Dr. Edward

DR. EDWARD SCHIFF practiced dentistry in Camden and the nearby suburbs from the 1920s to the early 1970s. He was born in New Jersey on December 20, 1905. By the time of the April 1930 Census he was already a practicing dentist. Dr. Schiff and his wife Betty had recently married, and were living in an apartment at 724 Maple Avenue in Merchantville NJ.

By August of 1933 Dr. Schiff had set up an office at the corner of Broadway and Federal Street in Camden, and was advertising in the Camden Courier-Post. Dr. and Mrs. Schiff had bought a home at 2684 Baird Boulevard in East Camden by 1946. His offices had moved to 630 Federal Street by this time. He maintained offices in Camden through at least 1959. By this time he had opened a second office at 5 Haddon Avenue in Haddonfield NJ. Dr. Schiff was still practicing there in 1970. He retired in the early 1970s.

Dr. Edward Schiff later moved to Hallandale FL. He died on September 4, 1988.

Camden Courier-Post * August 11, 1933

Big-Scale Payroll Forgeries Feared as Man Dupes Dentist

Large scale forgery of payroll checks drawn against a Philadelphia laundry is suspected by Camden police in the passing of a check against a Camden dentist.

Dr. Edward Schiff, dentist, of 602 Federal Street, reported to police that a strange man passed a $25 check on him after obtaining treatment for a toothache. The check, drawn to "Herman Kragen" against the Holland Laundry, Philadelphia, and dated March 3, was returned to Schiff by the Market Street National Bank, marked as a forgery.

Detective Frank Crawford declared Dr. Schiff was unable to identify any rogues' gallery photograph as that of the man who passed the check to him.

Police fear the check may be the forerunner of an epidemic of payroll check forgeries similar to that found here two years ago when merchants were fleeced by men garbed in working clothes. At that time checks were forged against the RCA Victor Company. 

Camden Courier-Post * May 2, 1934

Camden Courier-Post - June 1941

 Simfonietta Plays On Program Here
Ensemble of Professional Men, Women to Make Debut

One of the unusual musical organizations in this area will make its informal debut Tuesday night when it plays on a progam of the Berul School of' Music. It is the Camden Simfonietta, composed of professional men and women who are musicians or music students.

In the organization are the following: Arthur C. Dennis. high school principal; George Pukas, coppersmith by day and student engineer at night; Gunnar Johnson, who mixes school work and an office job; Margaret Onesti, high school graduate and music student; Mildred Stewart, a stenographer; Miriam Weinberg, a graduate of the Glassboro State Teachers' College; Walter Borkowski, Penn student who is an usher at the Lyric Theatre; Louis Weiss, an insurance man; Elsie Matchett, a telephone operator; Dr. Edward Schiff, a dentist; Dr. A. K. Mkitarian, another dentist; Morris Babkin, an attorney at RCA; Sidney Morris, a mechanical engineer; William Horrocks, associated with a textile plant; Mrs. Anne Forman, a housewife; Arthur Jacoby, who does office work; Norman Eisenberg. a high school student, and Henry C. Beck, of the Courier-Post Newspapers.

The organization, composed entirely of strings. has been meeting weekly since last Fall, rehearsing at the Boulevard "Y" and later at Camden City Hall through the co­operation of Freeholder Ventorino Francesconi. The ensemble will play compositions of Purcell and Mendelssohn.