DAVID ANDREWS served for over 20 years as a member of the Camden Fire Department. He was born in Northern Ireland around 1866 to Samuel and Rachel Andrews. Samuel Andrews worked as a carpenter. David Andrews' parents brought him and sister Rebecca to America around 1870. The family, which included younger siblings Archibald, Mary, and Samuel, lived at 503 Market Street in 1880. 

In May of 1894 he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, along with Joseph Logue, William Patterson, George Cox, Samuel Curriden, John A. Dold, William Jobes, William O. Sawyer, and Albert James.

David Andrews was assigned to Engine Company 2, which was quartered at Fire Headquarters at the northwest corner of North 5th and Arch Streets. In 1894 the personnel were as follows: Foreman Harry C. Grosscup; Engineer, William Morris; Driver, John P. Long; Stoker,  Albert Jones; Hosemen, George Wade, William Hertline, and David Andrews.

When the Town of Stockton merged with Camden in 1899, the volunteer fire companies of Stockton remained active for several months brief time. On June 25, 1899 the Stockton companies rendered assistance to the Camden Fire Department when the Moro Phillips Chemical Company factory at North Twelfth Street at Linden Street was struck by fire, resulting in $60,000 worth of damage and injury to three Camden firefighters, Joseph Maxwell, David Andrews, and William Hertline.

David Andrews married around 1898. The 1900 Census shows the David and Elizabeth Andrews at 104 South 5th Street, a short walk from his job at Fire Headquarters, North 5h Street and Arch Streets. Fellow Camden Fire Department member John Lutts lived at 110 South 5th Street, Camden police officer Julius Bosch around the corner at 511 Mickle Street, and city constable J. Fred Voight at 527 Mickle Street.

The 1910 Census and 1919 City Directory shows him living with his wife Elizabeth at 408 Arch Street. He was still working as a firefighter as late as 1919. 

He does not appear in the 1924 Camden City Directory, but by 1927 was listed at 702 New Street. When the census was taken in April of 1930, David Andrews was still living with his wife Elizabeth with a home they owned at 702 New Street in South Camden. This is where they lived out their days. Elizabeth Andrews passed away on February 6, 1940. David Andrews joined her on December 19, 1940. They both were buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 30, 1894

Joseph Logue - William Patterson - George Cox
David Andrews - John A. Dold - William Jobes
William O. Sawyer - Albert James - Samuel Curriden

Daily Telegram

May 31, 1894

James Baird
 Joseph Logue
William Patterson
George Cox

David Andrews
John A. Dold
William Jobes
William O. Sawyer
Albert James

Samuel Curriden

James Elberson

Charles J. "Jeff" Kay


In the foreground, the headquarters of the Camden Fire Department, built in 1899, at 19 North 5th Street. The adjacent building at 31 North 5th Street was built in 1894, and was the home of Ladder Company 1 from 1894 to 1930. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 26, 1899

Joseph Maxwell - William Hertline - David Andrews - Harry Grosscup
Samuel S. Elfreth
Engine Company 2 - Walter Edwards - Crawford Miller - Moro Phillips

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 5, 1901

Lewis Buzine - Robert Colkett - William O. Sawyer
James Elberson - Al Hayden - David Andrews
John Renner 

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 2, 1902

Thomas H. Arrison - Hyde Park Street
Liberty Street - Daniel Pierson - Daniel Barney
Joseph Frieze - David Andrews
William O. Sawyer - Albert James - Samuel Curriden