DAVID E. BAKLEY was born in New Jersey on December 6, 1878 to Clara and Ridgeway Bakley. He was the second of three sons, being born between Lewis and Ralph Bakley. The family was living on York Street just before he was born. They had moved to 213 North 9th Street by 1887, and by 1890 to 582 Pine Street. When the Census was taken in 1900 the family lived at 583 South 6th Street. The elder Bakley then worked as a day laborer. 

David Bakley married Mary Rushworth around 1903. When the census was taken in 1920 the Bakleys were living at 512 South 6th Street with Mary Bakley's father, John Rushworth. David Bakley was then working as a machine operator in a shoe factory.

By the end of 1912 David Bakley had been appointed to the Camden Fire Department and was in time assigned to Engine Company 6, at Front and Linden Streets.

By September of 1918 David Bakley and his wife had separated. He was living with his parents at 521 South 6th Street, and was still at that address when the census was taken in January of 1920. Brother Lewis Bakley lived next door at 523 South 6th Street, and at 515 South 6th lived Camden policeman Thomas Cheeseman. On November 12, 1828 David Bakley married Wilhelmina Lay at Union Methodist Episcopal Church in Camden.

David and Wilhelmina Bakley were living at 6262 Clinton Street in April of 1942. He passed away after the compilation of the 1947 City Directory.


March 13, 1912

Front Street
York Street
Clinton Street
Daniel Leach
David Bakley
Charles Worthington
Charles Bowers
Engine Company 6
Cooper Hospital

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 16, 1915
Rollo Jones - David Bakley - Anna May Lander - Engine Company 6
Front Street - State Street - Linden Street - Roberts Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 11, 1922

James McDade
Clarence Madden

David Bakley
Abraham Kern
William Thompson
Elmer Burkett
Samuel Harring
Engine Company 4

Engine Company 6

Front Street
Linden Street
Tabernacle M.E. Church
Rev. James Lord

World War I Draft Card

World War II Draft Card