong - Charles T. Humes
Charles Whaland - Howard Smith
Ralph Bond - John Develin

Jackson Citizen - July 4, 1919
Jackson Michigan
E.B. McClong - Wilson Geddes - Effie Resch - A.D. Baughman

Bridgeton Evening News - August 21, 1922

Trenton Evening Times - June 27, 1923

Elbridge B. McClong - Edward S. Hyde - James E. Tatem - Victor S. King
Melbourne F. Middleton Jr. - Carroll Sherwood - Frank F. Neutze
Frank Hitchner - Howard L. Miller